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IFBB Professional Bikini Competitor, social media influencer, Youtuber, Instagram star, online personal trainer, and businesswoman Courtney King is from Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Due to her victory in the 2016 Olympia Bikini competition, Courtney is well-liked in the region. In addition to this, she has won the top spot in a number of bodybuilding events, including the Europa Orlando Pro Bikini (2013) and Hawaii Pro Bikini (2017).

As an IFBB Professional Bikini Competitor, she is equally well-known. She has competed in and won a number of Arnold Classic competitions in addition to this. In addition, Courtney works as a fitness model professionally. She performs the duties of an online fitness trainer as well. King offers her followers the greatest fitness and lifestyle videos on her own YouTube channel, which she also operates.

About Courtney King

She is also well-known around the nation for being Chris Bumstead, a bodybuilder. To learn more about Courtney Alexis King’s age, wiki, biography, family, parents, boyfriend, job, net worth, height, exercise, diet, and other details, read this page.

Courtney King Age

Courtney King Biodata:- Courtney Alexis King, a prominent fitness model, was born to her parents on September 13, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. She was raised in a well established Christian home. Courtney King is around 28 years old (as of 2021).

On September 13th of each year, she slices her birthday cake. She has had a passion for sports since she was little. King participated in a variety of sports throughout high school, including basketball, gymnastics, and soccer. She finished her degree at a reputable US institution, according to the sources.

She then started concentrating on her bodybuilding and fitness profession. She achieved enormous recognition in the fitness business as a result of her ability and dedication. She is now a well-known YouTuber and fitness model.

Family of Courtney King (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Courtney King’s biography and wiki Detailed information regarding King’s family members is not readily accessible. She comes from a Christian household, according to our investigation. Courtney withholds the identities and occupations of her parents and siblings, however.

Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, according to the sources, while her father is an entrepreneur. Along with her brothers and relatives, Courtney Alexis King spent her early years in Chicago. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Chris Bumstead is the boyfriend of Courtney King.

When it comes to her romantic relationships, Courtney King is now seeing Chris Bumstead. According to reports, Courtney and Chris have been dating since 2018.

Let me introduce you to the well-known Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder Chris Bumstead. He has also competed in a number of bodybuilding competitions.

The pair exchanged several images on social media. King enjoys going on excursions with Chris Bumstead has furthermore featured in a few Courtney videos on YouTube.

Relationships Courtney King has had in the past with Steve Cook

Sources claim that before dating Chris, Courtney King dated fitness expert and model Steve Cook. Wikipedia states that Steve dated Courtney up until 2018.

They both have produced a number of YouTube videos. On his YouTube account in 2017, Steve posted a video titled Meet My Girlfriend | Courtney King Q&A.

Exercise Program of Courtney King (Gym Plan)

Courtney King is a well-known fitness model who takes good care of her physique. She often works out and exercises at the gym to maintain her body active and fit.

Her training routine includes cardio, weightlifting split, glute exercises, leg routines, and others, according to the sources. She emphasizes yoga and meditation in addition to rigorous exercise. Courtney also posts her fitness videos on her YouTube page and Instagram.

The Diet of Courtney King (Meals, Food & Nutrition)

For her healthy figure, Courtney works out hard and maintains a well-planned diet. She eats mostly proteins and nutrients. She also consumes the appropriate amounts of vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydrates for her body.

She also gave followers access to her nutrition regimen. In addition, she often eats salad and green vegetables. In addition, Courtney King favors the greatest protein and nutritional supplements for her body.

Career in Fitness for Courtney King

Speaking on her work at the time, Courtney King began concentrating on her bodybuilding career throughout her undergraduate years. She has also competed in a number of bodybuilding competitions. She began training for her first championships, according to the sources. She competed in the 2011 Teen National Championships.

She won the first place in the show as a result of her thorough preparation. Later, she competed in a number of competitions, including the IFBB Pro Power House Classic, the NPC Jay Cutler Classic, the IFBB Pro Europa Games, and others. After taking home the 2016 Olympia Bikini championship, Courtney King gained notoriety.

She has competed in a number more Arnold Classic competitions in addition to this. She also took home several honours and prizes from her bodybuilding competitions. After winning the Arnold Classic, she sent a picture on her Instagram account with the following caption:

The income and net worth of Courtney King

Courtney Alexis King makes a respectable living as a professional model and fitness trainer. Courtney’s projected net worth as of 2021 is between $2 and $3 million USD (approx.).

9 Courtney King Facts You Should Know

  • Courtney has also worked with a lot of well-known fitness businesses.
  • She owns a pet dog called Pudson and is a devoted dog lover.
  • Courtney with Pudson, her beloved dogOn her Instagram feed, King also posts diet program and exercise schedules.
  • She has more than 657K Instagram followers (as of November 2021).
  • first Instagram post from Courtney
  • On May 29, 2015, she published her first Instagram post.
  • Additionally, Courtney Alexis King has been on the covers of many fitness magazines.
  • Courtney was on many cover pages of fitness magazines.
  • She also posted a picture of her post-transformation figure on her Instagram account
  • King often exchanges photos with her grandparents since they are good friends.
  • Courtney promotes many brands of protein.
  • She has also received several honours during her bodybuilding career.

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