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Young American actor Abraham Clinkscales gained notoriety for making his acting debut in Broken Matters. He has experience working in the Hollywood entertainment sector, and English-language films have included his artwork.

He is also one of the young star businessmen in America, and the future seems promising for him. Due to his boundless potential, he is receiving more opportunities to work on fantastic cinematic projects.

Abraham Clinkscales Age

Abraham, a famous actor, was born in 2002, but the specifics of his birth are still being investigated.

He is continue his acting career by the year 2022. He is employed by the American entertainment sector.

Details about the family

He has a beautiful family, but he hasn’t disclosed any information about them. He had an interest in performing from an early age and set out to become a well-known actor.

Childhood and education

In the modern world, the US, one of the most industrialized nations, is where Clinkscales was born and nurtured. His parents were where he grew up. His early schooling was completed at a private school in his hometown, and he has a good education.

Because he comes from an affluent family and has a good education, he didn’t have any problems getting a good education or living a good life as a youngster.

Status of Relationships

As someone who loves a low-key profile, Clinkscales is one of those persons who wants privacy and has kept his personal life secret. Most of the details of his romantic life have not been revealed. The young American actor seems to be unmarried right now and has never been wed.


The Broken Matters main actor is a character free of scandals and cheating suspicions. He has a distinguished and fruitful acting career. He also has a flawless filmography.

Net Worth of Abraham Clinkscales

The young American actor has earned a sizeable quantity of money as a result of his extensive efforts in the industry. He reportedly possesses a stunning $1 million in total net worth, according to 2022’s sources.

He has access to this money as a result of his great acting career as a young man, and as a result, he is able to live a luxurious life in the United States of America.

Height of Abraham Clinkscales

He is a nice height, with proportionate physical proportions and weight for someone her height.

Several Fascinating Facts

  • In the year 2002, Abraham Clinkscales was born. His exact birthplace and date have not yet been made public to the media. He will be 18 years old in 2020.
  • He is tall, standing at a height of 5 feet, 5 inches, or around 1.6 meters.
  • He hasn’t made the world aware of his current body weight via the media. His current physical measurements are also not disclosed to the general public.
  • He presently has American citizenship despite the internet not knowing where he was born.
  • Abraham Clinkscales is of African American descent.
  • It is thought that he is unmarried at this time. However, neither his parents nor any of the other members of his family are publicly known.
  • He hasn’t disclosed any information about his yearly earnings. Abraham’s overall net worth has not been estimated publicly either.
  • Before breaking through in the film business, he began her early career as a model for several TV and modeling agencies.
  • For his work on “Tyler Perry’s Boo! The Madea Halloween,” Abraham is most known (2016). Tyler Perry was the film’s director.
  • He is not presently on any social media platforms.

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