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Miriam Haart is an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, and a TV star. She is 22 years old. You might have seen her on “Celebrity Family Feud,” which Steve Harvey hosts. People know her because she is Batsheva’s sister, who is a well-known TikToker. Miri became famous for the first time in 2021, when she and her family appeared on the Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life.”

MUL would be interesting to you if you like reality shows that show how rich people live. The first season was an introduction, but the second episode, which aired on December 2, 2022, has more drama and controversy. This time, everyone is talking about the fight between Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia.

Do you know that Miriam is bisexual and that she met her girlfriend on a dating app? You got it right! We put a lot of information about her life in this article, so please keep reading.

Miriam Haart Age and Birthday

Miriam Haart, who is 22 years old, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on January 25, 2000. Her parents, Yosef Hendler and Julia, are Orthodox Jews. As a member of the Heridi community, she had a hard start to her life. She and her three brothers and sisters, Batsheva, Shlomo, and Aron, had to live by the rules set by their Rabbi.

Miri is a rebel, and she started acting out when she was 5 years old. Her mother says that the young girl made her want to make better decisions in life. Her parents eventually broke up, and Miriam and her siblings’ lives began to change.

In the meantime, she graduated from Maayanot High School and started college at Stanford. Yosef’s daughter went to SU and studied computer science. She will get her degree in 2022.

Miriam Haart Height

She is a woman of average stature and stands at a height of 5 ft 4 in (Approx. 1.62 m) (Approx. 1.62 m).

Family of Miriam Haart | The Father

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to Julia Haart, her mother, and her father. Haart’s parents are no longer together, and her dad lives in upstate New York. Batsheva, Shlomo, and Aron are her two sisters and brother.

Haart’s family moved to Monsey, New York, when he was 5 years old. This is where there is the largest Hasidic Jewish community on an island. Her parents were strict members of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Heimishe Yeshivish sect. When Haart was 13, her mother left the town to start a shoe business. She took Haart with her.

Miriam Haart Career

According to sources, Batsheva’s sister was in high school when she began taking an interest in activities regarding women’s empowerment. She took a few classes to learn how to code and speak different computer languages.

On her LinkedIn page, it said that she got her first job as a software engineer at Ateres Bais Yaakov when she was 14. Later, she got a better chance and went to work as a product engineer for Yowno Inc.

The young woman wanted to do something new and help women get more power, so she quit her job and in 2018 made an app for women called Norma that tells them about their breast health.

When “My Unorthodox Life” came out in 2021, she became famous right away. Now, she is also well-known on social media, and clothing brands come to her to ask her to promote their products.

Miriam Haart Dating

Haart is openly gay and lesbian. She is seeing a girl named Nathalie Ulander right now. She talked about her sexuality openly on the first season of the family show, even though she was dating both men and women at the time. However, not all family members seemed to be supportive at first.

Miriam Haart Girlfriend

In the second season of “My Unusual Life,” Miriam introduced Nathalie Ulander, the woman she loved. Sources say that Haart was looking for a sex partner on a dating app one day, but instead she met the love of her life. Now, Nathalie and Miri are very much in love with each other and live together.

Everyone loves how expressive this girl is. She openly supports the use of pleasure devices, and her Instagram account (@miriamhaart) even promotes brands of the same devices.

Miriam Haart’s Earnings

She is wealthy because of her job. So, she has made a lot of money over the years. Haart is thought to be worth $800,000.

Miriam Haart Q&A

When did Miriam Haart come into the world?

The date is January 25, 2000.

What is Miriam Haart’s age?

Ans: 22 (as of 2022). (as of 2022).

Ques: Is Miriam Haart a lesbian?

Answer: The LA Times says that she is bisexual.

What school does Miriam Haart attend?

Maayanot High School is the answer.

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