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Wiki/Bio ————-
Real Full Birth Name Emilia Fazzalari
Nickname Not Known
Profession Entrepreneur
Age (How old, as of 2022)  Years
Date of Birth Unknown
Birthplace Not Known
Current Residence Not Known
Nationality American
Gender Female
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian) Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Unknown
Net Worth/ Salary Unknown

Emilia Fazzalari Biography:-

After a chance meal in 2016, Emilia Fazzalari and her four co-founders—NBA legend Michael Jordan, Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, and Boston Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck—founded Cincoro Tequila, an upscale tequila company. After years of research, blending, and tasting, Emilia, who serves as CEO and started her career in financial services at Moody’s Investor Service before spending 21 years at Bloomberg L.P., has spearheaded the effort to create and launch this new brand. The name Cincoro, which translates to “five gold” in Spanish (cinco means “five,” and oro means “gold”), honours the five founding partners and their quest to establish the tequila industry’s gold standard. The highest grade 100% Weber Blue agave from both the highland and lowland areas of Jalisco, Mexico, is used to make Cincoro Tequila.

What exactly do you mean by “entrepreneurship”?

Azzalari, Emilia: I define entrepreneurship as having a distinct vision and the capacity to carry it out. It requires commitment, perseverance, a laser-like concentration on results, and the capacity to inspire and motivate others around you. An entrepreneur understands that having a brilliant concept is just the beginning; you also need to take action, innovate along the road, and do everything else necessary to transform the idea into a profitable business.

Entrepreneurship is in my DNA because I’m the daughter of Italian immigrants who were successful businesspeople in their own way. I moved to New York City after receiving my degree from the University of Michigan with just enough money for a few weeks’ worth of rent. I was forced to forge my own course. I led high-performance sales teams for more than 20 years while also managing startups at Bloomberg LP, competing and succeeding in some really difficult markets. I gained a lot of knowledge about consistently inventing and executing while working with some excellent teammates.

There was such a natural, shared energy that brought the five Cincoro co-founders—Emilia, Michael Jordan, Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, and Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck—together when we first met back in 2016. We were all committed to working hard and having a desire to perform at a high level (while having a lot of fun in the process, of course). Each and every one of the 34 members of the Cincoro team, which is still expanding, represents this entrepreneurial spirit. My staff is aware that they are free to constantly push the envelope and take novel approaches. It improves us, which makes the voyage even more satisfying.

How did your business start?

Like all excellent stories, Cincoro began to take shape in July 2016 and developed fairly organically from there. Wyc, who was at the time my boyfriend and is now my husband, was a member of an NBA committee along with Wes, Jeanie, and Michael, and the group met regularly in Manhattan. He praised them for being wonderful individuals. I recommended to him that we all meet together for dinner as a group. Everyone was in agreement, and the five of us instantly clicked when we got together that first night.

We were just getting to know each other when the evening started, but as we swapped stories and realised we both loved tequila, the seeds of a true friendship and cooperation were soon planted. Before dinner, we had a few drinks, and Michael was in charge of providing everyone with different tequilas. None were perfect, but some could be drank. That’s when we realised there was a demand for a new, premium family of tequilas that would suit our shared taste preferences. You must begin with the vision that we had.

Soon after, we went to Mexico’s most prestigious distilleries and discovered which tequilas were produced using either Lowland or Highland agave, but not both. This led to the development of an original strategy to produce an incredibly smooth, naturally rich tequila that combined the best distillates obtained separately from both Lowland and Highland appellations. Before discovering the wonderful concoction that would become Cincoro, we prepared more than 1,000 distinct handmade, personalised tequilas from scratch and tasted them all. The moment we understood we had it was so wonderful! We chose the name Cincoro because it honours the five founding partners and our mission to set the gold standard in spirits by combining the words “five” (Cinco) and “gold” (Oro).

The five of us are actively involved in every aspect of the business, from envisioning exciting new product innovations to personally introducing the spirit to our chosen family across the nation. We taste and approve each batch that leaves our distillery. Each of the four Cincoro variations, in our opinion, offers a distinctive tequila experience that goes beyond the category.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your company’s operations?

EF: Moving to Remote/Virtual Operations We launched our first official office on February 15th, and on March 6th, I sent everyone home for the foreseeable future. Our sales crew quickly ceased making sales calls while on the road and began doing it from home. My top concern was making sure everyone on the team was safe; this was a major deviation from the initial plan. To maintain connectivity and communication within the organisation, we frequently used video conference sessions. The video calls helped us get closer than we may have been without them in certain aspects. Instead of only meeting once a year at a fly-in-only quarterly offsite, we now regularly meet daily and weekly. Through virtual launch meetings with our distribution teams, we even changed course to launch our brand in new states. Those meetings had always taken place in person, but sometimes you have to improvise.

concentrating on direct to consumer and e-commerce: We always wanted to develop first-rate e-commerce capabilities, but COVID unquestionably sped up our schedule. We opened shop.cincoro.com, our own internet storefront, in just two weeks. We introduced Cincoro Concierge, the first texting platform in the sector, a month later (text us at 325-230-2223!). More of our distributor partners have interacted with us through video chat than ever before as we have conducted private virtual tastings. Although it has been a busy period, we have managed to interact personally with thousands of our customers, and we are only beginning.

