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Rashel Kolaneci is a beautiful Model, Blogger, Kickboxing Champion, TikTok Star, and Actress. She is also a very well-known TV host. She is a well-known actress whose acting skills are easy to understand. With the help of her TikTok videos, she became well-known. Worldwide Marketing Company and Bloc 13 Marketing Agency are in charge of marketing her. Rashel is an actress, and the 2019 comedy film “Falco” lists her as a cast member. She makes her own underwear and bikinis, which she sells under the name “Coloursuper.”

Rashel Kolaneci Age & Birthday

Rashel Kolaneci was born in Albania on June 22, 1997. Rashel is what people call her. Rashel is 25 years old right now. Cancer is her star sign. She is an Albanian citizen. She is of the white Caucasian race. Rashel was born into a happy and successful Christian family. Because of this, she is a Christian.

Rashel hasn’t said anything about where she went to school or how many degrees she has. She hasn’t said anything about where she goes to school or college. Rashel is a very well-known Social Media Influencer, TikTok Star, and Actress in her field.

Rashel Kolaneci Height & Weight

Rashel Kolaneci is said to be 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weigh 55 kg (112 lb) (121 lbs). The rest of her body size is 36-26-40.

Rashel Kolaneci’s Education:

Rashel has been a model and fashion icon since 2011. However, she began entering modeling contests when she was in college. One of her most recent movies was called Hollywood Generation. Rashel is a model who has been trained by a company. She can speak Romanian, English, and French. She is currently getting an MBA so that she can have more career options.

Rashel Kolaneci’s career as a model:

When she was twelve, Kolaneci did her first job as a model for a local agency. She became very interested in fashion, which she says is because her sister took her shopping whenever they could. So, Kolaneci went to school to learn how to design clothes. After she graduated, she started working at Ministrit Shkenc s, Teknologjisè dhe Arsimit, where she was heavily involved in stage productions and modeling competitions. Rashel signed with a Swiss agency in 2007. At the same time, she was in catalogs and on the covers of magazines. As of 2013, Rashel is best known as the host of a talk show on Bujar TV and as a model around the world.

Kolaneci, an Albanian actress with a lot of class and culture, has won the hearts of many people. She was in the movie “Falco,” which was a good choice of title. She is also a talented kickboxing champion who enjoys fighting championships like “Gladiator” and “Challenger Gjirokastra Fights.” Rashel has become very popular in Albania because he has been on “Xing, me Ermalin,” which is the country’s all-time favorite TV show.

Rashel began her work life as a paid model. Rashel’s face, which has hints of brown and long, wavy black hair that reaches her mid-back, is full of deep-rooted passion. She tried out for a few modeling contests. After finishing her higher education, it was time for her to do what she loved: modeling. This is when she decided to show what she was really made of. Rashel also has another interesting trait: she runs several Instagram accounts. She posts pictures of herself at events like fashion shows and other ceremonies that are stunning and hard to believe. Her popular social media accounts also have great motivational quotes that really hit you in the face.

Family of Rashel Kolaneci

Rashel has wanted to be a social media star ever since she was a little girl. Her childhood was really great because her parents cared for and loved her a lot. They were always giving her everything she needed to do what she wants. On the surface, she had a childhood that definitely helped her get where she is now.

From what I can tell from social media, Rashel was born and raised by Christian parents. No matter what, we don’t know who her parents are yet. Rashel is very close to her family. She loves being with them for long periods of time.

We don’t know anything else about Rashel’s family, parents, siblings, other relatives, or childhood. Rashel seems to be a very private person, since she hasn’t said anything about her family or where she comes from. We are currently looking into Rashel’s family history. If we find out anything about her family, we will let you know right away.

Boyfriend of Rashel Kolaneci

Rashel fans want to know about her relationship, who she is dating now, and who she has dated in the past. Rashel has not yet gotten married. She is not with anyone. She does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now. At this time, there is no honest information about Rashel’s likes or boyfriends in the public domain or on social media sites.

Rashel tries to keep her love life private and out of the eyes of her viewers, just like other famous stars and social media influencers. Rashel seems to be a very private person, since she hasn’t said anything about who she dates.

But there’s no doubt that a lot of people like Rashel, but she doesn’t have a boyfriend. We are looking into Rashel’s past relationships right now. If we find out anything about them, we will let you know right away.

Rashel Kolaneci: Some Interesting Facts

  • She is also a well-known social media influencer, and she is active on many social media sites like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • She posted some daring photos to her Instagram account, and in a short time, she had more than 1 million followers.
  • Rashel Kolaneci is listed as an actor in the upcoming comedy film Falco.
  • She was the host of several TV shows, such as Xing me Ermalin, Bricijapi, and others.
  • And IMDB says that she also played Sekretarja in a movie called Falco.
  • She also works hard on her modeling career. She has already worked with a number of well-known modeling agencies and fashion brands.
  • Before she became famous as a model, she went through a lot of hard times and took part in a number of programs for aspiring models.
  • She never talked about her family, but from what I can tell, her father is a very successful businessman and her mother is a stay-at-home mom.
  • She is a follower of Christianity.
  • Rachel Kolaneci is very pretty, and a lot of people are interested in her personal life.
  • However, she does not have a boyfriend. She never fell in love with anyone.
    Bloc 13 agency takes care of her because she is a model.
  • Stats show that she had lip surgery, even though her lips are so pretty.
  • Even though she has a lot of interests, her favorite thing to do in her free time is go shooting.
  • She is also beautiful on the inside, and as a social worker, she helps a lot of people.
  • Rashel Kolaneci loves animals a lot, and she has three dogs as pets.

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