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Ramon Dino is an IFBB Pro personality who lives in Brazil and is a bodybuilder. When he came in second place in the Classic Physique category at Mr. Olympia 2022, the news spread quickly. In fact, he is a rising star at bodybuilding competitions. Because of how good he looks, he has millions of followers on all kinds of social media sites. Find out more about his age, wife, height, weight, wiki, net worth, bio, father, nationality, weight, body measurements, family, ethnicity, religion, and more.

Ramon Dino Age & Birthday

Ramon Dino was born on February 9, 1995, in Acre, Brazil, to a Brazilian family. He turned 27 this year. He was born in the year of the Aquarius. His full name is Ramon Rocha Queiroz. He went to a private school in his hometown to finish his basic education. But he didn’t go to college because he wanted to be a professional bodybuilder.

Wife of Ramon Dino

Ramon Dino married Vitória Viana Queiroz, the woman he loved most in the world. Before they got married, Ramon Dino and Vitória Viana were together for a few years. Vitória Viana is a Brazilian citizen who was born in the 1990s, but no one knows for sure when.

Ramon Dino has had a lot of help from Vitória Viana. Ravi, their one-year-old son, is a boy. Both of them love him a lot. Ramon Dino plays with Ravi most of the time when he doesn’t have to work.


Ramon Dino began competing as a bodybuilder almost five years ago. In 2018, Olympia Amateur Brazil was his first big competition. When he was put in first place, everyone was shocked. This actually helped him get the Pro card. He ran without a sponsor because he was a new candidate.

But in 2019 and 2020, he hasn’t taken part in any major competitions. We looked for a reason, but we couldn’t find one. He finally came back when he was sponsored by Max Titanium Supplements and took part in Europa Pro 2021. Wikipedia says that GSN Team is also one of his sponsors (GSN Supplements). In that competition, he came in second, just behind Fabian Mayr in the Classic Physique category.

He first got noticed when he was seen taking a picture with Chris Bumstead at Mr. Olympia 2021. Even though he was a strong competitor, that year he had to settle for 5th place. Not only that, but he also took part in the Muscle Contest Brazil 2021, which he won by a wide margin.

He competed in two major bodybuilding contests in 2022. The first is the Arnold Classic, where he came in second, just behind Terrence Ruffin, who has won the Classic Physique title twice. The other big event was Mr. Olympia, where did a great job showing off his amazing physique. Even so, he had to settle for second place because he couldn’t beat Chris Bumstead, the four-time Classic Physique champion.

Even though he came in second, he managed to win the hearts of millions of people who liked him. Even though he was in his late 20s, he did what many bodybuilders hope to do. Since he works hard, it wouldn’t be surprising if we broke Cbum’s streak in 2023.

Ramon Dino Net Worth

The amount of money Ramon Dino has is $1.5 million (estimated). Sponsorships and prizes are his main sources of income. As a well-known bodybuilder, most of his money comes from sponsors. At major bodybuilding events, he represents the team Max Titanium Supplements, which is one of many brands. Several sources say that he makes five figures each month from this particular brand. Not only that, but he also often talks about a Brazilian sportswear brand called ArmyBR.

As he competes in big events, he wins money if he finishes in the top spots. If you look at his recent competition wins, he won $30,000 at the Arnold Classic 2022 and $20,000 at the Mr. Olympia 2022.

Aside from this, he also has a store called Ramon Dino Gear where he sells his own stuff. On the website for the store, he lists jerseys, hooded jackets, t-shirts, and other items. He also has a YouTube channel where he regularly posts videos. Based on what we think, he would make a few thousand dollars a month from ads.


  • He has a couple of tattoos.
  • He loves going to different countries with his wife.
  • Chris Aceto is his coach.
  • On Instagram, 1.9 million people follow him and see the pictures he posts.
  • His ears are now pierced.
  • He usually doesn’t use any other social media sites besides Instagram.
  • He has more than 253,000 subscribers, and his videos have been watched 7.7 million times.

Questions about Ramon Dino

What is Ramon Dino?

Ramon Dino is a Brazilian bodybuilder and IFBB Pro star.

What’s Ramon Dino’s age?

He or she is 27.

Who is the wife of Ramon Dino?

Vitória Viana Queiroz.

What does Ramon Dino look like?

He is 181 centimeters tall.

Ramon Dino has how many children?

He has one kid named Ravi.

What is Ramon Dino’s value?

$1.5 million (estimated).

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