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A U.S. actress, Sonya Eddy is from the U.S. She is best known for playing Epiphany Johnson on General Hospital, an ABC daytime soap opera (2006–present). She was also a regular on the prime-time spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift from 2007 to 2008. Since 2016, she has played Tammy on the truTV show Those Who Can’t, which is a recurring role.

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Sonya Eddy is a well-known actress. She is better known by her family name, Sonya Eddy. She was born in Concord, California, on June 17, 1967. Concord is a beautiful and busy city in the United States. It is in the state of California. In 1995, when Sonya Eddy was only 28 years old, she started working as an actor. Soon, she became more successful at her job in a short amount of time. Because of her job, she was able to influence people and gain a lot of fame. After a while, as she became more important, her career came full circle. Sonya Eddy’s performances made her famous in the United States of America and in other countries as well.

Sonya Eddy Age & Birthday

Sonya Eddy was born on June 17, 1967, and she died when she was 55 years old. She was born in Concord, California, and her first play was called “Zora Is My Name!”

Every year on June 17, Sonya Eddy’s birthday, she has a party.

She moved to Los Angeles and started acting in sitcoms like The Drew Carey Show, Married… with Children, Murphy Brown, Home Improvement, and Seinfeld.

Height and Weight Loss of Sonya Eddy

IMDb says that Sonya Eddy is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Eddy was determined for her new way of life to last. And she said that the reason she stopped eating carbs and started eating protein and salads to lose weight was not because she was vain, but because it was good for her health. Eddy said, “Any way you look at it, I’ve always thought I was cute. But I still remember how awful I felt last year. I no longer want to feel that way!”

Education, School/College, and University, by Sonya Eddy

She went to school at the University of California, Davis, where she studied theater and got her B.A. in 1992.

Sonya Eddy’s Work and Professional Life

“Zora, Is My Name!” was the first show she was in on the West Coast. Then she played several recurring roles on shows like “ER,” “Joan of Arcadia,” and “Seinfeld.” She was a regular on Martin Short’s show “Primetime Glick,” and her first professional role was in the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Sonya also did guest spots on popular shows like “In Case of Emergency,” “Daybreak,” “Reba,” and many others. She is the only actor who has been on ER more than once. Also, her roles in “Coach Carter,” “Bad News Bears,” “Barbershop,” and “Surviving Christmas” are all worth mentioning.

She just finished making the movie “Year of the Dog” with Molly Shannon and Peter Sarsgaard. She is also a good singer, voice-over artist, and improv/sketch artist.

Sonya Eddy’s Net Worth

It’s not clear how much Sonya Eddy is worth, but some online sources say her net worth is about $5 million.

Sonya’s acting roles in many TV shows bring in the most money for her net worth. Through social media, fans and famous people sent their condolences.


How did Sonya Eddy get hurt?

On December 19, 2022, Sonya Eddy passed away.

2. Who was Sonya Eddy?

Sonya Eddy was an actress with a lot of fame.

What happened to Sonya Eddy that caused her death?

The reason Sonya died was not found out.

4. How old is Sonya Eddy?

Sonya Eddy died when she was 55 years old.

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