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Cole Barnett, who is blind, has always been the group’s class clown. And he doesn’t want anyone, even his girlfriend, urging him to “tone it down.” The charming man joined season three of Love Is Blind in order to meet someone who has similar sense of humor.

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Cole Barnett Age

When Cole Barnett made an appearance in the Love Is Blind season in 2022, he was 27 years old.

Zanab is 5 years older than him.

Parents of Cole Barnett

Kelly W. and Chrystal M. Barnett gave birth to Cole Barnett. They were born in 1969, respectively, in June and October.

Cole has a sister by the name of Kaylee Boyd. She wed Seth Boyd in December 2017; the two of them had a daughter.

Bertha Barnett, Cole’s grandmother, Kenneth Wayne Barnett, Cole’s uncle JL Barnett, Ruby (Dean) Ivey, Keith (Karen), Karol (Marty) Smith, Kyle (Karyn), Kelvin (Anita), and Kenric (Ella) Barnett are among Cole’s other relatives. Grandfather Kenneth Wayne Barnett passed away on January 20, 2021, at the age of 81.

Zanab admired that Cole comes from a close-knit family because she lost both of her parents when she was just a teenager—her mother at age 18 and her father at age 13. A family that loved God was also very advantageous to her.

Are Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey still together? – Love Is Blind

If they are still dating, Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey remained mum about it. However, based on appearances, they must have made a commitment.

Over the months, Cole first came out as a haughty, pompous, and demanding individual who was astonished by Colleen Reed’s ability to be a “flexible” ballerina. The witty banter between him and flight attendant Zanab, though, was practically faultless from the moment they first met. He then made the decision to seek Zanab.

As a result, they talked openly about their pasts and individual experiences with one another. The two were honest about everything, from their travels to their families to Cole’s past marriage. They eventually came to the conclusion that in addition to making each other laugh, they also held similar beliefs, values, and intentions.

The couple then decided to take a plane to Malibu for their break. They clashed throughout their journey.

“For me, there has been a disconnect. This is distinct from previous instances of “holy crap; you’re not what I had envisioned.” After the altercation, Cole remarked, “I have to re-connect that person in the pods to the person who’s in my bedroom right now.

But despite all of that, Cole and Zanab were really able to remember the reason they fell in love in the first place while amicably resolving their issues.

So it’s almost certain that they got married.

Cole recalled his time on Love Is Blind as a “unique experience” that sent him on an emotional roller coaster he didn’t know was possible. “You’re forced to consider carefully both who you are and what you have to offer as a person and what you’re seeking for in a mate. It’s an overly romantic time chamber, he continued.

Height of Cole Barnett

Cole is a tall man, standing at about 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm),
Cole has a slim build, blue eyes, and an oblong face, to name a few of his distinguishing qualities.

Job of Cole Barnett

Realtor Cole Barnett is.

Cole served as a youth pastor in San Diego after earning his degree in Great Christian Studies from King’s University in 2017. Then he made the decision to return home and enter the real estate market. Surprisingly, Cole’s company, Bdellium Real Estate, was consistently closing 1-2 deals per month and scaling significantly within the first 18 months of his real estate career.

The actor described his plan, saying, “Our goal is to start renovating additional homes, rehabilitate the neighborhoods of Fort Worth, and hold more rental properties, providing living solutions to tenants in DFW.”

Cole held a position as an acquisition manager at JZ Home Buyers in addition to running his own business.

Cole advertised homes for roughly $325,000 when we last checked.


Cole Barnett’s net worth is unknown.

In 2022, Cole displayed a net worth of more than $500,000.

Where Is the Origin of Cole Barnett?

Cole is a native of Rendon, Texas. But in 2022, he was a resident of Burleson, Texas.

When is the birthday of Cole Barnett?

Cole, a Taurus by birth, celebrates his birthday on April 22.

Cole Barnett, does he use Instagram?

Follow Cole on Instagram at colebrennanbarnett.

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