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An American author and television broadcaster, Frances Swaggart. She is primarily known for marrying evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, though. Books by Frances include And Sarah Saw and Modern Babylon. She is also well-known for hosting the Sonlife programme “Frances and Friends” on the SBN television network. In 1971, Jimmy started his television ministry, of which Frances is a part. Jimmy is also a founding member of the Family Worship Centre in Louisiana, the spiritual hub of the neighborhoods and the Ministry. This church is a fully integrated gospel congregation. Frances is also a co-pastor and a co-founder of the church.

The life story of Frances Anderson Swaggart

Frances was born in the United States on August 9, 1937. She was not born in the state that has been publicly revealed. In addition, little is known about her parents and siblings. Although the author most likely attended early education, the specifics of the institutions are also unknown. She was born into a Christian family and in her teenage years made Jesus Christ the Lord of her life.

Ethnicity and nationality of Frances Swaggart

Frances was born in the United States and is a citizen. She was a native American who lived there her entire life. She is therefore of white-Caucasian race and origin.

Height of Frances Swaggart

Swaggart is typically five feet six inches tall (1.68 m). She is a stunning woman who keeps her weight between 135 and 136 lbs on average. The information on her other bodily measures is now being reviewed, though. Brown eyes and light hair characterise Swaggart.

Family and Parents of Frances

Swaggart’s parents brought her up in the United States of America where she was born. But information about her family members is currently being examined. Information about her parents will be updated as soon as it is verified and made public.

Sister of Frances Swaggart

Swaggart’s biological sister’s details are currently being examined. She does, however, have a sister-in-law by the name of Jeannette Swaggart Ensminger. Yes, Jimmy Swaggart, her spouse, has an older sister named Jeannette.


She juggles many roles and employs a variety of gifts to advance God’s kingdom. The mother of one is also a published novelist in addition to being a dedicated employee in her husband’s ministry and church. Her works include And Sarah Saw (2006) and The Modern Babylon (2016). Additionally, Frances and Friends, which airs every day on Sonlife Radio Network and Sonlife Broadcasting Network, is hosted by Jimmy Swaggart’s wife. Frances addresses current difficulties that the church is facing via a biblical lens on the episode. The two-hour programme also includes questions submitted by viewers and listeners from around the world. Frances oversees the 255-person ministry staff in her capacity as the chief financial officer for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. She can lead General Motors, according to her husband, who has praised her as the second-best thing that has ever occurred to him after salvation.


Frances is well-known for being Jimmy Swaggart, a musician and televangelist. When they were teenagers, Jimmy and his father were performing music at an Assemblies of God church when they first met. Jimmy was 17 and Swaggart was 15. On October 10, 1952, Jimmy and Frances Swaggart got married. Their son, Donnie Swaggart, was born in 1954. He has followed in the footsteps of his parents in the ministry and is currently a co-pastor at his father’s church as well as a gospel musician. Frances has eight great-grandchildren, including three boys and five girls, and three lovely grandchildren. Jimmy’s ministry work was in its infancy when he and Frances got married, thus they experienced difficult financial times. In order to provide for his young family, Frances’ husband worked a variety of odd jobs on the side and sang in several churches. In 1955, Swaggart started a full-time ministry.

Cheating scandals involving Jimmy Swaggart

Frances’ husband was embroiled in a scandal involving a prostitute in 1988. According to, Jimmy was accused of having many affairs by a fellow minister named Marvin Gorman. Marvin paid his son and son-in-law to find Jimmy as payback. One hotel room was equipped with a covert camera by the two. Later, Jimmy arrived with a prostitute and took her to a different hotel room. When the hired men discovered this, they called Marvin, who promptly busted Jimmy and started a tense argument. Following this occurrence, Swaggart gave a sad sermon in which he apologised to his congregation for his sin. He was embroiled in a scandal in 1991 with another prostitute who claimed Jimmy had pulled over to invite her out for sex. He assured his congregation that the situation was none of their business, in contrast to his initial remark. Unfortunately, the Assemblies of God church defrocked him as a result of his acts. Donnie, his son, also disclosed that his father would temporarily relinquish control of his international ministry in order to undergo therapy and recovery. Despite all of these difficulties, Frances and Jimmy are still together, and they will shortly commemorate their 69th wedding anniversary.

Age of Frances Swaggart

She was born in the United States on August 9, 1937. At 84 years old, Frances.

Height of Frances Swaggart

She is a woman of typical height. Frances is 5 feet 5 inches tall (Approx. 1.65 m).

Family of Frances Swaggart

Her parents raised her in the country where she was born. Frances is of white ethnicity and has American citizenship. There is currently no information known on her parents, siblings, or other relatives.

Husband of Frances Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart is the husband of Frances. While Jimmy was performing music with his father, the couple met in church. Additionally, she was just 15 and Jimmy was 17 when they wed on October 10, 1952. Jimmy is a well-known pastor, preacher, and reverend. Additionally, in 1954, Donnie Swaggart, their son, was born. Like his father, Donnie is a preacher. In Swaggart’s memoirs, he claims that they were impoverished in the 1950s. In order to support his young family, Jimmy also took on a number of odd jobs in addition to starting to perform Southern Gospel at local churches. Additionally, Swaggart preached in rural Louisiana while striving to make ends meet on $30 per week. They couldn’t afford a home, so they had to live in pastors’ houses, modest motels, and basements of churches. Gabriel Swaggart, another grandchild of his, hosts the weekly Sonlife Broadcasting Network programme Generation of the Cross.

