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Paris Fury is a British housewife and Tyson Fury’s wife from Doncaster (South Yorkshire, UK). Because of her spouse Tyson Fury, she rose to prominence (Heavyweight Boxer).

When they were both 15 years old, the pair initially met. In addition, she was born with the name Paris Mulroy.

Nevertheless, she wed at the age of 19. Then, Ms. Fury stopped attending college to care for her family. The Ring Magazine identified Tyson as the current fighter. He defeated Wladimir Klitschko, the world champion.

After that, he received the Fighter of the Year award for his triumph. Fury triumphed in the ABA super-heavyweight competition in 2008. By the age of 20, he had turned pro in the sport of boxing. In contrast, he discussed the racial persecution that occurred to him during the Gypsy World Championship.

He expressed a wish to emigrate from the UK and settle in the USA. He soon joined on as a brand ambassador for The Frank Bruno Foundation, a nonprofit.

Paris Fury Age

Paris Fury’s exact date of birth is unknown. She is, nonetheless, 30 years old according to her birth year (1989).

Her mother and father both have nomadic (gypsy) heritages. Additionally, Tyson Fury’s bride graduated with honors from her high school.

Wedding, spouse, extramarital affairs, and kids

On November 8, 2008, Paris and Tyson Mulroy held a lavish wedding celebration in Doncaster. 300 guests attended their traditional wedding, which they chose to have. Venezuela Fury was the name of her first child (born in September 2009).

Her son Prince John James Fury was born in November 2011. Prince John James Fury II, their son, was welcomed by both of them (born in 2016). Valencia Amber Fury, Paris’s second child, arrived to them in 2017.

Prince Adonis Amaziah, their sixth son, was a gift from God. However, Ms. Fury experienced health issues during her pregnancy. Her chances of miscarriage were three.

Paris Fury Salary & Net Worth

Paris Fury has been incredibly successful and well-liked. Here is the data if you’re one of those looking for Paris Fury’s net worth. Paris Fury’s net worth is reportedly $40 million USD, according to the persona.

Several Little-Known Facts About the Paris Fury

  • Tyson lives a gypsy life of nomadism.
  • In Manchester’s Wythenshawe, he met Paris Mulroy (United Kingdom).
  • Together, they were present for their friends’ wedding ceremony.
  • Tyson frequently made jokes about having 10 children with Mulroy.
  • Additionally, the couple didn’t share a bed before to being married.
  • Paris slept inside the caravan in the yard while Fury slept there.
  • The wife of Tyson Fury is an animal lover.
  • Nevertheless, he had a severe sadness that attempted to sever his bond with his better half.
  • They went skating and to the movies on their first dates.
  • Paris Fury cares for her five mischievous children while staying at home.
  • They reside in a comfortable home near Morecambe, Lancashire (UK).


Who is Paris Fury?

Homemaker is a nickname for Paris Fury. Paris Fury, who was born on December 5th, 1989, is currently 33 years old.

2. How much money does Paris Fury make?

Homemaker Paris Fury has a $40 million US dollar net worth. Born on December 5, 1989, Paris Fury.

3. How much does Paris Fury weigh?

The successful homemaker Paris Fury is 56 kg. From the aforementioned article, learn more about Paris Fury.

4. What is Paris Fury’s height?

Homemaker Paris Fury is a 163 cm tall person.

5. What is Paris Fury’s age?

Born on December 5, 1989, Paris Fury. 33 years old is Paris Fury.

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