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Cole LaBrant, a YouTuber, social media celebrity, and influencer, was born on August 21, 1996. He is 25 years old and well known for his different impactful videos with incredible content. American-born, this YouTuber is a professional.

Earlier, he was having trouble rising to fame on social media. Because he knew he had the ability to entertain people but only needed a small boost, and because of his marriage to Savannah LaBrant, a well-known social media personality who is now his wife, he received this boost in his profession.

Although many people are still unaware of the Cole, Savannah’s beauty has drawn many people to learn and understand more about her. And in this piece, we will reveal all of Mr. Cole’s obscure sides, a popular TikTok user.

Cole LaBrant’s age and horoscope

As of 2022, Cole LaBrant will be 26 years old. He was conceived on August 21, 1996. Leo is his zodiac sign.

Cole LaBrant’s life story (Early Life & Education)

Cole LaBrant was born in Troy, Alabama, which is renowned for having a high abundance of iron and steel natural resources. On August 21, 1996, this dashing young man was born to his Albanian parents. Born from the most talented family in America, practically every member of the Cole clan is now a star and enjoys various forms of popularity.

With his one older brother, three younger brothers, and one younger sister, he has spent his formative years. Cole discussed his school memories from Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Alabama, where he attended till he graduated from high school and then transferred to college, after receiving his academic information. He attended Troy University where he received his undergraduate training. One of the diligent pupils, he was.

Family Cole LaBrant (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Wiki of Cole LaBrant – It’s quite impressive how Cole talked about his family after talking about his own. He is the second youngest child of his parents and, as we already mentioned, has five further siblings. Luke LaBrant, his older sibling, was born on August 18, 1994. In the past, Luke used to play football throughout his schooldays. He currently spends a lot of time making content for his Vine account.

Jack LaBrant and Clay LaBrant, Cole’s two younger siblings, are both well-known online personalities. Clay LaBrant was born on February 23, 2000, while Jack LaBrant was born on May 8, 1998.

Jack LeBrant, Cole’s younger brother, has more than 180000 followers on Instagram. Conversely, Clay LaBrant, Cole’s other younger brother, rose to popularity thanks to his older brother when he joined them in their group, Dem White Boyz. As of right now, he has more than 440000 Instagram followers.

Tate and Lily LaBrant are Cole’s two younger siblings. Tate is only 15 years old, while Lily, the youngest of the group, is only 12 years old. Due to the fact that they maintain a joint YouTube channel and have a sizable fan base there, Tate and Lily are both well known for their videos there.

If you want to know more about Cole’s family, you should know that his mother is Sheri LaBrant and his father is Ken LaBrant. The mother of Cole LaBrant participated in the 28th season of the iconic CBS game show The Amazing Race and faced off against Cole there. Before Cole LeBrant became famous and managed their social media business, Ken LeBrant was a Spanish professor at Troy University.

Career, YouTube Videos, & Jobs for Cole LaBrant

When Cole first downloaded the Vine app, he was bored and looking for something to do with his pals. With the help of John Grice and his best buddy Bayler Barnes, Mr. Cole initially started posting on Vine. They came across a dancing competition advertisement while scrolling and watching videos on Vine and entered it. In order to prepare for the competition, Cole and his friend posted a video on Vine. A week later, they had 100,000 followers. And it was at this time in his life that Cole first felt the urge to act.

Cole and his friends made the decision to rename their group as Dem White Boyz. Cole was not aware at the time that becoming well-known on social media has the power to alter anyone’s life. Dem White Boyz, a Cole group, enjoyed significant popularity at the period and was well received in Hollywood. Later, Baylor and his friend John departed the organisation and allowed Cole to use their names as the brand. But Cole’s bad luck struck again when social media hackers broke into his account.

Wife, girlfriend, and relationships of Cole LaBrant

Cole and Savannah LaBrant, his true love, are happily married. Savannah and Cole happened to cross paths when Cole, who had lost his fan base, needed someone’s aid to regain it. Cole thought Savannah would make a suitable choice for this, so he messaged her on asking for assistance and exchanging shootouts. Eventually, Cole stopped checking the app to see if Savannah had responded to his message after texting her.

And then, 11 months later, Cole saw a familiar face standing far away from him while shopping with his brother at a California mall. He approached Savannah, realised she was the same girl he had earlier messaged, and struck up a conversation with her there before exchanging phone numbers. But despite exchanging numbers, they didn’t give it any thought and didn’t believe anything could go wrong.

However, once distance and a lack of common interests were overcome, they began to hang together. At the time, Cole was visiting California for a bit. They developed close friendships once they understood how they might support one another’s social media growth.

After a few months of hanging together and being friends, they start to feel something for one another. Cole then embraced Everleigh, Savannah’s child from a previous relationship, and their love deepened. Savannah was proposed to by Cole in 2016 and they were married in July 2017 six months later. The couple renamed their joint YouTube channel The LaBrant Fam after getting married.

Posie Rayne LaBrant was born on December 28, 2018, to the couple who had married Savannah and accepted her daughter from a different father. On July 29, 2020, their son Zealand Cole LaBrant was born. As of right now, Cle and his wife Savannah have a sizable fan base and earn a sizable sum of money each day from their employment as social media celebrities.

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