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Meet Ella May Ding, the star of season 9 of Australia’s Married at First Sight. The show is on right now, and Ella got people’s attention with the rumor that she and her partner would switch. She was first paired with Mitchell, but in 2022, she was seen with Brent. So, what do we know?

Ella May Ding Age

Ella Ding is 27 years old as of February 2022.

Ella Ding Height

Ella Ding is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and she loves to show off her beautiful body. Her tattoos on her thighs, under her armpits, and chest make her look even better. She also writes a lot about what she does at the gym. She has also told her followers what she does for exercise.

Ella Ding Family

Ella Ding, who was born to Belinda Ding and her ex-husband, hasn’t said much about her dad. But in June 2016, she posted a throwback photo of her father from 1994 on Instagram. Her mother lives in Melbourne, which is in the state of Victoria in Australia. She runs an art business called Belinda Ding Art.

Belinda is a Bayside artist who lives in Melbourne and does Modern Abstract Art. She gets ideas from the Australian landscape, from modern designers, and from color. Along with doing well in her job, she also did well in love. In 2015, she married “the love of my life.”

She posted on Instagram, “Happy 6th wedding anniversary to the love of my life,” to mark the occasion.

Ella is one of Belinda’s four kids, according to her website. James John Ding is the name of her brother.

Ella Ding Job

Ella Ding works as a hair stylist. On her Instagram stories, she has talked about her jobs. She has put up short videos of her clients getting skin treatments in the stories. She also tells her followers about routines and treatments for skin care. She also tells them about products they might want to use on her social media sites.

Ella also likes getting skin consultations, and she thinks it’s nice when her clients and friends tell her similar things. In her IG stories, she also explains a few terms related to skin care. She works for the Melbourne-based company The Skin Boutique (@theskinboutique).

The company is the place to go for high-quality, expert, and easy-to-reach skin care in Melbourne. It has many convenient locations. At The Skin Boutique stores in Melbourne, you can get laser hair removal and injectables, most of which are dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

Are Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud still together? (MAFS Australia)

In 2022, Ella Ding joined the cast of Married at First Sight’s ninth season. She hadn’t been in a relationship in nine years when she went on the show. Ella wanted to find “her best friend and biggest fan” by going on the show. She also wants a strong sexual connection and a relationship that keeps her on the edge of her seat.

In the past, Ella had trouble finding a man who was ready to settle down, but she never did. She doesn’t want to hang out with guys who are closed-minded and lazy. She wrote on Instagram before the show started that she was ready to “go big with finding love! So happy to finally meet my mystery man! I’m going into this experiment with an open mind to the fact that anything could happen, and I hope to come out with a happy ending. I’ll be open to everything this #MAFS journey has to offer. Here we go!”.

Ella was paired with Mitchell Eynaud, a financial planner and part-time model who was known as a “party boy.” Mitchell joined the show because he was tired of online dating. As soon as they met, they couldn’t stop looking at each other. From the beginning, viewers could feel the sexual tension between the two, and the experts “definitely hit the nail on the head” in figuring out what Ella wanted.

But there has been talk that the couple should switch places. Word on the street is that she hooked up with Brent Vitiello.

Ella also said that she was disappointed that the show only showed Mitch’s refusal to kiss her, even though the couple had done other “beautiful” intimacy week challenges.

Are Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello a couple now? (MAFS Australia)

Brent Leon and Tamara Djordjevic became friends with Ella and her new husband Mitch. But the Australian magazine “New Idea” said they had pictures of Ella spending Valentine’s Day on a beach in Sydney. As was said, Brent put sunscreen on Ella’s back and took her for a walk on the sand and out on the boat.

But there is no way to know for sure if they were together or not.

Brent said that he was good friends with Ella in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. Then he said that Tamara and Mitch had also been seen together more than once. “I saw that,” he said. So what? I guess they should have good luck.”

Brent is a hospitality manager who ran a successful events management company in Dubai for seven years. He lived the high life there. But there is one thing that cannot be changed about the person he wants to date: she must have clean feet.

What race is Ella Ding?

Ella Ding looks a little bit different from most White Australians because she has Asian roots as well. So, she is of more than one race.

Is Ella Ding On Instagram?

Ella Ding only seems to be on Instagram, which is a social media site. Her @ellamayding account has 21.1k followers.


When did Ella Ding come into the world?

Her Instagram posts say that Ella Dong’s birthday is on April 6.

From where is Ella Ding?

Ella Ding was from the Australian city of Melbourne.

How much money does Ella Ding have?

As of February 2022, Ella Ding has a net worth of less than $200,000.

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