Finding ways to give back to our community—the hospitality community, which was greatly hit by the epidemic and included many of our partners, restaurateurs, bartenders, and staff of restaurants and hotels—felt like the appropriate thing to do. We started by donating 30% of the proceeds from our online orders to the Bartenders’ Guild Emergency Assistance Program as part of the #TipYourBartenders campaign.
In the middle of April, we also developed and introduced the #ToastYourTeam project, which aimed to help the hospitality sector by utilising the Restaurant Strong Fund and the Bartenders’ Guild Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. “You toast and Cincoro gives” was the slogan used for the social media movement. On Instagram and Twitter, Cincoro fans shared photos and videos of their virtual toasts to their chosen families and people who inspire them. Cincoro drinkers and fans from all around the world attended, including well-known figures like Ahmad Rashad, Michael Strahan, David Ortiz, Jaleel White, Craig Melvin, and Anthony Rizzo. Each participant was given $20 to donate to one of the two foundations that were chosen. As a result, we gave the recipients tens of thousands of dollars.

What has so far been your proudest and saddest moment?
EF: Our company’s decision to change course at the start of the epidemic and launch programmes aimed at supporting the hospitality industry may be our finest moment.

The continued destruction of many of our friends’ enterprises in the hospitality sector, which has forced both temporary and permanent closures and problems, has been our lowest time. We sympathise with them and will keep working to assist both them and other people in need.

How is your business altering the environment?
EF: Our essential “big bang” change is introducing the delicious, intricate, and well manufactured Cincoro family of spirits to the nation (and soon the world). We appreciate it when customers “drink, savour, and share” our premium spirits. Now that we are present in more than 40 states, we are experiencing excellent order and reorder rates as well as a high volume of positive consumer feedback. After trying Cincoro Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo, consumers buy bottles and recommend it to friends. We are happy to have these consumers as a part of the Cincoro family.
The Series of Numbers

We carried out a creative, entertaining “product drop” that was at least one of the first in the alcohol sector. We had the idea to sell our scrumptious Cincoro Anejo in a unique, enormous 1.75-liter bottle. One of our hallmark goods is presented in a stunning manner. A limited edition of 2,020 bottles with individual numbers made up our initial production run. We increased awareness, exclusively marketed the launch through our digital platforms, quickly grew a waitlist of thousands of customers, first made the product available only on shop.cincoro.com, and then sold out. We appreciate everyone who registered. By directing customers to our retailers through our Cincoro Concierge service, we also assisted them in selling through their exclusive product allocations.

What do you wish you knew before beginning? Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
EF: Accept every challenge. There is a fix for every issue. I wouldn’t change a thing because every hardship we have faced has strengthened us and is a necessary part of our entire Cincoro journey.

What words of wisdom or principles guide your daily actions as you expand your company? What are your personal and professional goals?
EF: I like to lead an honest life, acting morally and with integrity. I’m honoured to be a member of the Cincoro family. Together, we are doing what we can to spread awareness of our wonderfully delicious spirits, encourage people to enjoy them, and support our local communities.

Where do you turn for inspiration when difficulties arise?
EF: I firmly believe in working together. Growing this company through a pandemic has demonstrated that when faced with difficulties, some of the most creative ideas emerge. That is why I started holding brainstorming sessions for the entire firm. Collaborative thinking may lead to some of the most innovative, original, and lucrative ideas regardless of whether you work in sales, marketing, operations, or finance.

What does “success” mean to you personally? What do you believe will enable you to do it?
EF: To me, success entails transforming Cincoro into a brand that stands for a better way of life. We’ll accomplish this by continuing to be there during our customers’ life moments and uniting communities through shared values like respect, love, taste, and fun.

Has “success” in your personal or professional life changed after the COVID-19 pandemic?
EF: COVID hasn’t altered my definition of success, but it has made me realise how crucial it is to work as a cohesive team with the flexibility and agility to overcome problems and, occasionally, turn obstacles into opportunities. Our staff has been challenged by the epidemic to think creatively, to be tougher, and to be more resilient under pressure.

What’s it like to work with your partners or by yourself? What guidance do you have for other business owners regarding creating and managing teams?
EF: The five of us who have the same ardour, love, and vision for the brand are responsible for its creation, ownership, and personal management. The five of us are actively involved in every aspect of the business, from envisioning exciting new product innovations (stay tuned!) to tasting and approving every batch that leaves our distillery. Our love for Cincoro stems from our desire to produce the best-tasting spirit possible, one sip at a time.

Would you mind sharing your morning routine or a regular ritual that underpins your work each day? Many entrepreneurs are constantly working to improve their daily habits in order to support their work and bigger goal. What has changed during the past few months?
EF: I get up early, work out briefly, make breakfast for the kids, and then I give Cincoro my whole attention. Mostly Zoom calls with my leadership team, distributors, agencies, and accounts. Whenever I can, I also make it a point to check in with every employee. I take a break to prepare food for the family at lunch and evening. What can I say, I’m 100% Italian, so obviously food plays a big role in everything!

Relationship, Parents & Education:-

Boyfriend Unknown
Husband/Spouse Name Not Yet
Perents Father :- Unknown

Mother:-  Not Known

Siblings Not Known
Education School:-  Not Known

College:-  Not Known

Quick Information

Eye Color Not Known
Hair Color Not Known
Height  Feet &  inch
Weight  kg
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Some Lesser Known Facts About Emilia Fazzalari:-

  • Does Emilia Fazzalari Drink Alcohol: Yes
  • Does Emilia Fazzalari smoke? :- Yes


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