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American singer, songwriter, musician, content producer, TV personality, social media influencer, model, dancer, Instagram star, and businessman Chrisean Malone hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She is well-known throughout the nation for the incredible music and lifestyle material she posts on social media.

She also created a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts her lifestyle vlogs and music videos. Chrisean has a large catalog of tracks under his belt, including Vibe, Word to my brother, Lonely, Rainy Days, and more. She is also a model and a popular user of Instagram. To learn more about Chrisean Malone, scroll down.

Chrisean Malone Age & Birth

Chrisean was born on March 14, 2000, a Tuesday. She was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I should mention that she was born into a large family. She is a woman with many talents. When it comes to her age, Malone is 22 years old (as of 2022).

Every March 14th is when she celebrates her birthday. Chrisean Malone is her true birth name. She graduated from Brainerd High School, according to the reports, and earned her high school diploma. She then began concentrating on her careers as a model and singer.

Chrisean Malone : who is he?

She is a well-known musician and singer. She is a model as well as a singer and a television personality. Chrisean is well known for posting her lifestyle vlogs and modeling photos to social media. She also posts her music videos and songs on her YouTube channel in addition to this. Let me mention that Malone has made several TV appearances.

She danced and appeared in a few music videos. She is also well-known for being Blueface’s, alias Jonathan Porter, partner. According to rumors, Chrisean and Blueface ended their relationship following their altercation on Hollywood’s streets. The video of their altercation, according to TMZ, leaked online.

Chrisean Malone’s parents and family

We discovered that Chrisean was born into a big family after doing extensive study. She was raised in Baltimore, along with her 11 siblings. Malone withholds the identities of her parents and siblings, though. Her mother is probably a stay-at-home parent, and her dad is probably in the military. She grew up in abject poverty. According to some media sources, Malone was abused as a child as well.

She has a mixed ethnic background and practices Christianity. In her family, there are 10 younger and 1 older sibling. Chrisean also posted a vintage photo of her family online. We will look for more information on her family and get back to you as soon as possible.

Chrisean Malone’s current relationship, spouse, and boyfriend

Chrisean is a considerate woman. She reportedly began dating Jonathan Porter, a.k.a. Blueface. The rapper and singer Blueface is well-known, let me tell you that. In addition to this, Blueface was previously a boxer. It is unclear exactly when the couple started dating, though.

Some reports claim that Blueface is her employer and that she was the first musician ever signed to Blueface’s label. It was made public that Chrisean and Blueface had split up in August 2022. Their street fight video in Hollywood also become very popular online. Regarding Chrisean’s present and former romantic relationships, no reliable information is known.

Employment & Profession

Chrisean is a well-known songwriter and performer. She began concentrating on her music career after graduating from high school. Additionally, she has released numerous singles and music videos. Word to my brother, Lonely, Rainy Days, Adin Ross Disstrack, and other songs are only a few of her well-known compositions. She also posted a lot of music videos on his YouTube page in addition to this.

More than 48.8K people subscribe to her YouTube account (as of August 2022). Rock is a social media influencer and model in addition to being a vocalist. She also posts pictures of herself modeling and lifestyle vlogs on social media. Chrisean has also made numerous appearances in television shows and music videos.

Chrisean Malone ‘s Net Worth, income, and way of life

She became well-known after becoming a successful musician. She has agreements with numerous record labels. She also earns money through her career as a musician in addition to this. Through social media and modeling, she also makes additional money. Chrisean’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $2 million (approx.).

Seven Things About Chrisean Malone You Should Know

  • Chrisean Malone is her true birth name.
  • She also got a tattoo of Blueface on her neck.
  • In a fight, she lost her front tooth.
  • On TikTok, she enjoys posting lip-sync videos.
  • Chrisean Malone has over 711K followers on Instagram (as of August 2022).
  • Additionally, she promotes numerous products on social media.
  • She additionally promotes streetwear and swimsuit companies.

Questions and Answers

Chrisean Malone: who is he?

She is an entrepreneur as well as a singer, musician, songwriter, social media influencer, model, dancer, and star on Instagram.

Why is Chrisean Malone so well-known?

for her social media posts about her personal style and music.

Who is the boyfriend or husband of Chrisean Malone ?

She was dating Jonathan Porter, also known as Blueface.

Chrisean Malone’s age is how old?

22 years of age (as of 2022).

What is the wealth of Chrisean Malone ?

$1 to $2 million (approx.).

What is the real name of Chrisean Malone ?

Mr. Chrisean Malone.

Chrisean Malone’s teeth — what happened to them?

She reportedly lost her front teeth during a fight, according to the claims.

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