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Birgit Wetzinger is famous in Austria because she is married to Niki Lauda. Niki was an Austrian businessman and Formula One driver who died when he was 70 years old.

Birgit Wetzinger is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is 43 years old. Birgit Wetzinger’s net worth is thought to be between $3 million and $4 million as of 2022. “Mia Lauda” and “Max Lauda” are the names of her twin children.

Birgit Wetzinger Age & Birthday

The 4th of March, 1979, is when Birgit Wetzinger was born in Vienna, Austria. Her star sign is Pisces, and she is 42 years old. She got a bachelor’s degree in management and hospitality. There is no way to find out about her family history. She also comes from Austrian people.

Birgit and Niki Lauda

Before she married Niki Lauda, she worked for Lauda Airlines, an airline company. So, she is the wife of the Formula One driver Niki Lauda, who died recently.

Niki was a three-time F1 champion and a true sports legend. When he stopped racing in 1985, he started doing what he loved most: running his own airline, Lauda Air.

So, Niki met her for the first time through his airline, where she worked as a flight attendant. Even though they were 30 years apart in age, they started dating in 2004.

But it was too bad that Nikki got sick before they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

In September 2009, they had two beautiful twins, a boy and a girl. Mia Lauda and Max Lauda are their names. Niki also has two sons from his first marriage and another son from a relationship he had outside of his marriage.

Also, in 2004, she showed how much she loved Niki by giving her a kidney, which saved the life of the famous F1 racer.

So, when the kidney Lauda got from his brother in 1997 failed in 2005, she gave him one of hers. Their relationship grew stronger, and three years after the transplant, in 2008, they got married.

Before Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019, the couple had been married for 10 years and were very happy.

Niki was once taken to the hospital because he was having serious health problems and was having trouble breathing while on vacation with his wife and kids.

The report also said that he had a severe lung infection and had a lung transplant.

Height & Weight

She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. In the same way, she weighs 60 kilograms. Her body is 34-28-35 inches long, and she wears a size 6 US shoe. Also, she wears a size 33B bra.

In the same way, she has brown hair that is smooth and straight and hazel eyes. She has a personality that is both amazing and charming.

Birgit Wetzinger can’t be found on social media. She stays out of the public eye as much as possible, just like Niki Lauda’s wife. But she stays out of the spotlight and keeps her life to herself.

She is worth $3 million in total. Also, since her husband, Niki, had a net worth of $200 million, she might be able to get a share of that money, which could add to her net worth.


The second wife of Niki Lauda is smart and went to a private school in her home town for her early education. After that, she went to a good college and got a degree. She also went to a private university in Austria and earned a degree in hospitality management.

Birgit Wetzinger Net Worth

Birgit Wetzinger has a net worth of $3 million. Also, since her husband, Niki, is worth $200 million, she may be entitled to some of his money, which could add to hers.

What We Know About Niki Lauda’s Second Husband

  • Niki Lauda’s first wife was named Marlene Knaus. They got married in 1976.
  • Lauda and Knaus, however, filed for divorce in 1991.
  • Mathias and Lukas Lauda are the couple’s two children.
  • In 2004, Birgit started going out with the racing champion.
  • Christoph Lauda is the other son of Mr. Lauda. His girlfriend is unknown.
  • Niki also tied the knot for the second time in 2008.
  • Wetzinger actually worked for an Austrian airline company.
  • At 60, he was lucky enough to have twins, Mia Lauda and Max Lauda.
  • Mercedes has made Niki the non-executive chairperson of the board.
  • In fact, he has been to Grand Pix events in both China and Russia.
  • Floria Lauda, who is Niki’s younger brother (Businessman & Author).
  • He moved to places like India, Japan, China, and Tibet in Asia to learn more about Tibetan culture.

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