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Raphy Pina, who is from Puerto Rico, is a well-known music producer, investor, businessman, and influential person. He is well-known because he started a record label called Pina Records.

Besides this, he also runs his own business, which is called Pinarazzi. The musician was found guilty on two charges, according to the most recent news. The first is for having an automatic weapon, and the second is for having guns when you’ve been convicted of a crime.

Soon, on April 1, Raphy will be sentenced to 20 years in prison by Judge Francisco Besosa. Until then, he will have to stay at home and will be watched through an ankle monitor.

Raphy Pina Age & Birthday

Biographical information about Raphy Pina: This person came into the world on July 4, 1978. He was born in Puerto Rico, which is a US territory, and is a Puerto Rican citizen. He will be 43 years old in 2021. Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves is his full name.

From what he knows, the birth sign is Cancer. When it comes to his education, he did most of his schooling in his hometown. After that, he went to school and got a degree.

Arrest of Raphy Pina

On August 13, 2020, Pina was charged with having an automatic weapon and with having a handgun while he was a convicted felon. He is facing two charges, and if he is found guilty, he could go to prison for about 10 years. His passport was taken away, and he had to pay a bail of about $1 million. But on December 13, 2021, Pina said “not guilty” to get out of jail.

Raphy Pina Parents, Siblings (Nationality and Ethnicity)

Raphy Pina Wiki– The musician comes from a family with a good life. His dad, Rafael Pina, is a famous music producer and businessman, and his mom stays at home and takes care of him. According to the sources, he lost his father in 2000.

Raphy knew from a young age that he wanted to be like his father. Every member of the Pina family is a Christian. Raphy is his parents’ oldest child. He also has two brothers and sisters. Victor Pina is his brother, and Maria Fernanda Pina is his sister. The artist is of White-Caucasian background.

Raphy Pina’s Job

Like his dad, Brad is very interested in music. At 16, he decided to get into this business, and he has since made many songs. In fact, his dad was his hero, and it was because of him that he got into music.

Even though he died, Raphy took over all of his duties and now runs his music company. He also started his own record label, Pina Records, in 1996, and Natti is now a member of that company.

He also worked with and signed big singers like Nicky Jam, Don Chezina, Zion & Lennox, etc., in addition to Natti. Even though he put out hit songs like Illimunatti, Vida Escante: Special Edition, Los Nenes Del Blin Blin, La Melodia De La Calle: Updated, etc., he is best known for Illimunatti. As a businessman, he also runs a boat business called Pinarazzi.

Raphy Pina Height & Weight

Raphy is a nice and interesting person. Sources say that he is about 5 feet and 10 inches tall (in centimeters 178 cm). His weight, on the other hand, is about 70 kgs (in pounds 154 lbs). He is really into fitness, so he loves to go to the gym and eat well. Pina’s body is big and strong. Also, his body is covered with a lot of tattoos.


What is Raphy Pina’s name?

Raphy Pina is known for making records. Raphy Pina was born on July 4, 1978. He is 44 years old right now.

2. How much money does Raphy Pina have?

Raphy Pina is a record producer with a $5 million net worth. Raphy Pina came into the world on July 4, 1978.

3. How much does Raphy Pina weigh?

The successful record producer Raphy Pina weighs 87 kg. Read the above article to learn more about Raphy Pina.

4. Raphy Pina is how tall?

Raphy Pina makes records and is 177 cm tall.

5. Raphy Pina is how old?

Raphy Pina came into the world on July 4, 1978. The age of Raphy Pina is 44.

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