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Mavis Ackerley Wikipedia and age: Michelle Ackerley, 65-year-old Mavis Ackerly’s daughter, and she get along well. The mother-daughter team premiered “Dirty Rotten Scammers,” a new BBC One series, on June 6, 2022.

As the mother of English television personality and journalist Michelle Ackerley, Mavis Ackerley is best known. Her work on BBC programs including “Watchdog” and “The One Show” has garnered accolades.

Michelle’s mother, Mavis, has always been a steadfast advocate for her daughter and has never given up on her, even when she has been hurt. Mavis runs her own business and is a dedicated woman. Her granddaughter Emily is a wonderful grandma to her.

Michelle and Mavis both made appearances in the newest season of “Dirty Rotten Scammers.” The focus of the program is, as the name suggests, people talking about their experiences with scams. The primary goals of the program are to increase public awareness of online fraud, hacking, and scams as well as to offer support and advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of illegal activity.

Mavis Ackerley Age

The current age of Mavis Ackerley is 65. She looks younger than her actual age, which is in her mid-sixties. She frequently gets mistaken for her daughter’s younger sibling because she looks younger than her years.

Unfortunately, little has been made public on her early years or academic background. Mavis is currently situated in London, where she holds daytime management responsibilities at Tom Howley, a prestigious kitchen dealership on Lond Road in Alderly Edge. She also works as a life coach, stylist, and kitchen designer.

The mentor who prioritizes wellness has a private Instagram account with the handle @mavisackerley.

What she did to start her life is not well known. Her daughter Michelle was born on July 21, 1984, and she will turn 37 in 2022. Mavis’ father was a Ga leader from Ghana, Togo, and Benin. He also turned out to be Michelle’s maternal grandfather.

Mavis Ackerley  Net Worth

Mavis has kept her wealth a secret from the general population. Together with her daughter, Michelle, she recently began her career as a BBC television presenter for their upcoming series, Dirty Rotten Scammers.

On June 6, 2022, the mother of two made an appearance. She has left a mark on the industry in addition to her growth and talent. The media has given her upcoming BBC series with her daughter a lot of coverage.

Family of Mavis Ackerley

The chief of the Ga tribe in Ghana is Ackerly’s father. Marcus Ackerly, her late husband, was her husband. Marcus, her spouse, was sadly given a cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2017 and ultimately passed away in March 2018.

She and her spouse had two children, Jonathan and Michelle Ackerly. Michelle, her younger daughter, contributes to BBC shows like Watchdog and The One Show.

Details about Michelle Ackerley’s Mother and Parents

Marcus and Mavis Ackerley welcomed Michelle into the world in Manchester, England. Sadly, Ackerley’s father passed away at East Cheshire Hospice on March 27, 2018, at the age of 62, from malignant growth.

Marcus smoked, according to his doctors, and learned that he had terminal cellular breakdown in his lungs in the middle of 2017. Michelle had to call her mother Mavis in March 2018 to let her know that her lover had left.

Mavis has also had experience as a life coach. Among other places, she has appeared on the “One Show,” “HealthCheck UK Live,” and “podcast” from Magic FM. She established an online scam show this time with her daughter Michelle’s help.

The hosts of the BBC One documentary series “Dirty Rotten Scammers,” which aims to raise awareness of online scams, are a mother-daughter team from Alderly Edge.

What is Dirty Rotten Scammers, the show hosted by Mavis and Michelle?

She and her kid have both had many hacks when their personal data was misused.

They wish to assist people in learning the most fundamental safety precautions they may take online.

Meeting victims of online crime allows them to learn more about how their personal data may have been exposed.

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