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DJ Akademiks, real name Livingston Allen, is a well-known DJ, media personality, and performer from Spanish Town, Jamaica. His successful songs have made him renowned.

Since being entangled in Twitter disputes and feud with various people, the celebrity has become the talk of the town. He referred to fitness model Brittny Renner as a “side girl” on November 1, 2021, and internet users were upset.

Age of DJ Akademiks

Livingston Allen, aka DJ Akademiks, was born on May 17, 1991 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, but moved to New York City when he was 10 years old, in 2001. Being a shy child, he struggled to fit in at his new school and in the new culture. He mainly hung out with a small group of Jamaican friends during this time, and he developed a deep love for hip-hop music. He enrolled at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he earned a biomathematics bachelor’s degree. He persisted in taking classes after graduation in order to earn a master’s degree in math finance. He recently got into a heated argument on Twitch with Dominican glamour model and social media star Angelica Ggx.

Brittany Renner was referred to as DJ Akademiks’ side chick.

According to the sources, DJ released his most recent podcast, “Off The Record,” on November 1, 2021. He ended up referring to the fitness model Brittny Renner as a side chick on the event, and the latter defended herself by outlining the entire incident. She also talked about the allegations that she lied to PJ Washington of the NBA and the father of her child.

The model received a lot of criticism when it was reported that she had utilised the Charlotte Hornets player to obtain substantial child support back in August 2021. Her ex-boyfriend PJ said that Renner would not allow him to see their child, which prompted the two to engage in back-and-forth arguments on social media.

Also during the performance, the star DJ and Brittny Renner got into a fight. She added that she is a genuine kind person who believes in complete transparency. Additionally, Akademiks claimed that she wrote about seven men who she was in relationships with but who she had never married.

Biography of DJ Akademiks (Early Life & Education)

CV of DJ Akademiks On May 17, 1991, the gifted artist was welcomed into this planet. As of 2021, DJ will be 30 years old. Akademiks were born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. As a result, he is Jamaican-American in nationality. The artist is a Taurus by birth.

He moved to the United States in 2001 to further his education, attending high school in New York. Following that, Akademik enrolled at Rutgers University (New Brunswick campus), where he graduated with a bachelor of science in biomathematics. He intends to earn a Master’s in Math Finance while still in college.

Family and ethnicity of DJ Akademiks

The DJ star was born in Jamaica to his wonderful and devoted parents. His parents’ names and occupations have not yet been made public. Additionally, he and his family are Christians and are of Black or African descent.

He may have siblings, but he made no mention of them. He might not have any, after all. He struggled to adapt to American culture after moving here and now only hangs out with his Jamaican pals.

Become a Star

When he was still in school, DJ Akademiks started writing blogs to rap forums as a way to deal with the cultural shock of relocating from Jamaica to the United States. He took things a step further after enrolling at Rutgers University by trying his hand at music production, but the effort was not particularly successful because of a lack of adequate networking. He started working as a DJ for his campus radio on Saturday nights around this time, which helped him gain confidence. As a result of his popularity, he started getting requests to DJ for neighbourhood BBQ parties and gatherings. He frequently posted photos and videos from these events on his social media accounts. His online presence as a result helped him receive offers from all throughout the state of New Jersey.

After two more years of DJing for radio and events, he made the decision to launch his own website, Late Night Creep, where he would post the most recent hip-hop news. He transformed the website into a fully-fledged hip-hop blog with significant readership in less than a year. As his website’s popularity increased, he expanded the range of subjects he covered, started publishing his own opinions, and even started discussing high-profile feuds. He founded the YouTube channel “LateNightCreepVids” in October 2012 with the intention of publishing satirical news videos about the entertainment industry, with a focus on hip-hop. He quickly published interviews with well-known figures in the world of entertainment news, like Ms. Drama and Charlamagne tha God. But his fame soared after he posted over 600 videos documenting an incident at the 2015 Summer Jam Fest Jersey that resulted in 61 people being detained. Fans regard his channel as one of the most trustworthy and dependable sources of hip-hop news.

Disputes and scandals

DJ Akademiks recently found himself in the centre of a heated debate after a competing hip-hop website,, asserted in late November 2018 that he is the secret informant who is assisting federal agents in their investigation of rapper Tekashi69 for racketeering. According to a blog post by Kifano Jordan, nicknamed Shotti, the attorney for Tekashi’s previous manager, Akademiks, was the informant. It also referred to him as the “false BFF” who turned informant to avoid being charged with federal obstruction of justice, which could have resulted in a minimum five-year prison sentence.
After the accusations, Akademiks asserted his innocence in the case in an exclusive interview with TMZ, saying he had “never been questioned or much less cooperated in this” and that he thought the defendants were “decent people.” Scott Leemon, Shotti’s attorney, brazenly denied providing any interviews about the matter incriminating anyone in a statement that was also published by ‘TMZ. Despite all of this, he could not escape criticism online because people kept accusing him of publishing material on his blog and YouTube channel that might have implicated the defendant. He frequently posted odd things to Instagram and dropped names during Twitch streams, which didn’t help.

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