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Bunny Barbie is famous on social media, is a model, has a lot of followers on Instagram, and is a TikTok star. Besides being a big deal on Instagram, she has also been on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and OnlyFans. At the time this article was written, she had 140K followers on Instagram and had posted 268 times. Besides being a big deal on Instagram, she has also been on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and OnlyFans. She has a YouTube channel with her name that has about 48.4K subscribers. She started the channel on August 1, 2020, and has been posting daily vlogs, beauty, fashion, Glam, Makeup Tutorials, and other videos since then.

“Hi!” says her YouTube bio. I’m TheBunnyBarbie, by the way. I can’t wait to show you my world. The show The Reality Of Bunny is about my life. My beautiful little family and all the glamorous women in my life who make me feel both good and bad. Make sure you sign up for updates on the show so you don’t miss anything! She used to do a lot of odd jobs to make money, but now she’s pretty well-known in her field. When it comes to her schooling, she went to a private high school, and she doesn’t have a degree from the University. In comparison, she now has a very nice life. She has nice cars, a mansion, and many other things.

Bunny Barbie Age & Birthday

What’s Bunny Barbie’s age? She was born on November 15, 1991, so she is 31 years old now. The star sign for her is Scorpio. Also born in Albany, New York, was Bunny. A person who lives in the United States is a citizen of the United States. In the same way, she is Caucasian and Christian when it comes to her race and religion. As a social media star, Bunny doesn’t like to talk about her personal life.

Bunny has never told the media anything about her family or her parents. In the same way, the media don’t talk about her siblings or her childhood. Also, Bunny hasn’t talked about her education in the media yet.

Professional Life of Bunny Barbie

Bunny makes content for Tiktok and is a social media personality for a living. In the same way, she is both a model and a Tiktok star. @thebunnybarbie is the name of her Tiktok account, which has over 616,900 followers. Most of the videos on Bunny’s channel are lip sync videos. In 2020, Bunny also joined social media for the first time. In the same way, her first social media account was on Tiktok. In January 2020, Bunny also made a Tiktok account.

Her first Tiktok video has been watched more than a million times and liked by more than 39.1 million people. She has been making videos about facemasks made to order. In the same way, she often puts her husband and daughter in her Tiktok videos. Bunny also has a channel on YouTube, as well as a Tiktok account. In the same way, she started her YouTube channel “The Bunny Barbie” on August 1, 2020, and it already has 6,68k subscribers. In the same way, she only has four videos on her channel and doesn’t post very often.

Status of Relationship

When it comes to her relationships, Bunny Barbie is straight and married. She’s married, and her son’s name is Aden.

In the same way, she often shows her family members in her Tiktok videos, which her fans love.

In terms of her net worth, she is a content creator on Tiktok, which is her main source of income.

She has also become very famous and made a good amount of money from her career. But when it comes to her income, she hasn’t told the media what her net worth is yet.

Height & Weight

The beautiful actress from the TV show Tiktok is tall and thin. In the same way, her appearance shows that she has a fair skin tone, blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. On the other hand, Bunny Barbie hasn’t talked about her height, weight, and other vital statistics in the media yet.

She has a presence on social media through both Instagram and Tiktok. @thebunnybarbie is the name of her Instagram account, and 58,300 people follow her.

Some things about Bunny Barbie Wiki you didn’t know

  • Bunny talks a lot about what she does every day and what she wears.
  • She likes brands like Gucci, LV, Nike, Fashion Nova, Channel, Dior, Mac, etc., most of the time.
  • Her Instagram shows that she loves to visit beautiful places and spend time with her close friends and family.
  • The beauty likes dogs a lot and also has cute dogs as pets.
  • According to one Instagram post, she and the ex-wife of her husband are good friends and have also traveled together.
  • She joined Instagram on October 27, 2015, and now she has more than 144,000 followers.


What is the real name of Bunny Barbie?

She never told the press what her real name was.

What’s Bunny Barbie’s age?

She will be 31 years old in 2021.

Who is Bunny Barbie’s mother and father?

The beauty hasn’t said who her parents are yet.

How many kids does Bunny Barbie have?

We don’t know much about Bunny Barbie’s siblings yet.

Who does Bunny Barbie go out with?

She is married, but she hasn’t said who her husband is until now.

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