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Leah Brady is a Canadian child actress who is 10 years old. She is known for her roles in well-known movies like “Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls.” After starring in Netflix’s action-packed comedy show “The Umbrella Academy,” the actress became very popular.

She has been in the news lately because she played Trudy Lightstone in “Violent Night,” a Netflix movie that came out on December 2 and was directed by Tommy Wirkola. David Harbour played Santa Claus, who was trying to save a family from mercenaries. Brendan Fletcher and John Leguizamo, two big names in Hollywood, also had big parts in this movie.

According to IMDB, Leah is hard at work on her next project, a comedy series called “The Love Club: Lauren’s Story,” which is being directed by Jill Carter.

Leah Brady Age & Birthday

Leah Brady, who is 10 years old, was born in Toronto City, Ontario, Canada, on November 7, 2012, to an African-American father and a white mother. Leah was watching a Disney movie by herself one day. When her mom came in, she saw that the little girl was trying to repeat lines from the movie.

After a few days, Mrs. Brady saw that her daughter was trying to act out scenes from her favorite show, so she sent her to an acting school. Little Leah did really well at the drama academy. She even joined a local theater, where her acting coach saw how talented she was and started getting her auditions.

Leah Brady’s career as an actress

Everyone can see how tough the competition is in the acting business. Leah also had to compete with other child actors, but she didn’t back out. Instead, she kept going to auditions. Abaigael Woods gave her her first acting job in 2017. She gave her a small part in her short film “Hunting, a documentary.”

She read about a casting call three years later and went to try out for it. When she got to the audition, she found out that it was for the Netflix show “The Umbrella Academy.” This made her very happy. Kim Coleman and Jeremy Webb liked what the little girl did, so they gave her the part of Patrick’s Daughter. In the meantime, she got some more cool jobs. One of them was a movie called “Violent Night.”

Leah Brady Instagram

One thing we learned about Leah is that her parents look out for her a lot. They don’t let her use social media, so if you search for her name on Instagram, you won’t find anything.

So, if you want to know what’s going on with Brady, you should keep coming to our site. If she gets her own Instagram handle, we’ll let you know.

Leah Brady Q&A

What is the age of Leah Brady?

Ans: 10 (as of 2022). (as of 2022).

What country does Leah Brady come from?

Answer: U.S.

What is Leah Brady’s height?

4 feet and 5 inches.

In “Violent Night,” who played Trudy Lightstone?

It was Leah Brady.

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