Home of Frances Swaggart

The construction of Swaggart and his son Donnie’s residences included a $1.8 million loan from Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries. Additionally, according to Baton Rouge public records, the tax assessor placed a $1.5 million value on Jimmy Swaggart’s property and a $726,000 value on his son’s home.

Today’s Frances Swaggart

Frances is the host of the daily SBN television show “Frances and Friends.” She is also a co-pastor and a founding member of the Family Worship Centre church.

Value of Frances Swaggart

She writes and hosts television. She also presents the Sonlife programme “Frances and Friends” on the SBN television network. Therefore, there is no question that she has amassed a respectable fortune over the years. The estimated net worth of Frances is $1.5 million.

Frances Swaggart’s Bio

Frances, an American novelist and television broadcaster, is most known for her union with preacher Jimmy. Additionally, she is the anchor of the daily SBN television programme “Frances and Friends.”

Value of Frances Swaggart

Frances has an astounding net worth of $10 million, claims Celebrity Net Worth. Her writing and ministry endeavours provide the majority of her income. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residence of Frances Swaggart is said to have cost the couple about $1.5 million. A four-columned jacuzzi with a gold swan that shoots water into an eight-foot-long tub can be found in the 9,337 square foot estate. Her husband’s worth is likewise $10 million, greatly boosting their combined wealth. Jimmy has investments in the Sonlife Radio Network and Sonlife Broadcasting Network in addition to his church, the Family Worship Centre. Additionally, he is the owner of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, which broke records in 1987 by bringing in $150 million.

Hospitalized Frances Swaggart

Several online users have questioned Frances’ health. Yes, Jimmy’s wife is in excellent health and is free from any diseases. Rumors circulated that she had plastic surgery done on her face to look younger. These assertions, however, have not been verified. Swaggart had knee surgery in 2015, but she healed and has been in good health ever since. A balanced life is truly exemplified by Frances Swaggart. The 84-year-old is living her best life and is an example of beauty, tenacity, and character. It is astounding to see how far Frances has come as a mother, wife, and minister. She was married at a very young age. The entire world will be watching to see what this pastor’s future holds. About Rev. Lucy Natasha, provided some fascinating information. She is well known for carrying stewards, or bodyguards, with her wherever she goes. She is, however, equally renowned for her opulent lifestyle and interactions with the powerful in society. What amazing facts may we learn about this woman of God? Her age is unknown. She has not revealed her precise birthdate, however she has a birthday on July 2. Natasha is the firstborn of three children and was raised in Eastlands, Nairobi. The stunning pastor had suffered from a speech condition, but she was healed after a man of God prayed for her during a visit to their home, and she has been healthy ever since.

Frances Swaggart: Who Is She?

The novelist and television broadcaster Frances Swaggart are both Americans. She is most known for her marriage to evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. And Sarah Saw and Modern Babylon are further works by Frances. She is also well-known for being the host of “Frances and Friends,” a television programme on SBN. Frances joined Jimmy’s television ministry, which he began in 1971. Jimmy was a founding member of the Family Worship Center. The spiritual centre for the neighbourhood as well as the Ministry is this completely integrated Gospel Church, which is based in Louisiana. Frances is also a co-pastor and the church’s co-founder.

Career of Frances Swaggart

After 55 years of full-time ministry, Reverend Swaggart established the SunLife Broadcasting Network in 2010. The Jimmy Swaggart ministries own and run it. The platform and television studios of the Ministry supply all of the content for the 24-hour Christian network.

Age, height, profession, and kids

In addition to airing live church services, SBN regularly airs the following programmes: A Study in the Word, the ministry’s flagship programme; The Message of the Cross, a panel hosted and moderated by Reverend Swaggart; Frances & Friends, a two-hour panel hosted and moderated by Frances Swaggart; Generation of the Cross, hosted by Gabriel Swaggart; Insight, a news programme with a biblical perspective; The Story Behind the Song, hosted by Donnie Swa

Frances Swaggart’s Age | How Old

On August 9, 1937, she was born in the United States. At 84 years old, Frances.

Height of Frances Swaggart

She is a woman of medium height. Frances stands at 5 feet 5 inches (approx. 1.65m)

Who is the husband of Frances Swaggart?

Jimmy Swaggart and Swaggart are wed at the moment. Jimmy and his father were playing guitar when they first met, and they later got married in 1952. When Frances wed Jimmy, she was only 15 years old. Jimmy is a Pentecostal preacher and American evangelist. In addition, he established Family Worship Center and SunLife Broadcasting Network. In Ferriday, Louisiana, on March 15, 1935, Jimmy Lee Swaggart was born.

How much money does Frances Swaggart make?

She also writes and hosts TV shows. She is the host of the Sonlife television show “Frances and Friends” on SBN. She has clearly accumulated a sizable fortune over the years. The estimated net worth of Frances is $1.5 million.

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