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Agent 00, also known as CallMeAgent00, is a social media star and YouTuber from Canada. He is known for posting funny videos of him playing games, especially NBA 2K. After his video went viral on the video-sharing site, the internet star became famous. In fact, over the past few years, almost 2 million people have signed up to watch his videos on YouTube. He also streams a few times a week on Twitch, where he is even more active. Find out more about his age, height, wiki, girlfriend, real name, weight, ethnicity, family, parents, siblings, and more in this article.

Agent 00 Age & Birthday

On April 23, 1996, Agent 00 was born in Canada. He turned 26 this year. On his Agent 00 YouTube channel, Videogamer became one of the best places to find NBA 2K gameplay. He has more than 1.1 million subscribers, and that number is growing.

In a 2016 Q&A, he said that Kobe Bryant was one of his favorite players. He made his channel in January 2013 and gave it the name CallMeAgent00. Three months later, he posted a video from the game Grand Theft Auto.

He is one of the YouTube stars who do well. The agent was born in Canada and is one of the richest YouTube stars. He is also on the list of YouTube stars who are the most popular. At the age of 26, Agent is one of the most famous people in our database.


Agent 00’s first step into social media was to start a YouTube channel. On January 20, 2013, he started the “CallMeAgent00” channel. Din liked to play games when he was young, and it was one of his main interests. His favorite sport is basketball, so he mostly played NBA 2K series. After making the channel, it took him three months to post his first video. Even though he was very consistent, his channel grew very slowly in the beginning.

In 2014, Muktar changed the name of the channel to Agent 00. After making videos for two years, his channel was only supposed to get 15,000 subscribers. Even though it was growing slowly, he thought it could become very popular in the years to come. In 2016, his channel’s luck changed. Agent’s popularity grew quickly, and by the end of the year, he had around 175k subscribers. His videos started to be seen by a lot of people and got millions of views. One of his first videos to get a million views was called “NBA 2K17 – MOST DIFFICULT SHOOTING FORM CHALLENGE IN NBA 2K17.” In the first half of 2019, he finally reached one million subscribers. He just changed the name of the channel, which is now called “Agent 00 Gaming” and has 1.78 million subscribers.

As was said above, he changed the name of his main channel because on March 22, 2020, he started an IRL channel called “Agent 00.” On this channel, he posts videos that are neither vlogs nor games. There have been more than 43 million views on the channel, and there are 596k subscribers as of right now. Din has a Twitch channel, just like every other influential gamer, and he streams on it often. He plays interactive Just Chatting streams and video games like NBA 2K, Fall Guys, etc. He used to stream on Twitch until January 2018, but then he stopped for a long time. He will start streaming again in September 2021. At the moment, on average, 5,000 people watch his streams at the same time, and he has 212k followers.

“Agent 00 Exclusive” is the name of his third channel on YouTube. Muktar seems to be putting his best Twitch streams on this channel. After streaming for a few hours, he takes the best parts and makes an 8-minute video out of them. In less than a year, more than 119k people have signed up to watch the channel.

He has a YouTube channel called Playback that he runs with his NBA YouTuber friend LegendofWinning. People can see the two of them reacting to popular online videos and putting them on their channel. Not only that, but they also have a podcast called “Peer to Peer Podcast” that they do together. On the audio-video podcast, they have talked to influential people like JiDion, Kanel Joseph, and a lot more. The weekly has put out more than 235 episodes, and 214k people follow it on YouTube.

Agent 00 Net Worth

Below, we’ve added new information about Agent 00’s estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyle, and many other things. Let’s check, How Rich is Agent 00 in 2021-2022?

Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sources say that Agent 00, a well-known YouTube star, is worth between $1 and $5 million at the age of 26. He got the money by making a living as a YouTube star. He grew up in Canada.


  • Long Haul Management, a company that takes care of influential people, is in charge of him.
  • He is in an online group called AMP with five other influential people, including Fanum.
  • His business email address is
  • He grew up in the Canadian city of Toronto.
  • He mostly posted videos of him playing GTA V.
  • Even though he started making videos in 2013, he got rid of a lot of them.
  • He likes cars a lot.
  • Does Agent sm0ke? Not sure.
  • He shows his pictures to 406k people who follow him on Instagram.
  • Does Din take alc0hol? Not sure.
  • Din has a Twitter account with almost 30,000 tweets and 639k followers.

Questions about Agent 00

Who’s Agent 00?

Agent 00 is famous on YouTube, Twitch, and other social media sites.

Agent 00: Did he or she lose a lot of weight?

Over the past few years, Agent 00 has lost a lot of weight and now has a body that looks about average.

What’s Agent 00’s age?

Right now, he is 26 years old.

How much money does Agent 00 have?

He is thought to be worth $800,000.

How tall and heavy is Agent 00?

He is about 5’7″ tall and weighs about 84 kg.

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