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When it was confirmed that American cosmetics artist and reality sensation Charita Scott would be featured on the third season of Love is Blind in 2022, she immediately catapulted to fame.

Charita is a makeup artist who also likes to cook. She argues that emotionally distant males and unfulfilling “situationships” have caused her problems. In the reality series Love is Blind, she looks for a knowledgeable, entertaining, and kind spouse.

Charita developed a deep love for various facets of art when she was a child. She has always had a great appreciation for a variety of artistic mediums, including fine art, performance art, and makeup.

She began working as a makeup artist in 2013, beginning with picture shoots. She recently began working in the cosmetics industry, but she quickly expanded into weddings and other special events around Texas.

Despite putting a lot of effort into expanding and maintaining her makeup artistry knowledge, Charita is self-taught.

One of these initiatives has been signing up for makeup workshops taught by celebrities and professionals in the field of film makeup.

She is also committed to keeping up with the most recent cosmetics and beauty trends in order to make sure that her customers are sporting the most up-to-date looks and using high-quality products.

Quick Information/ Wiki:-

  • Full Name– Charita scott
  • Profession– Makeup artist
  • Age– 35 years
  • Born – 1987
  • Net worth/ Salary– $100K- $1 million.
  • Height– 5 ft 6 in or 167.5 cm
  • Weight– 59 kg or 130 lbs
  • Sexuality– Straight
  • Nationality– American
  • Instagram– thecharnicole

Charita scott Career-

All types of art are dearly loved by the young Charita. She has always been a strong supporter of the arts, and her favourites are performance art and makeup.

She started her career as a makeup artist in 2013, initially applying cosmetics for photography projects. She just started her professional career in cosmetics, but she quickly transitioned into singing at weddings and other special occasions all around Texas.

Charita, who is self-taught, has put a lot of effort into maintaining and expanding her knowledge of makeup artistry. One of these attempts has been signing up for cosmetics workshops given by the top names in the celebrity and film makeup industry.

In order to make sure that her customers are sporting the newest looks and using high-quality products, she is committed to staying up with the most recent cosmetics and beauty trends.

Charita scott Personal life –

With the help of Love is Blind, participants can get to know one another without insignificant details influencing their interactions. The purpose of the show is to determine whether or not people may fall in love in such an unusual way and whether or not love truly is blind.

Only two couples were married during the previous season, despite numerous couples becoming engaged and some even walking down the aisle. At the conclusion of season 2, Jarrette and Iyanna and Danielle and Nick exchanged vows, however both couples divorced this year. Deepti and Shake, Natalie and Shayne, and Mallory and Sal are other engaged couples that never wed.

Watch to see if this season can help people find their soul mates and if the third time truly is the charm. On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, Netflix will premiere Season 3.

Charita scott Age-

Charita was born in the United States in 1987 in Dallas, Texas. Charita looks to be 35 years old in the TV series Love Is Blind.

Despite not yet disclosing her precise birthday, judging by her Instagram, it is assumed that she was born on December 6.

Charita scott Height & Weight –

Charita, a cosmetics artist, is a tall woman at 5 feet 6 inches. She frequently shares pictures of her Instagram followers wearing makeup. Instagram users can find her there as @thecharnicole. There, she currently has 2,364 followers.

Charita scott Relationship –

Charita Scott is unmarried and searching for her true love.

The new season of Love is Blind will debut on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, and Charita Scott will be one of the contestants.

After the astronomical popularity of the first two seasons, the hit show is back with a fresh cast of upbeat people eager to find their true love and suitable matches through pod dating. In order to see the drama as the ensemble begins the exciting hunt for their mate, viewers will need to tune in three times.

Charita scott Net worth –

Charita was never exposed to the media while she was a child. We are therefore uninformed of her academic background. Investigations are being conducted into her high school and the college where she received her degree.

Charita began her career at a very young age, and since then, she has gathered a sizable following. She’ll undoubtedly earn a good living from her work.

The range of Charita’s net worth is $100,000 to $1,000,000. Her salary, earnings, and monthly income are all unknown.

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