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Emily Oberg was born on January 3, 1994, in Canada. He is best known for starting the brand Sporty & Rich, which is a line of clothes. She has also worked at Complex magazine as an editorial producer. Over 300,000 people follow her on Instagram. She says that an interview with pop star Pharrell was one of the best things that happened in her career. She grew up in Canada, but when she was in her early 20s, she moved to New York to follow her passion for fashion.

She is a well-known Fashion Designer. She is one of the well-known people who were born on January 3, 1994. She is one of the richest Canadian fashion designers. She is also on the list of the most well-known fashion designers.

Emily Oberg Age & Birthday

As of 2022, Emily Oberg, who was born on January 9, 1994, is now 28 years old. Her star sign is a Capricorn, because she was born on January 9. She is a very organized and driven woman, so it makes sense.

Height and Weight

Emily Oberg is 6 feet and 3 inches tall, which is very, very tall. She works out all the time and loves going to the gym. Because of this, she has a well-kept body and weighs 57 kg.

Emily also takes good care of her health and body. She also talks about what she does at the gym on social media.

Emily Oberg’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Emily Oberg has a net worth of $1 million. She is good at managing her money because she has more than one source of income. The first and most important source is her job as a fashion designer, which helps her make a living.

Then, Emily recently came out with her own line of clothes. These two sources of income have not only added to her net worth, but they have also helped her get ahead financially.

Family and Childhood

Emily Oberg was born in Calgary, Alberta, which is a part of Canada. Her parents chose to marry someone from a different race, since Emily’s father is from the Philippines and her mother is from Oregon. But their marriage didn’t last long, and they broke up when Emily was still young.

She grew up with her grandparents and aunt because neither of her parents was around. She also has a younger brother and sister whose names we don’t know yet. Oberg grew up in a middle-class family, so he knows how much money is worth.

Emily didn’t keep going to school after she finished school in Canada. Oberg now lives in New York, where she works as a busy fashion designer.


Emily went to school in Canada and finished there. But she didn’t go to college because she had always known that she didn’t need a degree to get where she wanted to go in life.

Emily’s brother, who gets her into OG Rap songs and sneakers, had a big impact on her. Her aunt was a bigger reason why she got into the fashion business. She used to go shopping with her aunt, who was a buyer for Club Monaco, when she was young, according to an interview with Missbish.
When she was young, her aunt had all the trendy clothes and other things. When she was about 10 years old, she decided she wanted to do something in the fashion world.
In 2012, she started working at Blanche Macdonald, where she studied marketing and communications for the fashion industry. Blanche Macdonald is one of Canada’s best schools for makeup, beauty, and fashion. She used to work part-time at Aritzia, a women’s clothing store, while she was in school for fashion marketing. In 2013, after a year at Blanche Macdonald, she got her diploma.

Designing Career

Emily Oberg’s aunt has had a big impact on her choice to work in fashion. Emily grew up seeing her aunt work as a fashion buyer. This made her realize that she also wanted to be in the fashion world. In 2012, Oberg took a course in fashion marketing and communications from Blanche Macdonald. This was the official start of her career.

Emily worked at a store called Aritzia while she was in school. Then, she went on to work at The Hue as a content writer. When Oberg turned 20, she flew to New York to improve her fashion design skills.

Emily was hired as the editorial producer there. She also had the chance to talk to Pharrell Williams. Kith Women, where she works as a creative lead, is another job she has. She owns a clothing line called “Sporty and Rich” right now.


  • Emily is very influenced by the art and culture of the 1980s and 1990s.
  • As of 2019, she has more than 302K people following her on Instagram.
  • She likes the clothing brand “Nike.”
  • Her younger sister lives in Hawaii.
  • She loves to go places.


Describe what Emily Oberg does.

Since building out Complex Magazine’s online video platform, Oberg has worked as the creative lead for KITH Womens. She now works as a brand consultant while growing her own brand, Sporty & Rich.

What is Emily Oberg’s age?

As of 2022, Emily Oberg is 28 years old. She was born on January 9, 1994.

How did Emily Oberg get to be athletic and wealthy?

In 2015, she moved to New York to work as an editorial producer for Complex Magazine. While she was there, she started creating the world and style of Sporty & Rich, which is a mix of luxury and vintage sportswear. S&R began as an Instagram mood board, then grew into a print magazine, and then a small collection of clothes.

Why do people like sporty and rich?

Sporty & Rich is the perfect uniform for everyday life, with basic items that go well with the healthy lifestyle that the brand promotes. Over the years, Emily’s excitement and the authority she built around her made the brand popular, and its values gave it credibility.

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