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Elisabeth Rioux has such a great and happy personality that anyone would like her right away. She is also funny and has a good sense of humor, which makes her even more fun to watch. And that’s not even talking about how beautiful and perfect she looks, which can make girls jealous and boys fall in love with her. She looks so beautiful and perfect that anyone would want to follow her. This is why she has millions of followers all over the world. Now tell us more about this gorgeous Instagram and YouTube star.

Elisabeth Rioux Age & Birthday

Right now, Elisabeth Rioux is 25 years old. She was born in Canada on December 20, 1996. Since she hasn’t told you anything about her family. We don’t know who her parents are because of this.

Rioux was born under the sign of the Archer. Elisabeth was born and raised in Canada, which is her home country. Chloe Rioux is her sister.

Both sisters have gone in the same direction. Chloe also posts to Instagram. Elisabeth has kept her childhood mostly to herself.

She loves to travel, and when she’s on vacation, she loves to go to the beach. Gorgeous Rios posted a vlog and pictures from her recent trip to Costa Rica with her friends Alicia Moffet and Noemie Lacerte. Costa Rica is where she likes to go on vacation the most.

Rioux loves the dog just as much. Cherry and Royce are two Siberian huskies that Elisabeth and her boyfriend, Bryan, have taken in.

She has said that her dogs are like her family, and Maylie is the newest member of her family. She loves dogs so much that she might not eat any meat.

Elisabeth Rioux Height & Weight

Gorgeous Elisabeth’s body is her main draw. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and has a great body. She weighs 48 kilograms, or 105 pounds.

Elisabeth is interested in fitness, and her body measurements are 31-22-33 inches. In the same way, she wears a size 30 B bra. We don’t know what size her clothes and shoes are. Rioux’s blonde hair and hazel eyes make her even more beautiful.


Elisabeth decided to go into business when she was 18 and get a degree in marketing at the same time. She decided to start a business called “Hoaka Swimsuit” to sell swimsuits. She decided to turn her love of fashion into a business so she could use what she knew about running a business.

After working on it for almost a year, her swimwear line came out in 2016. At first, only people from Quebec knew what the brand was.

Through the Instagram page she made, she was able to sell Hoaka swimwear and Eco Hoaka. She would post pictures of her followers wearing Hoaka swimwear, which helped the company become well-known and earned her a lot of respect.

On her social media sites, people can write reviews about the quality of her products, which helps to make sure that they keep getting better. Her father and sister run the business together, but she is in charge of the creative side of Hoaka. Elisabeth moves up in her career by being a model for both her own clothing lines and those of other companies.

Most of the information on her page is about her work as a model. Her trips are turned into promotional videos, which she then shares on her Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook pages. Rioux has a huge fan base of loyal girls who praise their religious female role models on whole Instagram pages.

Over 573k people follow the swimwear brand Hoaka on Instagram, and 137k people follow Bamboo Underwear around the world. Hoaka Swimwear has its own Instagram page, and it seems to focus on simple patterns and black and white colors with white lines. Elizabeth released both her Bamboo underwear line and her Hoaka swimwear line.

Relationship: Boyfriend, Husband

Brave and beautiful People are very interested in whether or not Elisabeth is in a relationship. Well, boys might be sad to hear that she already has a boyfriend.

She is dating Bryan McCormick, and they have been together since 2017. Bryan is also from Monaco, and he is a model.

Most of the time, he is in Rioux’s videos. Both are open about how they feel about each other. People are always amazed by how much they love and care for each other.

This year, the cute couple is going to have a baby. In one of the videos on YouTube, Bryan was kissing Elisabeth’s baby bump. In July 2020, Wolfie Mccormick will be born to them.

When it comes to her ex-boyfriends, Jay Alvarrez and model Jonathan Germain come to mind.

She got through the bad times because she is a strong girl, and now she has a loving boyfriend, Bryan McCormick.

Elisabeth Rioux Net Worth

Sponsorship: Because Elisabeth’s Instagram has more than 1.8 million followers, advertisers pay her a certain amount for each post.

If you look at Elisabeth’s last 15 posts, the average number of people who commented on each one is 8.68%. So, on average, she probably charges between $3,760.5 and $6,267.5 for sponsorship.

She has more than 237K subscribers on YouTube, and an average of 7,930 people watch her videos every day.

According to socialblade.com, she makes between $714 and $11,400 a year from her YouTube channel. This is based on the number of daily views and new subscribers.

Few interesting things about Elisabeth Rioux

She is a vegan who eats well and spends a lot of time at the gym to get her hot body.
Elisabeth loves water, so she likes to go to beaches on vacation and any other time.
Cherry and Royce are the names of Elisabeth’s two Siberian husky dogs. Also, she recently introduced her family to Maylie, a new puppy.
Rioux also spoke out in favor of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.
During their trip to the Maldives, she shocked her boyfriend by telling him she was pregnant.
Rioux loves to hang out with her group of girlfriends.
She liked to travel, so she had been to places like Costa Rica, Europe, Las Vegas, Greece, and other places.
In 2017, she went to Santorini with some of her friends.
In 2016, she also did a giveaway of lipsticks by Kylie Jenner.

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