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Camila Angelo is a model and the second wife of the Brazilian football player Hulk, whose real name is Givanildo Vieira de Sousa. Angela is the niece of his ex-wife, Iran. On September 19, the couple posted an ultrasound photo to Instagram with the caption “God is good!! I love you, my love, and now I’m carrying the seed of our love #hulkparaiba #camilaangelo.” On Saturday, the couple told everyone that they are having a girl. After they announced that they were expecting, Hulk’s ex-wife, Iran Angelo, seemed to react by posting a mysterious quote on Instagram: “Lies and betrayals are like knives. They cut our flesh, make us bleed, dry up, and die a little inside.” But for the person who has God, dying is a way to start over. Every time I’m let down or a lie is exposed, I feel like I’m born again, because Jesus made me strong. Thank you, Lord, for getting us out of another jam.”

Camila Angelo Age & Birthday

Camilo Angelo was born in Brazil on September 6, 1989. Camilo is currently 33 years old and is a Brazilian citizen.

She is also of South American descent and a Christian.

We don’t know anything about her parents, her siblings, or her childhood. Based on how well she turned out, we can assume that she was raised well.

When it comes to Camila’s academic career, there is no information about it. We can probably assume that she graduated from a well-known university in Brazil.

Height & Weight

Camila Angelo is 1.7 meters tall and weighs 56 kilograms. He also has brown eyes and brown hair.

Camila has 2,649 followers on Instagram, where she usually posts pictures of herself with Hulk. She also uses Snapchat and Tik-Tok frequently, but she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Who is Camila Angelo Husband?

Camila Angelo is married. She is married to the football player Hulk from Brazil. She is Hulk’s second wife. The Brazilian forward was married to Iran Angelo before. Camila, Hulk’s second wife, is the niece of Iran, his first wife. In 2007, Hulk married Iran. They have three kids together: Ian and Tiago are boys, and Alice is a girl. In July 2019, Hulk and Iran broke up.

After they broke up, Hulk started going out with Iran’s niece, Camila, in October 2019. The wedding took place in March 2020 because she needed a visa to stay with Hulk in China. At the time, the Brazilian forward was on the team Shanghai SIPG in China. The couple is getting ready to have their first child.


Camila Angelou is a model from Brazil. She is married to the Brazilian football player Hulk and is the niece of Iran Angelou, who was his first wife. Due to her marriage and relationship with her aunt’s ex-husband, she has been in the news a lot. She just told everyone that she is expecting her first child and is pregnant.

Camilla looks like she works in medicine because she uses a stethoscope in her social media posts. She is also a model and a well-known person on social media. If you want to find out more about Camila Angelo’s life, you can read the whole article.

Social Media

Camila has 2,649 followers on Instagram, and most of the pictures she posts are with Hulk, talking about her life. She also uses apps like Snapchat and Tik-Tok regularly, but she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Camila Angelo Net Worth

Modeling is Camila Angelo’s job, and she gets paid for it. Angelo is well-known in Brazil because she is married to the famous Brazilian footballer Hulk. She makes a pretty good living from her job. She is having a good time because she is pregnant with Hulk’s fourth child and their first child together. We don’t know how much she is worth right now.


  • She is also known to like dogs and has a golden retriever puppy as a pet.
  • Her husband Hulk’s real name is Gibanildo Viera De Sousa.
  • Her aunt Iran was upset and angry that she was dating her ex-husband, and she told her that she would never forgive her.
  • Hulk has told the public in no uncertain terms that he never dated Camila while he was married.
  • Hulk posted a video in which he showed sonograms to show that he and Camila were expecting.

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