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The Wikipedia page about Emelia Hartford says that she is an American YouTube star and actress. She lives in California right now.

Emelia is known for posting videos about auto-vlogging on YouTube. She is a true Gear Girl and loves cars, so in her YouTube video, she can be seen building cars and talking about her life.

She is also an actress in addition to being a YouTube star. She was in the miniseries Men, Women, and Reality.

Hartford is well-known on the app TikTok, where she has almost 747K followers. She has a huge number of fans on Instagram as well as on the app TikTok. She has about 602K Instagram followers and over 787K YouTube subscribers.

Emelia Hartford Age & Birthday

Emelia Hartford is a young, beautiful, and well-known social media influencer. She was born on July 29, 1993, in the United States, and she lives there with her family.

Her birthday is on July 29, and she will be 28 on that day (July 29, 2021).

Emelia Hartford is her real name, but people also call her Emelia (Her Nick Name).

Emelia Hartford is a beautiful fitness-obsessed Social Media Star, and her slim waist is so attractive that anyone could go crazy for her.

Guys, we did a lot of research before writing this article about Emelia Hartford’s life and facts. If you like Emelia Hartford, you should read it carefully.

Emelia Hartford Height & Weight

Because of her health and fitness tips, she has the perfect body shape, smooth skin, shiny hair, a slim waist, and a beautiful look.

Emelia Hartford is a beautiful fitness-obsessed Social Media Star, and her slim waist is so attractive that anyone could go crazy for her.

She is very concerned with her fitness, so she works out, does yoga, and exercises every day. But you know that a diet plan is also very important for a strong and fit body.

She goes to the gym on a regular basis, and when she can’t go, she works out at home.

Many of her fans and followers often ask, “How tall is Emelia Hartford?” So, Emelia Hartford’s height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Isabela has brown hair and eyes, and Emelia Hartford weighs 54 kg.

What Did Emelia Hartford Do?

Emelia Hartford is a young artist from the United States who is famous on Instagram.

She started out as a social media star, and now she has more than 600K followers on her official Instagram account.

Since she became well-known on Instagram, she has continued to do well.

Emelia Hartford Boyfriend

Now let’s talk about Emelia Hartford’s boyfriend and relationship. Guys, most famous people try to keep their love lives and personal lives private.

We did a lot of research on Emelia Hartford’s relationship, but we didn’t find any specific results. Without specific results, we can’t tell you anything, but as soon as we do, this article will be changed.

Emelia Hartford Net Worth & Earnings

This is one of the most common questions: how much does Emelia Hartford make and how much is she worth?

As you know, Emelia Hartford is a famous YouTuber and social media star who is also very pretty.

Guys, her net worth is totally based on how much money she makes. She has several sources of income, but the main one is social media, where she has made a lot of money.

She charges a good amount for sponsorship, but how good that amount is depends on how many people she has as fans.

Well, you already know that she has 790 K YouTube Subscribers and that her videos get an average of 200–300 K views. She also has 600 K Followers and an average of 50–100 K likes on Instagram, and she has 740 K Fans on Tik Tok.

It is thought that she is worth more than $1–2 Million.

Aside from this, the net worth of any private businesses she runs is not included. We also looked up their social media handles and used the internet to try to get an idea of how much money they have. So it can’t be said for sure that this information is correct.

Emelia Hartford’s on social media

Emelia Hartford is a well-known person on social media. As of June 2021, Emelia Hartford has more than 600,000 Instagram followers, 790,000 YouTube subscribers, 740,000 TikTok fans, and more than 7.3 million Twitter followers.

Things to Know:

  • On July 29, 1993, she was born. In 2022, she will be 29 years old.
  • Leo is her star sign.
  • She is from the Midwest of the United States.
  • She stands 1.68 m (5′ 6″) tall.
  • In the movie A Hollywood Christmas, she played the part of Riley (2022).
  • In the movie That’s Amor, she also played the part of Jessica (2022).
  • In January 2017, she set up her YouTube channel. She blogs about cars with a lot of passion.
  • She is also a co-host on the DailyDrivenExotics YouTube channel.
  • She’s been in SCCA races.


How did Emelia Hartford get the money she needed?

Emelia Hartford’s main source of income is YouTube. Each of her videos gets between 2 and 3 million views, so YouTube is where she makes the most money.

Who is the father of Emelia Hartford?

Emelia Hartford’s dad is Kenneth Hartford, her mom is Cheryl, and her dad is a writer and director.

What roles has Emelia Hartford played?

She will soon be seen in movies like “Mexico with Love,” directed by Jimmy Nickerson, and “Nightfall,” directed by Dava Decoteau.

Q: Does Emelia Hartford work as a mechanic?

She loves cars because she grew up around racing, and she lives in Indiana with her family. And before she moved to Los Angeles, she also went to school to learn how to fix cars. Actor, writer, and producer as a job

How much money does Alex Choi have?

Alex Choi’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million as of 2021.

What does Tanner Fox do for a living?

By 2021, Tanner Fox usually has a total of $6 million in assets. Fox is a pro at riding his bike and making videos for YouTube. He has more than 7 million friends on all of his online accounts. He has an amazing 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.3 million friends on the photo-sharing site Instagram.

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