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Zeina Khoury, a prominent realtor and businesswoman residing in Dubai, is 39 years old. She is the founder and CEO of High Mark Real Estate Agency, which earns significant commissions by marketing luxury properties to well-known customers.

Zeina appeared on the cover of Prestige Magazine in 2019; in addition, in 2021, she recorded a podcast with BBC News. To put it briefly, we can say that Zeina is a very accomplished professional in her industry.

This bright woman entered the TV profession in 2022 and became a star of the Arabic reality series “Dubai Bling” on Netflix. The show is based on the millionaires’ and celebrities’ life in Dubai, therefore there will be a ton of drama and entertainment.

Zeina Khoury Age & Birth

Zeina Khoury, now 39 years old, was born and raised in Lebanon on December 13, 1983. There isn’t much information available regarding the lady’s father and mother because she doesn’t discuss much about his family. In 2001, she graduated from the BESGB, where she had been a student. She enrolled in Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU) after high school and earned a B.B.A. there (Banking & Finance).

Because of the war that was raging in Lebanon during Zeina’s undergraduate years, Khoury fled her native country and relocated to Dubai in search of work. Zeina encountered numerous rejections even after moving to the UAE. Throughout her difficult years, she applied for numerous jobs but was turned down.

Life Story of Zeina Khoury

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Born on December 13, 1983, Zeina Khoury. Zeina Khoury will thus be 39 years old in 2022. Zeina Khoury is a well-known businesswoman and social media celebrity. Zeina Khoury stands 1.69 m tall, according to numerous reliable sources, which may surprise many of her followers. Keep in touch with us for more recent information.

Residence and Assets of Zeina Khoury

Entrepreneur and social media star Zeina Khoury is of Lebanese descent (as per celebsweek). On December 13, 1983, Zeina Khoury was born in Lebanon.

Zeina Khoury’s net worth is estimated by celebsweek to be around $2.81 million as of 2022. This well-known figure gets a respectable income from her line of work.

She graduated from the London Business School.

Zeina is undoubtedly intelligent. According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Columbia Business School, the Wharton Online program at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated from the London Business School earlier this year.

According to Fact Magazine, she first earned a degree in finance in Lebanon before relocating to the United Arab Emirates.

This information was pulled from a poll. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

Net Worth of Zeina Khoury

When Zeina arrived from Lebanon, Dubai was still in the planning stages, and everyone was focused on the real estate market. Despite setbacks, she decided to pursue a career in real estate to continue pursuing his aspirations.

She applied to various companies before receiving a job offer from Emirates Sunland, a construction company. Khoury also received a job offer from an insurance provider. She made the decision to become a property consultant rather than accept the fixed-salary insurance position.

She started with sales after deciding on a job in real estate and worked her way up the ladder to success. After five years of service with Emirates Sunland, she made the decision to launch High Mark Real Estate Agency.

Since Khoury started her own business more than ten years ago, High Mark RE has grown to become one of the leading real estate brokerages in Dubai. According to sources, Zeina has a net worth of USD 2.81 million, which is a remarkable accomplishment for an expat.

The Private World of Zeina Khoury

Zeina, a star of “Dubai Bling,” is married and has two kids: Joey, a young son, and Alexa, a cute daughter. Zeina’s Instagram posts usually feature Hanna Azzi, Khoury’s husband.

The Lebanese realtor achieves her ambition of living in Dubai, but owing to the demands of her job, she is unable to spend much time with her family. To make up for this, she arranges visits to far-off places.

Zeina appreciates diverse artistic mediums and enjoys learning about other cultures. She enjoys watching movies and has interacted with some of her favorite musicians, including Michele Morrone.

FAQs from Zeina Khoury

What is the net worth of Zeina Khoury?

Answer: $2,81,000,000.

How old is Zeina Khoury on her birthday?

Certainly December 13.

What year was Zeina Khoury born?

Ans: 39 (as of 2022). (as of 2022).

Question: What race is Zeina Khoury?

Yes, Arabic.

Which Instagram username belongs to Zeina Khoury?

In response, @thezeinakhoury

Where does Zeina Khoury call home?

UAE city of Dubai.

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