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Lure Hsu is a well-known Taiwanese businesswoman, interior designer, social media influencer, and media personality. She is well-known across the nation for having a fresh look and fantastic health. Despite being 46 years old, she seems to be a young woman.

She and her sisters gained attention due to their youthful and attractive looks. People follow her on social media to learn about her daily routine, food, and other maintenance advice for her physique and skin. She has also launched her own clothing line and uses her social media accounts to advertise her business.

She rose to fame for having youthful skin and then became an Instagram influencer. You can discover comprehensive details on Lure Hsu’s age, height, siblings, wiki, net worth, birthday, boyfriend, career, biography, and many other things on this page.

Lure Hsu Age, Birth

Lure always has a family celebration on her birthday, which falls on the sixteenth of August. She was born in Taiwan in 1975. She is 46 years of age (as of 2021). She received her essential education at a private institution.

She enrolled in a reputable institution for her bachelor’s degree after finishing her high school coursework. We spent a lot of time looking for specific details about her further education, but she hasn’t stated anything about it on her social media platform.

Lure Hsu parents (Siblings, Ethnicity & Nationality)

Biographical Information – Because Lure Hsu’s mother and siblings are also incredibly young, the family has the nickname “the family of frozen ages.” Her mother, a retired dancer by the name of May Hsu, is mentioned in the sources. Despite being 68 years old (at the time this piece was written), Hsu’s mother resembles her daughters’ sisters. Other than this, her father’s identity is unknown, although she has shown him a lot of images.

She has a brother and two sisters, to be specific. Her sisters, Sharon Hsu and FayFay Hsu, are well-known Instagram influencers due to their gorgeous complexion. Her brother’s name is Tom Hsu on the opposite side. In addition, she was born in Taiwan, giving her Taiwanese nationality, and she has Asian ancestry. Additionally, there is no information yet about her faith.

Lure Hsu’s Husband, the Wedding, and the Children

Millions of people admire the beautiful woman Lure Hsu, and they are interested in learning more about her personal life. We looked all over the internet and on social media, but she hasn’t published anything about her relationships or marital status.

She was allegedly married, according to certain media, although there is no information online about her spouse. She has also shared a few photos with her pals on her social media accounts. We’ll do all we can to provide you the greatest information.

Diet and skincare practices of Lure Hsu

Let me tell you that when they found out that Hsu is 46 years old, a lot of people were shocked. She has kept up her skin and shape so well that no one can estimate her age, which is the reason. She looks like a grown woman in her 20s. Her sisters are as young-looking and attractive as she is.

She said during the interview that she regularly hydrates herself by drinking a lot of water. She also drank lukewarm water each morning. She simply likes to consume wholesome veggies on a daily basis. Her fresh, flawless skin is maintained by her healthy eating regimen.

Career & Profession of Lure Hsu

The numerous reports claim that Lure Hsu is a professional interior designer. She spent years working in this field. She began working as an Instagram influencer after her video became widely popular throughout the nation. On her official Instagram page, she has posted a lot of pictures. She has worked with several companies, including Qeelin, TUN, Farcent, Tory Burch, Tiffany, Burberry, and many more.

We discovered that she has a self-titled clothing company where she sells gorgeous gowns and other stuff after going through her social media accounts. She does, however, use her social media accounts to advertise her own business.

Net worth & Income Sources for Lure Hsu

With her family, Hsu is living a beautiful existence. She lives in a lovely house that is furnished with her own artwork and other decorative items. She makes a nice living from modeling, her company, commercials, promotions, brand advertisements, and more, as I’ll let you know. She earned a net worth of roughly $5–$6 million, according to reports.

9 Lure Hsu Facts You Should Know

  • Lure enjoys preparing scrumptious meals for herself.
  • Through her Instagram highlights, she has published her monthly photos.
    With her family, she visited beautiful locations, particularly those that were hilly.
  • Hsu likes to cook.
  • Hsu shops at the fancy clothes store.
  • Through her social media, she promotes numerous skincare products.
  • She was dying for a little tattoo on her wrist.
  • The well-known model enjoys wearing rings, anklets, lockets, and other jewelry.
  • Lure advertises a range of goods.
  • She enjoys growing little plants in her room.
  • Lure Hsu’s verified Instagram account has 815k followers and 1.9k posts (till April 2022).

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