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American entrepreneur, assistant director, and reality television star Crystal Minkoff is from Harbor City, California. She rose to fame after appearing in season 11 of the well-known Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She is one of the newest cast members, and according to the source, the viewers are really like her because of her endearing attitude. Crystal is said to be the first Asian-American housewife to appear on the popular reality TV series RHOBH.

Her participation in the program changed television history. Additionally, the show’s former cast members Denise Richards and Mellencamp Arroyave said farewell, while Minkoff and Sutton Stracke took their places (TV Personality).

Crystal Minkoff Age

Crystal Kung Minkoff with her older brother Jeffrey Kung when she was a newborn.

The rich housewife was born to Asian parents on June 23, 1983, in Harbor City, California, according to the source. As of 2021, Crystal Kung Minkoff will become 38 years old. I’m not sure whether this famous person is interested in her zodiac sign, but she was born under the potent water sign of Cancer.

The characteristics of a Cancerian include being dependable, inventive, emotional, manipulative, etc. Their fortunate color is white, and the moon is supposed to be their guiding force. Kung was a diligent student in her earlier years who subsequently went on to study Biology and History. From the University of California, Irvine, she received her degree.

Crystal Kung Minkoff, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, biography

American reality television personality Crystal Kung Minkoff, 39, is an actress and the creator of Life Refreshed Real Coco. Since May 19, 2021, she has attracted a lot of attention for her appearance in Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a well-known American reality television series.

Crystal is the first Asian American cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined the show on October 26, 2020, then on May 11, 2022, she made a second appearance. In Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12, Kung made her third appearance.

Even though this is the first time you’ve seen Minkoff on screen, she is not a newcomer to the entertainment industry. In 2011, Kung played the part of “News Reporter” in the movie “Flypaper,” and in addition to that, she also played the role of Slave Girl in the 2008 blockbuster “The Forbidden Kingdom” and even worked as a Second Unit Director in that movie.

Who are Crystal Kung Minkoff’s spouse and children?

Crystal is a novice to reality television, but she is better known in the entertainment world as the wife of well-known filmmaker Rob Minkoff, who is known for films including Chinese Odyssey, Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank, The Haunted Mansion, Stuart Little 2, Aftermath, and many more.

Kung & Minkoff first connected in 2003 at a party in Rob’s office, where they started dating while watching the Finding Nemo premiere. On February 14, 2006, Rob proposed to Crystal, and on September 29, 2007, this stunning couple exchanged vows as they jointly started directing “The Forbidden Kingdom.”

After three years of marriage, this loving couple received their first child, Max, in 2012. Then, on February 12, 2015, happiness once again knocked on Crystal & Rob’s door when their daughter Zoe was born.


How old is Crystal Kung Minkoff on her birthday?

She celebrates her birthday on February 4 each year. The wife of Rob Minkoff is 39 years old.

How much money is Crystal Kung Minkoff worth?

Answer: $1.87 million.

Who are Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Children, you ask?

She has a son named Max and a daughter named Zoe.

Who is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ first Asian-American?

Crystal Kung Minkoff is the answer.

Who are the parents of Crystal Kung Minkoff?

The answer is Late; he is her father. Stephanie Holappa is her mother, and Homer Kung is her father.

Some Interesting Crystal Kung Minkoff Facts

  • Jewish-American Rob Minkoff, her spouse, is 20 years older than his wife. The California Institute of the Arts was his place of study.
  • The late father-in-law of Crystal was Jack Robert Minkoff (1922–1998), and the late mother-in-law is Tola Fay Stebel.
  • Following her participation in the reality TV program, her Instagram fan base quickly grew, reaching 92.4+ K followers in a short period of time. Daily increases are still being made in the total.
  • Crystal Kung Minkoff mostly amuses her audience by documenting her opulent lifestyle online.
  • She really appreciates one of her favorite pastimes, which is cooking. Through IGTV videos, she often demonstrates her incredible cuisine to her fans.
  • Recently, her devoted brother Jeffrey promoted his most current song, “Slide,” by making a cameo on a RHOBH episode. The music video in the episode was teased by the channel.
  • His song rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine is also a major success, and his sister even shares the song on her Instagram to show how much she supports him in his profession.
  • In a Teddi Tea Pod interview, Kung said that she is unable to drive in Flagstaff, Arizona because she yelled at a police officer 22 years ago who issued her a ticket for using her automobile as a weapon. She was urged not to return to Arizona after the hearing if she didn’t intend to drive there during the next six years.

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