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Bianca Westwood is a well-known television personality and football analyst from the United Kingdom. On Saturdays, she reports for Sky Sports Soccer while working.

Top-tier football journalist Bianca Westwood is excellent at what she does. The renowned reporter began working in the field in 2000 and has held positions as an OAP reporter for Gillette Soccer Saturday.

The brash journalist also serves as a host for “Take It Like a Fan” and covers the NFL International Series at Wembley from the sidelines.

Let’s look at some intriguing details about Bianca Westwood in advance.

Bianca Westwood: Age, Parental and ethnic background

On March 11, 1972, Bianca Westwood was born in England. She will be 50 years old in 2021. Her five brothers count. Her relatives are ardent supporters of the West Ham Football Club.

She acted as a model for a while when she was young.

She is a huge West Ham supporter.

Childhood & Education

In the year 1975, Bianca Westwood was born in the United Kingdom on March 11th. Her family is made up of six people. Her six closest brothers number six. Although TheCityCeleb has not yet verified the names and identities of her siblings.

Additionally, TheCityCeleb has not yet verified any accurate information on Bianca Westwood’s parents.

Epping Forest College served as Bianca Westwood’s high school. She went on to accomplish her A-levels in communication, English literature, and French between 1992 and 1996 after finishing high school.

She afterwards enrolled at the University of Westminster to pursue a modern language degree.

Individual Life

Although Bianca Westwood might be quite private about her love life and personal matters, nothing is really kept under wraps. Despite the fact that she is single at the time.

It was generally rumored that world-class snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan and Bianca Westwood formerly had a passionate affair.

After Ronnie O’Sullivan commended Bianca Westwood and acknowledged her for improvising him during an interview with The Free Library in 2001, the rumors started to circulate. Even more, he said that Bianca Westwood had taught him to interact with others more.

Furthermore, Bianca Westwood described how she met Ronnie O’Sullivan but made no reference to their romance. They were assumed to be dating because of the pair’s obvious closeness.


Bianca Westwood joined the Trade Support team at Nat West Stockbrokers as soon as she had her degree, and it was there that she landed her first formal position in an investment banking company. She spent around two years working at the investment bank.

Bianca Westwood then took on another position at J.P. Morgan as a settlement clerk, working there for over five months before joining the Morgan Stanley business as a member of the UK & European Equity Tarde Support team.

Bianca Westwood started working for Sky Sports in 2000 after some time had passed. Since then, she has served as the host of many Sky Sports shows, including Touchline Reporter, Take It Like A Fan, and Gillette Soccer Saturday. Some of the shows she hosted at Wembley were the NFL International Series.

Occupational Life

She began working in investment banking at Nat West Stockbrokers as a member of the Trade Support team shortly after graduating and did so for over two years. Later, Bianca began working at J.P. Morgan as a Settlement Clerk.

After five months of employment there, she moved on to join Morgan Stanley as a member of the UK & European Equity Tarde Support team.

Since 2000, Bianca has been working for Sky Sports, and she has a nice and appealing attitude. She had many jobs on Sky Sports, although her main responsibilities were for the NFL International Series at Wembley, Take It Like A Fan, and Gillette Soccer Saturday.

She has been a reporter for Gillette Soccer Saturday since September 2008, and she is still doing so as of right now.

She quit the job after a while when her buddy assisted her in obtaining employment as a runner at SSKY. In 2008, she began a career in sports broadcasting and ultimately rose to the position of Football Commentator on Soccer Saturday.

She did it as the first ever female commentator. She worked hard for many years and was ultimately promoted from Editorial Assistant to Floor Manager, Sports Reporter, and finally Football Commentator for Soccer Saturday.

She works tirelessly in charitable activities in addition to her media job. She participated in the Prostate Cancer UK program in 2018 and raised money there.

Football manager Harry Redknapp, broadcaster Adam Smith, and Tony Hurrell were present throughout the show. The Paris Grill Dining Room and Cocktail Bar hosted the event.

Net Worth

Bianca Westwood earns an average yearly income of $775k from her work as a sportscaster and writer, which is a respectable sum of money. She is living a typical life for a celebrity, but her actual net worth is still unknown.

She has never disclosed her precise or approximated net worth, which explains why. A sportscaster’s annual income is $41K, and their net worth should be $1 million.

Despite being a well-known personality, she hasn’t yet had any businesses promote her. I hope she will participate in some brand endorsements in the near future.

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