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Public Protection Devil Slayer Working for Makima’s special unit is Aki Hayakawa. The Fox Devil, Curse Devil, and Future Devil were all people he had dealings with. He originally met Denji in chapter 3 and formed a loan with him, but it turned out the two didn’t get along very well since Aki believed Denji was acting out of ulterior purposes.

Unfortunately, after being slain and taken over by the Gun Devil, he evolved into a Gun Fiend.


the human form

Aki is an intelligent young guy with green eyes and medium-length black hair that he wears in a topknot. He often appears in Public Safety Division attire, which is a suit and tie. He has earrings on his ears and a sword on his back.

Demon Form:

After Gun Devil possessed his body, he became into the Gun Fiend. His hair is let down in this appearance, and his eyes and forehead are vein-covered. Now, an M16A1 assault rifle has taken the place of his left form, and his face is protruding from a M1911.


Power, Denji, and Aki accompany Meowy.

Aki seems to be quite stoic in general. When he is among his fellow Devil hunters, he seems as reliable and mature, but when they are alone, he is really quite sensitive. Everyone depends on him since he is always willing to assist them. People often find him annoying because of his aloof and stern demeanor. He dislikes seeing others upset, particularly his close pals, and he readily becomes connected to others. Himeno refers to him as a “natural person,” one who still laments the deaths of loved ones and has not become cynical enough to suppress his emotions.

Despite this, he is adamant, and his desire for vengeance for his family is what drives him to murder the Gun Devil. Despite his own dread of dying and even putting his own life in danger for his ultimate aim, he is completely prepared to sacrifice it in order to rescue others.

He truly wept at the loss of his teammates, including Himeno, despite his veneer of frigid detachment. He had enough concern about Denji and Power to abandon his plans for retaliation.


During Aki’s early years, the Gun Devil utterly demolished his home, killing his sibling and both of his parents. Fortunately, Aki survived since she was a good distance from the home. He joined the Public Safety Devil Hunters in an effort to get vengeance on the Gun Devil after witnessing the murder of his family in front of his eyes.

Power & Capabilities

Swordplay and the Curse Devil Agreement
Aki has incredible sword abilities, which he used to defeat the demons. He like to wield a sword since it is a reliable weapon.

He has the power to enter into agreements with the demons. The bargain nets him a blade that resembles a nail. His life will be cut short if he utilizes that blade. When he shouts “fire” while brandishing the sword, it slashes the foe to pieces.

Fox Devil Contract and the Future Devil Contract

After breaking his agreement with Fox Devil, who was incarcerated at a public safety facility, he was sent to the Future Devil. He is able to negotiate a deal with the Future demon. He gave Future Devil the right to live within his eye in exchange for the contract.

In chapter 49, Aki utilizes his ability to see into the future to foresee his adversary’s strike.

He made a deal with the fox devil, and in chapter 30 it is revealed that he frequently exploited Fox Devil’s power against Katana Man until losing it.

Blood Consumption and Blood Manipulation

He is a Gun Fiend, as was already revealed, and can shoot accurately from his left arm. As shown in chapter 77, he is even capable of tearing down walls and easily breaking several objects.

He can regenerate by sucking the blood from corpses, which enables him to repair some of his body.

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