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Dubai Bling, a Bling Empire-like record of the extravagant and wild citizens of the United Arab Emirates, debuted on Thursday, October 27, and has since become the topic of much discussion.

The cast of Dubai Bling includes billionaire widow Loujain Adada, multimillionaire rose CEO Ebraheem al Samadi, and real estate diva Zeina Khoury. However, one Dubai resident has emerged as a fan favorite from the show: Brianna Ramirez.

However, Brianna Ramirez’s identity, marital status, and other details are unknown. Let’s start now.

Brianna Ramirez, a Mexican-American brand manager who calls herself a “LA girl in Dubai,” is now married to Australian radio host and businessman Kris Fade, who also makes an appearance on Dubai Bling. She relocated to the UAE from the US and has spent the last eight years residing in Dubai.

Brianna Fade Age & Birth

According to Kris Fade’s tweet, Brianna was 26 when they started dating in 2015, thus we may assume that she is currently 33. The spouses are different ages, with Kris being 42 years old.

Height of Briana Ramirez

The height of Briana Ramirez is approximately 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm). Kris is taller than she is.

Briana’s oval face, brown eyes, and fit body are some of her standout features.

Briana Ramirez Carrier

A brand manager is Briana Ramirez. She had worked at Fade Fit for more than 4 1/2 years in 2022.

Before that, from April 2016 until April 2018, Briana worked as a talent manager at Curveball Events.

Curveball Events, a company, specialized in promotions and launch activations. For events and promotions, they provided the necessary manpower, hostessing, and creative solutions.

On the other side, Kris, Briana’s husband, is a successful businessman and radio broadcaster. The actor, who had just $3500 when he moved in the UAE in late 2000, is now considered one of Dubai Bling’s “self-made millionaires.”

Kris, a native of Sydney, Australia, attended Christian Brothers High School in Lewisham to study business and marketing. He began working as a promotional driver at Sydney’s Edge 96.1 radio station after receiving his degree before landing a hosting position. Ironically, Kris replaced his boss, who had previously told him he would never succeed on-air.

The Kris Fade Show, a morning radio program on Virgin Radio Dubai, debuted in 2008. And although though he had only planned to stay in the city for two years at the time, his success prevented him from ever leaving.

Along with Briana, the brand manager for the business, Kris co-founded Fade Fit, a lifestyle brand that specializes on healthy snacks and vitamins. Additionally, the business opened a tennis academy in January 2021, and it was developing a clothing line.

When did Kris Fade and his wife get hitched?

Brianna Ramirez and Kris Fade admit in the first episode of Dubai Bling that they met online in 2015. According to the legend, Kris invited Brianna to a Lady Gaga concert without letting her know that he would also be hosting it from the stage.

After four years of dating, the couple got engaged in 2019 at the Aladdin Middle East premiere. Their opulent black-tie wedding, which took place on March 22, 2022, at Dubai’s The Ritz-Carlton and was attended by their co-stars from Dubai Bling, was featured in the season one finale of the program.

What Country Is Briana Ramirez From?

Briana Ramirez is proud to be an American. She was created in California’s Los Angeles.

Briana is actually Mexican-American. And Kris is an Australian-born Lebanese.

It makes sense that they used traditional music for the entry to their celebration following the ceremony. A Mariachi band playing a traditional Mexican song escorted the bride as she made her way to the dance floor. A Zaffe band playing loud drums shortly proclaimed the entry of the groom.

What is Brianna Ramirez’s Instagram handle?

The reality star is now known as Brianna Fade, her married name, and you can find her on Instagram at @briannafade (opens in new tab), where she presently has more than 61,000 followers.

Similar FAQs

When is the birthday of Briana Ramirez?

Briana, a Cancerian, received her birthday greetings on July 18.
Unexpectedly, Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue, surprised Briana with a funny shout-out for her birthday in 2020.

What is Briana Ramirez’s estimated net worth?

In 2022, Briana boasted a $600,000 net worth. Kris, her spouse, was thought to have a staggering $2 million in wealth at the time.

Briana Ramirez, does she use Instagram?

Briana has 44.2K followers as of October 2022 on Instagram (@briannafade).

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