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American reality TV star Matt Bolton first gained notoriety by participating in the third season of the Netflix dating reality series Love Is Blind, which launches on October 19, 2022. United States native Matt Bolton was born in Dallas on April 14, 1994. Matt Bolton is 28 years old now, just like in 2022. More information on Matt Bolton is provided below. The Matt Bolton biography, wiki, age, birthday, family information, relationships, scandals, caste, height, weight, rumours, little-known facts, and more will be highlighted on this page.

Quick Information/ Wiki:-

  • Full Name– Matthew Bolton
  • Profession– Reality TV star
  • Age– 28 years
  • Date of birth – April 14, 1994
  • Net worth/ Salary– $100k- $1 million.
  • Zodiac sign – Capricorn
  • Girlfriend/ Boyfriend – Colleen reed
  • Parents– Becky Fitzgerald
  • Height– 6 feet
  • Sexuality– Straight
  • Nationality– American
  • Instagram– matt_bolton24

Matt bolton Career-

Matt Bolton started as a Shop Manager at Universal Machining Industries in August 2015 and stayed there through December 2017 in Muenster, Texas. After that, Matt joined LFC Industries as a vice president, where he remained until September 2022.

After that, he changed jobs and became a charter sales executive with Leviate Air Group. Matt has a long background in the aerospace sector and is currently still employed at Leviate Air Group. He excels at communication, strategic planning, CNC operation, and aerospace production.

Matt bolton Personal life –

Matthew Bolton The dating show “Love Is Blind” on Netflix has an intriguing idea. Many men and women are invited on dates with potential romantic partners using specially constructed pods. Participants in the pods can converse with one another, but they are unable to see one other’s faces. The pair is unaware of their partner’s identity until after the marriage proposal has been extended and accepted.

The third season of the programme introduced viewers to a number of fresh faces, many of whom had already found significant others. This included Matt Bolton, whose experience on the show was anything but straightforward, leaving fans hungry to find out more about the reality TV star.

Matt bolton Parents –

Apparently, Becky Fitzgerald, Matt Bolton’s mother, gave birth to him. They appear to have a strong bond with one another. His mother’s marriage gave him two step-sisters, Kylie and Lauren, and his parents are apparently divorced.

He also has a Taylor-named brother-in-law.

Since he was around 14, Matt had been seeing the woman he would marry at the age of 18, immediately following his high school graduation. However, Matt’s high school sweetheart and he filed for divorce when he was 24 due to what was apparently adultery on his wife’s part. He was devastated to learn that his wife was purportedly carrying another man’s child, but he decided to go on and not give up on love.

Matt bolton Age-

Matt Bolton will be 28 years old in 2022. He supposedly was born in 1994.

Matt bolton Height & Weight –

Regarding physical attributes, Matt Bolton is under 6 feet tall.

Matt bolton Relationship –

Are Matt Bolton and Collen Reed still dating in Love Is Blind 3?

Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett initially caught Colleen Reed’s attention, even though the first few interactions she had with Matt Bolton were undoubtedly interesting. She had assumed their similar senses of humour and vivacious personalities would make them a good match, but it didn’t work out because they both rejected her soon after.

Cole genuinely wanted a life partner who would not only match his banter but also go much deeper than that, whereas Brennon had connections with Alexa Alfia. Cole and Zanab Jaffrey discovered everything.

The vivacious dancer decided to investigate a possible relationship with Matt at this point, especially since she felt like “there’s something there.” I mean, I’m certain something is present. She expressed her concern about being exposed in the event of an injury during their first sincere conversation, and he gave his supportive response.

In his Matthew McConaughey-like drawl, he even disclosed that he is divorced from his high school girlfriend because she cheated on him and became pregnant as a result, which helped the couple get back together.

Soon after, Matt fessed up in a confessional, “I don’t know what it is with Colleen, but it’s natural. In the past ten years, I haven’t been as open as I have been with her. By way of contrast, she said, “With Matt…, I’m just so happy. And I’m astonished that I’m experiencing this… I’ll be smiling about him when I wake up in less than a week. Simply put, I’m in the clouds.

Their goals, guiding principles, values, and expectations for their future families all aligned, thus they acknowledged that they had fallen in love. Naturally, when Matt finally went down on one knee to propose, Colleen reacted with pleasure and emotion.

The road to the altar for Matt and Colleen is not without obstacles. In a teaser for upcoming episodes, a member of Matt’s family is heard telling Colleen that “he loves, but he runs.” In the pods, Matt also chats with Cole Barnett, a former flame of Colleen. Cole cautioned Matt to use caution when Matt questioned whether he had any reservations.

Matt bolton Net worth –

Matt’s estimated net worth ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

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