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Casey Anthony is an American from Orlando, Florida who used to work at Universal Studios and is now a controversial figure. On July 15, 2008, her daughter, Caylee Anthony, went missing. Her mother’s mother, whose name is “Cindy,” reported her missing.

She also told the person who answered the 911 call that her granddaughter has been missing for 31 days. Cindy also said that the car Casey was driving smelled like a dead body. Investigators say that Casey lied to them when she said that her nanny, “Zanny” Fernandez-Gonzalez, had taken her daughter.

But it turned out that Caylee’s nanny didn’t really exist. When the police asked her why she hadn’t told them about the kidnapping, she didn’t have a good answer. Then Casey made up a story that she was scared of the people who had taken her.

In October 2018, Anthony was charged with murder in the first degree. She was found not guilty, though, and set free.

Casey Anthony Age & Birthday

Her mother was born in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, on March 19, 1986. So, Casey Anthony is 32 years old as of this year (2018). Her father is George Anthony, and her mother is Cindy Anthony (mother).

The only child of her parents, she is also an only child. But we don’t know anything about where she went to school. On August 9, 2005, Anthony gave birth to her daughter, whose name is “Caylee Anthony.” Casey says that the father of her daughter and Casey’s boyfriend died in a car accident.

Ricardo Morales was Casey’s first boyfriend. Investigators find a poster in his computer that says, “Chloroform will win her over.” During their investigation, they also find 84 instances of the word “Chloroform” on the search engine. But it turned out that it was a problem with the computer and that she had only searched for one term.

Personal Life

At the time, Caylee Anthony was two years old and lived with her mom and her mom’s parents. When she disappeared for no reason, her grandmother Cindy told the police that she was missing. Cindy and her daughter Casey gave different stories about where Cindy’s grandchild was. This made things worse.

Cindy told the police that Casey’s car smelled really bad. Even though nothing the mother said made sense, she said that their nanny made the child appear out of thin air.

On December 11, 2008, the bones of her daughter were found wrapped in a blanket in the nearby woods. In connection with the death of her daughter, Casey Anthony was charged with first-degree murder.

People from all over the world paid close attention to the trial because the crime was so horrible that it caught everyone’s attention. The prosecution said Casey was the mastermind behind the crime, mostly based on evidence and forensic reports.

After the child drowned in the home pool, the defense lawyer, Jose Baez, said that George was in charge of getting rid of the body. As the evidence kept going back and forth, the defense said that Roy Kronk, the person who found Caylee’s body, was the murderer. Casey’s contradictory statements were not proof that she was trying to hide the crime. Instead, they were a sign of her troubled childhood.

Details about the case of the murder of Caylee Anthony

On December 11, 2008, Caylee’s bones and a blanket were found in a trash bag near her family’s house.

A roll of duct tape was also found near the body’s head. During the trial, a prosecutor said that Casey was trying to get out of being a parent. So, she put chloroform and duct tape on her daughter and killed her.

Jose Baez, who was in charge of the defense team, said that the girl drowned by accident in her family’s pool on June 16, 2008. He later said that Casey’s father, George Anthony, got rid of the body.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder and all the other charges on July 5, 2011. But she was found guilty on four counts of giving a law enforcement officer false information. On July 17, 2011, Casey was set free.

Some things you might not know about Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony’s old friends talked about how she acted after her daughter went missing in the documentary “Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak.”
Clint House, a former friend, said that just 4 days after Caylee went missing, Casey was partying at Fusion nightclub and taking part in a “hot body contest” at a party he was throwing.
The government also couldn’t prove how Caylee died.
In fact, they weren’t able to find Casey’s DNA on the duct tape that was used to kill her.
Patrick McKenna’s house in South Florida is where Anthony, who is 32 years old, lives right now.
He is a private detective and was also Casey’s defense team’s lead investigator.
She also works for him now. For the investigations, she looks for information on social media sites.
In April 2008, Casey also went out with Anthony Lazzaro.

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