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America’s California state is where Brannigan Maxwell was born in 1987. At this time, Brannigan Maxwell is 35 years old.

She resides in Dallas, Texas, in the US. She is an unscripted television star from the Netflix series People in Love Don’t Care About the Details. She stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Brannigan is a commissioned Basic Consideration Medical caregiver with a wealth of experience in the medical field. She currently works with the Baylor Scott and White Health medical services organisation.

She received a four-year credential from the School of Texas at Arlington and left. She also graduated from the School of Texas in Arlington with her lord’s training.

She is currently searching for love on the unscripted television show People in Love Assume the Best. She is a certain type of person who wouldn’t settle for less than what she deserves.

She has mentioned the possibility of a wonderful time travel with the person she chooses to be her life partner.

Age of Brannigan Maxwell In the US state of California, Brannigan Maxwell was born in 1987. Age 35 describes her.

Quick Information/ Wiki:-

  • Full Name– Brannigan Maxwell
  • Profession– Nurse, Reality Star
  • Age– 35 years
  • Born – 1987
  • Net worth/ Salary– $100k- $1 million.
  • Zodiac sign – Not known
  • Girlfriend/ Boyfriend – Not known
  • Height– 5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm
  • Weight – 57 kg or 125.5 lbs
  • Sexuality– Straight
  • Nationality– American
  • Instagram– branni_boom1913

Brannigan Max Career-

The Love is Blind actor, 35, was reared in Texas but was born in California. She is presently a Dallas resident. Brannigan stated that being married to her would be a “great journey” in her official Netflix bio. She enjoys creating cakes and throwing axe.

Brannigan also states in her bio that she detests “f**k lads” and is currently seeking a partner who won’t be put off by her “achievement and accomplishments.” Added she,

The Love is Blind actress is a critical care certified nurse, according to her LinkedIn bio. She states, in her LinkedIn profile,

She continued by calling herself a “transformational leader” who is capable of navigating a “dynamic and occasionally ambiguous environment.” Brannigan is dedicated to continuing his education, and he can pick up new information and adjust his style to fit any situation.

She was employed by Baylor Scott & White Health from January 2020 until January 2021 as a patient safety officer and clinical risk manager. Prior to that, since 2015, Brannigan worked for Texas Health Resources as a programme manager for patient safety, clinical risk management, and high reliability. She has extensive experience in the medical industry.

Brannigan, who has over 2,200 Instagram followers, frequently posts highlights from her professional and personal lives. She also shares a few old images from her youth as well as posts on her travels. Her fan base is sure to grow after the debut of the series.

Brannigan Max Personal life –

As a partner, she is seeking someone who is “honest, trustworthy, and capable of maintaining an intellectual discussion.”

In 2022, she made her on-screen debut as a reality star. Kalekia and Brannigan Maxwell were once close friends. They are both ICU Attendant Experts and members of People in Love Think the Best.

Maxwell Brannigan Degree Brannigan Maxwell stands approximately 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She remains seated on the 162.6 cm stage.

She is a contender in People in love assume nothing but the best season 3 looking for someone to calm down with who isn’t threatened by her accomplishments and successes.

Work of Brannigan Maxwell In Dallas, Texas, in the United States, Brannigan Maxwell works as a Fundamental Consideration Enrolled Medical Caretaker.

She is a dynamic enlisted medical caregiver who possesses exceptional talent and multi-layered insight. 2013 saw her graduate alongside her lord.

She has worked as a Jail Wellbeing Enlisted Medical Caretaker, a Harm ICU Enrolled Medical Caretaker at Parkland Clinic and Crosscountry Medical Services, and a Patient Safety and Scientific Gamble Chief at Parkland Clinic, Texas Wellbeing Property, Baylor Scott Official and White Wellbeing, among other positions in the medical field.

She supported a four-year degree programme at The School of Tadas at Arlington to become an enrolled medical attendant, as well as a graduate degree in Medical Care Group from the same institution.

On Instagram, Brannigan Maxwell goes by the handle Branni Max. Her username on Instagram is branni boom1913.

She has posted a lot of content from her active lifestyle on Instagram. She gained appreciation for her appearance in Season 3 of People in Love Think Nothing But the Best.

She currently has 2,468 fans and is expanding.

Not many FAQs Has Brannigan Maxwell been imprisoned? Consider nothing but the best season 3 of People in Love while Brannigan Maxwell is still unlocked in the given episodes. When was Brannigan Maxwell born? In 1987, Brannigan Maxwell was born. Age 35 describes her. What is Brannigan Maxwell’s calling? An employee of Fundamental Consideration Medical in Dallas, Texas, USA, is Brannigan Maxwell.

Brannigan Max Parents –

Brannigan hasn’t given the media any information about his parents and siblings, but we’ll update this area as soon as we do.

Brannigan Max Age-

Age of Brannigan Maxwell In the US state of California, Brannigan Maxwell was born in 1987. Age 35 describes her.

Brannigan Max Height & Weight –

Maxwell Brannigan Degree Brannigan Maxwell stands approximately 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She remains seated on the 162.6 cm stage.

Brannigan Max Relationship –

Brannigan is taking part in the upcoming television show Love is blind even though she is currently single in the hopes of meeting the love of her life.

Brannigan Max Net worth –

Maxwell’s estimated net worth ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

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