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Ruby Bhogal: Wiki (TV Personality), Age, Bio, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Nationality, Ethnicity, Family, Husband, Children, Career, Gender, Sexuality, Education, Achievements, and More: Great British Bake Off star Ruby Bhogal is enjoying her life to the fullest. Bhogal is a finalist in the 9th division of the 2018 program. She is working as a baker and traveling the world. At the moment, the professional and well-known baker is thought to be dating Antony Amourdoux because they are both taking photos and posting them on Instagram. Fans have been wondering if the finalist from the 2018 Great British Bake Off is dating or married to her rumored lover.

Ruby Bhogal Age & Birthday

Right now, Ruby Bhogal is 32 years old. In 1988, she was born into this world. On October 9, she will turn 33.

Job Ruby Bhogal

After her first appearance on a British baking show, she became a big deal in the cooking world. After making it to the finals of the show, she is now on track to become a famous chef. Steph’s packed Lunch is a show on Channel 4 where Bhogal performs. She is also known to be a manager of projects.

Ruby’s Private Life

Ruby Bhogal has never been married. She hasn’t given the press any information about her husband. Her social media accounts also show that she is not married yet. When asked about the details and plans for her wedding, Bhogal has decided to keep her mouth shut. So, it’s not likely that she will get married soon. Fans still want to know what she and Antony Amourdoux have in common, even though she won’t say much about her plans for her future husband. Ruby Bhogal and Antony Amourdoux are not going to get married. Antony Amourdoux is Steph’s Packed Lunch, Baker Ruby’s best friend. He also competed in the 2018 Great British Bake Off. Since they met on the reality show, they have become very close. The baking experts often post pictures of their work on a platform for sharing pictures. Fans started to wonder if they were really together. Still, Ruby decided to show everything to the followers on Amourdoux’s birthday. She said that she is not dating Antony, who is her friend. Antony lives in France and works as a baker and a banker for a living. Ruby Bhogal hasn’t told the media or public sites about her connections. She has only been with her best friend, Antony Amourdoux, up to this point. Still, she got a lot of attention in 2018 when she took pictures with boxing champion Anthony Joshua. Bhogal made it clear that the boxer was the person she wanted to marry. But the rumored plan never got off the ground and didn’t lead to a serious relationship. Since she is not known to have a friend with her, she might be willing to go.

Some facts about Ruby Bhogal that not everyone knows

  • She is 32 years old now.
  • The 9th of October 1988 is her birthday.
  • She is not married yet.
  • She told him that she won’t be with him on his birthday.
  • Anthony Joshua was the man Ruby Bhogal wanted to marry.
  • Ruby Bhogal has not told the public how much money she has yet.


When does Ruby Bhogal’s birthday happen?

The 8th of October is Ruby Bhogal’s birthday. So, based on her star sign, she is a Libra.

What is Ruby Bhogal’s race and country of origin?

Ruby Bhogal is a mix of British and Indian. Ruby’s country of origin is Britain.

What is Ruby Bhogal’s height?

Ruby Bhogal is tall, as she is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

How much money does Ruby Bhogal have?

As his popularity grew, he got more chances. This helped add to her growing net worth, which is now around £500,000.

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