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Mike Itkis is a well-known politician from Odesa, Ukraine, a member of the US Amry reserve, an atheist, a media personality, and an entrepreneur. This man is well-known for running for election to the U.S. House to represent the 12th Congressional District of New York. The date of this election is November 8, 2022. In addition to this, he is Itkis Campaign’s independent congress candidate.

He is a member of the US Congress, according to the reports. Mike is not just a politician but also a member of the US Army Reserve. His LinkedIn page demonstrates that he had a lengthy career in the private sector as well. We provide you information about Mike Itkis in this article.

Who is Mike Itkis, a politician?

Mike is a well-known American politician, atheist, and member of the US Army Reserve, according to the allegations. Mike has the title of major in the U.S. Army Reserve, according to his LinkedIn page. He is a politician and a representative in the US Congress. Mike is vying for a seat in the House of Representatives to represent New York’s 12th Congressional District, according to Ballotpedia.

He oversees the Itkis Campaign as well. In an effort to emphasize his “s*x-positive” political philosophy, Itkis released an internet pornographic film in October 2022, sparking a media storm.

Nationality and ethnicity of Mike Itkis

Now that we have discussed Mike Itkis’s wiki, it is time to discuss his ethnicity and nationality. We would like to inform you that he is White. He is of American descent.

Ukraine’s Odessa is where Mike Itkis was born. He goes by the name Mike Itkis. In 2022, Mike Itkis finished his Candidate Connection questionnaire. Mike Itkis formerly worked as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. From February 2003 through March 2009, Mike Itkis also served as an IT consultant at Revlon. Mike Itkis began working at IBM in January 1989 and remained there until May 1989. He then began working as a network administrator at Societe Generale. From January 1999 until November 2001, Mike Itkis also served as an IT consultant for Merrill Lynch and an assistant vice president for BNY Mellon. anything pertaining to his private life. We’ll keep you informed shortly.

Wife, girlfriend, and relationships of Mike Itkis

Mike is single and unmarried, which was revealed to us after reading his biography on his official website Itkis For Congress. He is not married, according to the “about” section of his official website. No kids. not monogamous. Atheist.

But in October 2022, he made news when he posted a sex clip with adult movie actress Nicole Sage online. However, accurate information on his present romantic situation is not yet accessible.

Mike Itkis age, Birth

Mike was born to his parents in 1969 in Odesa, Ukraine, according to news sources. It is unknown when he was really born. The reports state that Mike is 53 years old (as of 2022). He has a good education. According to the reports, Mike completed his foundational coursework at Stuyvesant High School.

After that, he enrolled at Cornell University where he graduated with a BS in electric engineering. Additionally, he received his MBA from Baruch College in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Computer Information Systems.

At Western Governors University, he also earned a Master’s degree in Computer and Information System Security. Later, he started working for a corporation.

Political career and profession in the US Army

In accordance with his LinkedIn page, Mike began his career at IBM as a Co-op. There, he spent five months at work. Later, he worked as a network administrator at Societe Generale. At Merrill Lynch, he held the post of IT Consultant from March 1997 until December 1999.

He also served as Revlon’s IT consultant. He enlisted as a major in the United States Army Reserve in February 2009. After a while, Mike turned his attention to politics.

He manages the Itkis Campaign and is an independent candidate, according to Ballotpedia. He is seeking to be elected to the U.S. House to represent New York’s 12th Congressional District, according to his Ballotpedia biography. In the general election on November 8, 2022, he is a candidate.

Mike Itkis’s Net Worth, earnings

In New York, New York, Mike leads an ordinary existence. His professional employment provides him with a respectable salary. Mike’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million (approx.).

Q&A Regarding Mike Itkis Wiki

What is Mike Itkis’ name?

Ans. He is a former military commander and politician from the United States.

How old is Mike Itkis, exactly?

Ans. Age 53 describes him.

Who is Mike’s wife?

Answer: Unknown

Who is the father of Mike Itkis?

Answer: Unknown

What is the name of Mike Itkis’s mother?

Answer: Unknown

How tall is Mike Itkis?

A: Mike Itkis is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Mike Itkis’ Facts

  • Ukraine’s Odessa is where Mike Itkis was born.
  • She works as a politician in the United States and a former military commander.
  • Major Mike Itkis serves in the American Army Reserve.
  • He has advanced training as a signal officer, civil affairs specialist, Russian linguist, and cyber operations officer.

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