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A brawl between a youngster and an aspiring rapper named Notti Osama resulted in his death. Notti Osama passed away at the age of 14. While dealing with such occurrences is quite difficult. Ethan Reyes’ family and friends have been grieving his passing. He was a young man with ability.

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Notti Osama was stabbed to death.

due to an increase in criminality among youth. Knowing how something ultimately results in taking someone’s life is distressing. Notti Osama, a 14-year-old wannabe rapper, was just fatally stabbed in New York. Everyone was astonished and saddened by the occurrence as a result.

The incident took place on Saturday when Ethan Reyes and another 15-year-old youngster got into a fight. It happened at the New York City College West 137th Street Subway Station. A adolescent who was involved in the altercation stabbed Notti Osama. However, after the injuries, he was admitted to Mount Sina St Luke’s Hospital. where they failed to save the young man’s life.

Notti Osama Age

He was fourteen years old.

Who possessed Notti Osama?

Notti Osama passed away at the age of barely 14. He wanted to be a drill rapper. One raps while making drills at their competitors. Which might be what caused the brawl to start between the two youngsters on the last day. Notti Osama’s true name was Ethan Reyes, in case you forgot.

According to his relatives, Ethan was a happy child who enjoyed spending time with friends and family. He published the music video for his hit Without You before he died as well. he produced with his brother. The youngest member of his family was Ethan. Even his cousins had a close relationship with him.

As Ethan Reyes passes away, tributes flow in.

Everyone finds it tragic to learn how a conflict claimed a life. As one such altercation between two adolescents recently resulted in Ethan’s death. While Notti is no longer living. His loved ones, who will always remember him, include his family.

As everyone laments the young, aspiring rapper’s death. Social media has been flooded with condolences for Ethan. The adolescent who carried out Notti’s murder is now facing criminal possession charges. He will also be punished for second-degree murder in addition to this.

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A 14-year-old want tobe rapper was allegedly fatally stabbed by another teenager. The event occurred at a NYC subway station over the weekend.

A fellow child savagely attacked Ethan Reyes, a rising drill rapper from Yonkers known as Notti Osama, in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights.

After an argument between Reyes and his 15-year-old accused attacker spilled into the train, Reyes threw his alleged attacker onto the tracks before severely stabbing him.

EMS transported Reyes to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, where medical professionals declared him dead.

Charges of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a lethal weapon have been brought against his 15-year-old attacker.

Notti Osama’s specifics are not included on Wikipedia.

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