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Amber Laign’s bio, age, height, parents, siblings, girlfriends, wife, children, and net worth are all available online. American massage therapist and entrepreneur Amber Laign. She is widely recognized for often appearing in the media alongside her friend Robin Rene Roberts. Since they are of the same gender, they have been romancing one another. Amber, a devoted member of the LGBTQ community, recently made headlines after learning that she had cancer. She had previous signs of illness, and in the last month of 2021, breast cancer was discovered. Miss Robin Roberts, Amber’s same-sex lover, shared the information on Twitter and Instagram. In 2007, Robin received a diagnosis of breast cancer, and in 2012, she was also given a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood and bone marrow condition. In their link, Amber’s girlfriend thanked a number of people for keeping this information under wraps until Laign felt confident revealing it on February 24. In her video, Miss. Roberts said that Amber has been at her side for the last 17 years, that she has helped and supported her through her terrible times while she battled cancer, and that it is now her turn to stick by Amber through her challenging moments in life.

Amber Laign Age, Birth

Amber Laign, the romantic interest and queer miss, was born to American parents on September 6, 1974, in California. Amber, a well-known 47-year-old, grew up in Lebanon, New Jersey after her family moved there when she was a little girl. While residing there, she completed her education at Round Valley Middle School before earning her diploma from Clayton Valley High School. When she was in school, she led the color guard for the marching band at her institution. She finished a year-long study at The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences later that year, in 2008-2009.

Families of Amber Laign

While many are unaware that Queer Miss. Amber has kept her family life hidden, many are always interested in more about her family background. She has also changed her Instagram to private since she doesn’t want others to find out more about her family. Her sole knowledge of her parents is that her mother is Andrea Laign and her father is Paul Laign. Her siblings have been the subject of study, but nothing has come up.

Net Worth of Amber Laign

Amber offers health goods on her eCommerce website, where she makes a solid life. From then, years of collaboration with Marci Freed have led to a net worth of $1.2 million USD, which intrigues a lot of people. She did work hard to get her millionaire status, however, so that is genuine. Amber hasn’t made many details about her opulent lifestyle public since she has kept her social media profiles secret. However, in accordance with Robins’ narrative, they have both been seen leaving their state and visiting a number of stunning towns and beaches.

The Private World of Amber Laign (Girlfriends, Wife & Kids)

Miss. Amber’s partner in same-sex relationships, Miss. She and Robin Roberts first met 17 years before. Her girlfriend is presently a Good Morning America anchor on the ABC network. In 2005, they went on a blind date set up by a friend of theirs. In a previous interview, Amber’s spouse, Robin, said that Amber had little interest in sports and seldom ever watched athletic events. She had never seen Robin on ESPN or ABC before their first encounter. Their good energy toward one another, according to Roberts, is the fundamental aspect of their relationship that has endured to this point. I’ve been seeing Amber since 2005. In a 2013 Facebook post, Robin made her relationship secret public for the first time. In a Facebook message, Robin thanked everyone who has supported her during her challenging cancer treatment. Robin thanked her sister and Amber in person. It wasn’t recognized at the time that Amber and Robin were acquainted or connected. Even if they are still together, Robin and Amber decide to support one another throughout the workweek. They did it because they thought it would keep their relationship intact for a very long time.

Career of Amber Laign

Amber’s occupation is that of a licensed massage therapist. Prior to her battle, Amber had a position as a Sales Representative at Berger and Stevens, a sales office in New York. She performs sales representative duties there for the following nine years. She obtained a lot of sales experience before enrolling in a yearlong massage therapy program at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences. Amber continues to provide customers with Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point body massages after that. Between 2007 and 2012, when Amber’s partner was given the news that she had breast cancer and bone cancer, she researched the benefits of essential oils and how they benefit the human body. Then, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, she got the chance to meet Mrs. Marci Freede, a supporter of essential oils. Both an artist and the proprietor of an essential oil business, Mrs. Freede. Together with Marci Freede, Amber started her own essential oil company to support people’s health. She presently earns a substantial income from her company. Amber’s business is referred to as Plant Juice Oils.

Height and Weight

Amber Laign is a tall woman, standing at around 5 feet 5 inches tall and 63 kgs in weight. There is no information available on Amber’s other body measurements, such as her dress size, shoe size, or breast, waist, and hip measurements. Likewise, Amber has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Unknown information about Amber Laign

Amber is not referenced in any of Wikipedia’s articles.
She has 558 Instagram followers.
Her dog goes by the moniker of Lil Man LuKas.
Wikipedia has previously recognized Robin Roberts, who is her same-sex partner.
Robin, Amber’s partner, has 757k Instagram followers.
Amber and Robin, who are of the same sex, are the same age.
Before disclosing her connection with Robin Roberts, Amber had previously appeared in the media with the actress.

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