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Even though Drake Rodger has only been in the business for a short while and has just a few acting credits to his name, he has already made quite an impact. With the appropriate parts and projects, he will no doubt become a major figure in the entertainment industry.

Rodger has attracted notice since 2022 when he arrived as “John Winchester.” The most recent episode of “The Winchesters,” a spin-off of the well-known “Supernatural,” focuses more on how John and Mary met and ultimately saved the world. It contains a romance subplot, is quite a high-profile part, and Drake, who portrays John Winchester, has some large shoes to fill.

He appears with Meg Donnelly, Nida Khurshid, and Jojo Fleites, a newcomer. Let’s learn a little bit more about Drake Rodger.

Drake Rodger Age

Drake Rodger was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 1, 1999. Hunter Rodger is his younger sister. He received his photography instruction from Christinna Chauncey at On-Camera Classes in Los Angeles.

Children & Parents of Drake Rodger

Drake Rodger, who was born on January 11th, 1999, spent the most of his youth living in America with his parents.

To pursue his passion of working in the film business, Drake wasted no time in enrolling at Performers Studio Workshop in Tampa, Florida, where he studied instrument, craft, and improv under Kathy Laughlin in 2017.

He spent a year at a Cast Studio honing his acting skills for film, television, and commercials during the same year. After that, he moved on to Andi Matheny Performing Arts to master film improvisation, after which he enrolled in Christinna Chauncey’s on-camera classes.

He put forth a lot of effort and was committed to making a life from his art. When he was offered his first part, all of his hard work had finally paid off.


Drake Rodger began his acting career in commercials and unexpectedly entered the film business in 2020 with the movie “Murder RX.” He played a minor part, but it was more than enough for him, and he was glad for the chance to work with director Ken Brisbois.

This rising star didn’t have to wait long before another assignment arrived in the form of the Si-Fi short “Terra Beach.” A year later, he appeared in “Not Alone,” which won the Best Horror Film award.

In an effort to be a versatile actor, Rodger made sure to work in every genre; immediately after a horror movie, he moved on to the romantic drama “The In Between,” where he played the character of Judd and shared the screen with Joey King, Kyle Allen, and Kim Dickens.

The public is anxiously anticipating seeing more of this great performer in “Mantra” and “Quiet in My Town,” two further forthcoming movies.


This 23-year-old is wise enough to avoid disclosing any of his previous or current relationships, keeping his private life out of the spotlight.

He has kept his social media account minimal, with simply photos of his family and friends, so it doesn’t reveal too much about him. The co-star of “The Winchesters,” Meg Donnelly, and Rodger are close; they are often seen together out and about, have a ton of Instagram photos of them together, and seem to be excellent friends. As of yet, there have been no dating rumors around the two of them.

What is the net worth of Drake Rodger? His films and TV programs

Drake’s professional net worth is still being investigated at this time. He just made his professional acting debut a little over two years ago, therefore he is quite new to the business.

On the 2022 short film Murder RX, Drake played Zack Harris in his acting debut. He eventually appeared in a few further motion pictures, including Mantra, The In Between, and Not Alone (2021). (2022).

Drake Rodger FAQ

How old is Drake Rodger, exactly?

He is 23 years of age.

Who is John Winchester’s actor in The Winchesters?

Drake Rodger, please.

What is the height of Drake Rodger?

Drake is six feet three inches tall.

What is the net worth of Drake Rodger?

Answer: US$187.67 K.

Is Drake Rodger active on Instagram?

A: Definitely (@drakerodger).

Several Drake Rodger Facts

  • Drake Rodger was raised in Los Angeles, California, where he was born.
    In the 2020 drama film Murder RX, Drake made his acting debut as Zack Harris.
  • He received acting instruction at Florida’s Andi Matheny Acting Studios and The Performers Studio Workshop.
  • In 2022, Drake made his television acting debut as John Winchester in the action-adventure series The Winchesters.
  • One of his interests is reading. Photojournalism and travel.

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