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American makeup artist Allie Glines is well-known for the beauty and makeup lessons on her YouTube channel, “Allie Glines.” She is a self-taught artist. Along with her sisters, she is recognised for performing Idina Menzel’s song “Let It Go.”

Age of Allie Glines

As of 20220, Allie Glines will be 28 years old. She was given the astrological sign of Aquarius at birth on February 18, 1994 in the United States. She has seven siblings and was born to American parents. She also has two brothers and five sisters. Hailey, Mandi, Lindsay, Abby, and Lucy Gardiner are her sisters; they are members of the singing trio the Gardiner sisters.

She also has American nationality, however it is still unclear what ethnicity she belongs to. Regarding her educational history, she may have received a university degree, but she has not disclosed her educational institutions or the subject area in which she majored. Similar to this, she devoted a large portion of her adolescent years to studying cosmetics manuals that aided her in her goal of becoming a makeup artist.

Life at the workplace

Regarding Allie Glines’s career, she began it in 2006 with the music of her family band. This quartet competed in Mt. Pleasant’s Got Talent and took first place in the July 4th singing contest. She and her sisters began uploading recordings of themselves singing on YouTube in 2009.

One of ABC News’ Top 10 favourite performances of “Let It Go” from 2014 was Idina Menzel’s performance in the Disney film Frozen. Gardiner sisters, Merry Christmas, L.O.V.E., and Better are EPs that the sisters’ musical group has also released.

Later, she disbanded her band and launched her own YouTube lesson channel for makeup. Since she was a teenager, she had an interest in makeup. So, on June 2, 2016, she set up a YouTube account and uploaded her first video, “PEACHY BRONZE GLOW | BECCA X JACLYN HILL COLLECTION | ALLIE G BEAUTY.” She has divided her makeup tutorial videos into numerous categories with titles like FULL FACE OF NOTHING NEW, LIP SWATCHES, and EASY EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIALS.

“Husband Tries Following My Makeup Tutorial,” one of her well-known videos, has had over 3.7 million views. I Tried a Full Face Using Tati’s Blendiful, “Umm.. I TRIED TATI BEAUTY,” “3 Drugstore Mascaras That BEAT High End,” and many more are among her well-known films.

She also established a second YouTube channel with her husband under the name Allie & Tylan, and on September 17, 2016, they published their debut video, “HELLO TO THE WORLD | ALLIE & TYLAN.” The couple introduced their house and welcomed viewers into their lives in a video that they shared. The video “SURPRISE! THE BEST “FIRST LOOK” VIDEO, EVER!” is one of their most well-liked uploads. Additionally, Allie has a line of merchandise that includes a cosmetic bag.

Net Worth

Speaking about Allie Glines’ earnings, she works as a makeup artist and a Youtuber and has amassed a respectable income from each of these endeavours. She and her boyfriend are also enjoying a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the success of her beauty artistry on YouTube and in her merchandise.

She hasn’t, however, made her income or net worth publicly known. However, according to several web sites, like Celebstrendingnow, her net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.

Status of Relationships

Allie Glines is a married lady, in case you were wondering. On November 21, 2015, she wed her closest friend Tylan Glines. They cross paths at a church. The two are delighted to have such a strong connection. They continue to upload pair photos on their Instagram accounts. Through their joint YouTube channel, her spouse also began a YouTube adventure.

She hasn’t given birth yet, but she said in one of the Q&A videos that she expects to in the future. There is no indication that their relationship will end any time soon. Additionally, she has kept a spotless reputation and has not engaged in any questionable behaviour.

Body dimensions

Allie Glines, a stunning woman of 28 years old, with a wonderful personality. She has a tall stature and a toned figure, but she hasn’t specified her specific height, weight, or body stats. Additionally, she has brown hair and hazel-green eyes.

Allie Glines is a social media celebrity who is very active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter but not on Facebook. She now has a sizable fan base. She has more than 19k followers on Twitter and 194K followers on Instagram with the name @allieglines.

She also has over 680k subscribers to her self-titled Youtube channel and over 6.2k followers on her Facebook page. Additionally, her Allie & Tylan channel has more than 29k followers.

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