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An American actress, model, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Alexa Dellanos. She established herself online by uploading sexy and alluring images of herself on her Instagram account. Dellanos is a well-known American television presenter whose daughter is Dellanos.

The US is where Alexa Dellanos was born and raised. She is an American citizen and a Capricorn by birth sign. She is a member of the Caucasian race ethnically. She became well-known as a result of her mother’s journalistic work. Alexa forged her own way as a model as she got older. She started posting sexy and gorgeous images on Instagram, a social networking site where users can upload both photographs and videos.

Alexa Dellanos Age and Other Details

Do you know Alexa Dellanos’ age? The birthdate and other pertinent details have been reported here. Our study indicates that the birthdate is December 30, 1993. The age of Alexa Dellanos is now 29. She was born in the United States of America.

Family of Alexa Dellanos

Dr. Alejandro Loynaz is her father, and Myrka Dellanos is her mother.

Divorce often has an impact on children, particularly if both of their parents are divorcing. When Dellanos was four years old, her parents were divorced, leaving her as their lone child. Dellanos did not like being there when her parents got divorced.

Boyfriend, Affairs, and More for Alexa Dellanos

Many people are interested in Alexa’s personal and romantic life given her famous position and popularity as a consequence of her social media posts.

Alexa is now dating Alec Monopoly, in case anybody is curious about Alexa’s personal life. He is a well-known New York City street artist. Their social media posts show that things are going well in their relationship since Alexa and Alec seem to be having a great time together.

Alexa Dellanos Body Measurements: Height, Weight, and

Alexa Dellanos is a thin and athletic girl who constantly works out and visits the gym to stay in shape. She has a lovely figure and a lovely appearance, making her incredibly alluring. She also maintains a balanced diet in order to keep fit. She is around 5’2″ tall (1.58 m), weighs 54 KG (118 lbs), and has a height of 1.58 m. She has gorgeous Golden Blonde hair and Light Brown eyes.


Alexa Dellanos is quite pretty and has a very lovely beauty. Alexa has always had a passion for modelling and becoming viral on social media. Her internet modelling career began with her Instagram account.

She has more over two million fans on TikTok, where she is actively active. On her TikTok account, she routinely posts dancing, lip-syncing, and other entertaining videos. Due to some of her TikTok videos becoming viral, she had over a million views, likes, and subscribers on her channel.

Additionally, she has begun posting her movies to YouTube and a lot of lovely and breathtaking photos to her Instagram account.

Alexa Dellanos Facebook and Instagram handles

Social networking sites have had a big impact on Alexa’s career. Alexa Dellanos first began her career as a social media and modelling model by posting photographs on Instagram that quickly gained popularity. She received a lot of media coverage and became well-known, which made her a viable option for sponsorships and brand endorsements. Therefore, it is clear that social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok have a significant impact on Dellanos’s performance.

Her Instagram account has 6.6 million followers, while her TikTok account has over 2 million.

Alexa Dellanos’s earnings & Net worth

Alexa Dellanos is said to have a net worth of $500,000. As a model and social media sensation, she has amassed a sizable fortune. She has other sources of income, including social media, where she has amassed a sizeable wealth.

A few Alexa Dellanos FAQ

What is Alexa Dellanos’ height?

She stands at 5 feet 2 inches.

What is Alexa Dellanos’ age?

On December 30, 1995, Alexa Dellanos was born. (She will be 26 years old in 2022.)

When is the birthday of Alexa Dellanos?

On December 30th, she celebrates her birthday.

Who is dating Alexa Dellanos?

Alec Monopoly and Alexa are dating.

Who is the daughter of Myrka Dellanos?

Dr. Alejandro Loynáz and Myrka Dellanos wed in 1991, and on December 30, 1993, Myrka gave birth to their only child, Alexa.

Statistics and trivia

  • She is a Capricorn by birth sign.
  • She had a famous American TV host for a mother.
  • In 1998, when she was just four years old, her parents were divorced.
  • Her stepfather, Ulyses Daniel Alonso, was detained on suspicion of domestic assault.
  • She often posts pictures of herself in swimsuit or form-fitting attire.


This page outlines the history and life story of “Alexa Dellanos,” an American fashion model, TikTok celebrity, and social media personality. She is Myrka Dellanos, an American TV hostdaughter. ,’s After her photos acquired popularity online, she became well-known. She thus assumed the position of a social media influencer and is now one of the most well-known figures on the platform. With more than 6 million followers, she is an Instagram celebrity.

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