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Lexi Rivera is well-known as Brent Rivera’s sister and as a top-notch YouTube star. She started using social media on YouTube, where she has a channel with her name on it and a lot of people who follow her. Also, her older brother Brent is in most of her videos, which is another reason a lot of people watch them.

Lexi Rivera has been interested in acting or entertainment since she was young, but she wants to get to a point where everyone knows her name and what she does. That’s where the idea for YouTube comes from, and she’s lucky that she’s already done everything at such a young age.

Because she was so well-known, it was easier for her to work with other famous YouTubers like Pierson, Jeremy Hutchins, Andrew Davila, and Ben Azelart.

In 2022, Lexi Rivera will be 21 years old. She was born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California. Lexi Rivera was born under the sign of Gemini. Aside from that, her current education information shows that she graduated from Huntington High School.

Lexi Rivera Age & Birthday

Lexi was born on June 7, 2001, and right now she is just 21 years old. Lexi’s birthday was not too long ago, and she had a party with friends and family. She is one of the youngest stars with tens of thousands or even millions of fans on social media. Lexi Rivera lives in the US state of California. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and she is a Christian.

Lexi went to a private school in her town to learn. She is the only sister of Brent, Brice, and Blake, who are all boys. Her brothers and parents, John and Laura, have helped her a lot with making YouTube videos. This tells us that she has a small, lovely family who all live together and help each other.


Before she became famous on YouTube, Lexi Rivera lived her life like anyone else. But she loves the entertainment business and used to act when she was young. In 2012, Instagram was the first social media site that made people think about joining. It was when her older brother Brent Rivera spent three years on YouTube without any problems.

She joined Instagram, but not to become famous. Lexi Rivera’s big break came with her YouTube channel called “Self-Titled,” where she has more than 7 million active fans.

After that, the Followers also noticed her Instagram account, and now she has more than 7 million active followers. Tiktok, on the other hand, is the main platform that most young stars use because it has grown a lot and is perfect for opportunities. Nearly 17 million people follow her on Tiktok.

She is currently trying to get more people to follow her on all of the social media sites. So she could get a chance to act on TV and start a career. However, she already had a lead role in Brorobot, a web series that came out in 2018.

Early Life & Education

Lexi Rivera was born in California, USA, and grew up there. Lexi is the only daughter of John Rivera and Laura Rivera, but she has three older brothers named Brent, Brice, and Blake Rivera. She hasn’t shown pictures or talked about her parents, but her brothers have been in her videos more than once. By looking at her videos and what she says, it’s easy to see that she has a happy family that all lives in the same house in LA.

As a child, gymnastics and freestyling were two things Lexi was very interested in. Lexi has always done well in school, even when she was young. She went to Huntington High School in L.A. and got good grades there.

Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Lexi Rivera has a net worth of $2 million. To figure out her net worth, she adds up her annual income from many different sources. The biggest part of her income comes from YouTube and Instagram sponsorships. She also has her own line of official goods.

Height & Weight

For her height, Lexi Rivera is 5 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs 54 kg. She is tall and thin, and her blonde hair is very pretty. She has beautiful brown eyes and light skin, which really add to how cute she looks.

Since she is a gymnast and athlete, she goes to her regular workouts and eats well. Her favorite shoe size is 7.5 US, and there are no visible tattoos on her body.

Information and facts

  • She was born in California’s Huntington Beach, and she grew up with three older brothers.
  • Rivera stays fit because she loves gymnastics and being fit.
  • She enjoys dancing.
  • On her Tik Tok account, you can see some of her dance moves.
  • Lexi works out very hard to stay fit.
  • More than 8 million people follow her on Instagram.
  • Lexi got her start as an actress in a show called Brobot, in which she and her brother both had roles. Gil was played by Brent, and Max was played by Lexi.
  • When she was first noticed, it was because she was on her brother’s YouTube channel.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Lexi Rivera

What is Lexi Rivera’s height?

She is 51 inches tall.

What is Lexi Rivera’s age?

On June 7, 2001, she was born. In 2022, she will be 21.

When did Lexi Rivera come into the world?

Her birth date is June 7, 2001.

With whom does Lexi Rivera go out?

Andrew Davila is seeing Lexi Rivera.

What is the real name of Lexi Rivera?

Alexa Brooke Rivera is her full name.

Who is the brother of Alexa Rivera?

Blake Rivera, Brice Rivera, and Brent Rivers.

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