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American Lucius Hoyos works as an actor, musician, social media star, entrepreneur, TV show personality, and media face. He lives in Los Angeles. Because of his parts in Heroes Reborn, PAW Patrol, and Awake, he became more well-known.

Once Upon a Time in Staten Island and Everything’s Fine is his next project, which he is working on right now. He wanted to be an actor like his brother, Ricardo Hoyos, who is well-known in the US. Lucius has a YouTube channel, but he hasn’t put up many videos there.

Lucius Hoyos Age & Birthday

Lucius Hoyos was born in the Canadian city of Alliston on August 31, 2001. He lives in Los Angeles, California, which is in the United States. The actor-want tobe is just 21 years old (as of 2022). His family calls him Loosh in a friendly way.

Hoyos has signed up at a Canadian school near his home to finish his basic education. Later, he got a scholarship to go to school in the United States. At his age, he would be a high school student at a good college.

Lucius Hoyos’s parents were Ricardo Hoyos, Sr. and Eileen Hoyos (mother). His parents and grandparents are all very close to him. He loves his grandmother, Mamaryan, a lot. His parents have always told him that he should become an actor.

He is the younger brother of Ricardo Hoyos. In Hollywood, Ricardo is a well-known actor. His role in the Netflix movie “Degrassi: The Next Generation” made him well-known. Lucius has a mix of French-Canadian and Irish ancestry because his father is from Canada and his mother is from Ireland.

Family and Ethnicity

Ricardo Hoyos, Sr. (father) and Eileen Hoyos (mother) had Lucius Hoyos (mother). His relationship with his parents and grandparents is very close. He really loves his grandmother, whose name is Mamaryan. His parents have always encouraged him to stay in the acting business.

He is Ricardo Hoyos’s younger brother. Ricardo is a well-known actor in Hollywood. He is well-known for his role in “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” a Netflix movie. Lucius is a mix of French-Canadian and Irish, since his father is from that area and his mother is from Ireland.

Girlfriends and Relationships

Hoyos is a young actor who is smart and has already done a lot at a young age. In his career as an actor, he has worked with a lot of well-known actors. But we don’t know who he’s with right now, so we’re assuming he’s single. He is working hard to reach the top of his field.


In 2012, Anita Doron put out a movie called “The Lesser Blessed,” which was Lucius’s first job. He played Donny Beck in this movie. Then he was on several TV shows, such as Max and Shred, Lucky 7, Saving Hope, and others.

From 2015 to 2016, he played Jose Gutierrez on the TV miniseries “Heroes Reborn.” The idea came from Tim Kring. He worked with Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman, Jack Coleman, Henry Zebrowski, Kiki Sukezane, Robbie Kay, and a lot of other people. He has also been on the TV shows “Between” and “PAW Patrol,” both of which are animated.

He was just in the Netflix movie “Awake” in 2021. Mark Raso was in charge of making this movie. He was one of the people who played Noah, along with Ariana Greenblatt, Finn Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Shamier Anderson. He is currently working on shows like Everything’s Fine and Once Upon a Time in Staten Island, which will be coming out soon.

Lucius Hoyos Net Worth

Lucius Hoyos makes a good living with what he does. He would make about $25,000 to $35,000 a year from movies and TV shows. He also makes money from commercials and social media. Lucius’s net worth is roughly estimated to be between USD 3 and USD 4 million.


By playing “Jose Gutierrez” on the TV show Heroes Reborn, Lucius Hoyos, a rising star from Canada, has become very well-known.
He was a great part of this show, along with Hiro Kanagawa, Nazneen Contractor, Eve Harlow, Aislinn Paul, and many others.
Still, Lucius’s fame went through the roof in 2015 because of McCalister’s roles in “Between” and “Jack Keller” in Bark Ranger.
He started acting after his older brother, Ricardo Hoyos, gave him ideas.
In 2012, “The Lesser Blessed,” a movie directed by Anita Doron, gave Hoyos his first chance to act. He played Donny Beck in the movie.
In his early years as an actor, his roles in “The Colony,” “Port Hope,” “What If,” and “The Cycle of Broken Grace” won the hearts of many people.
Even though he was in “Max and Shred,” “Saving Hope,” and “Reign” in 2014, his reputation was still unstable and going down.
This guy didn’t give up, and when “Little Charmers” Animated Series won the “Joey Award” in 2016 for Voice Over Ensemble, it changed his life.
He was born to Eileen Ryan Hoyos and Ricardo Hoyos, Sr. Every year, on August 31, actor Lucius Hoyos has a birthday party.
He also did voice-over work for Little Charmers, PAW Patrol, and Justin Time, in addition to acting on set.
At 15, he joined the casts of Joseph and Mary as “Jesus” and “Young Theo” in “Incorporated.”
Even after a few small roles at work, he doesn’t slow down, and that’s what helped him get his life back on track in 2018.
Ricardo Hoyos’s younger brother will act in “Our House,” “F.R.E.D.I.,” “Go Away, Unicorn!” and “Chad” between 2018 and 2021.
From June 9, Lucius Hoyos is in the spotlight because he plays Noah’s character in the “Awake” movie with Ariana Greenblatt and Gina Rodriguez.

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