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Young and gifted YouTuber Grayson Dolan gained popularity for his comedic and other forms of material. He is mostly recognized in the industry as a top-notch comedian. He does, however, possess a wide range of potentials that make him qualify as having a competitive nature.

Together with his brother Ethan Dolan, he manages the YouTube channel. They resemble each other quite a bit and are identical twins. Together, they have done a fantastic job of building the YouTube channel. In addition, Grayson Dolan and his brother have joined MTV’s TRL.

Both of them began creating videos for the Vine platform back in 2013 when her sister suggested this app, before becoming well-known on the YouTube channel. They had 3 million followers at the moment the Vine platform shut down. Consequently, the Vine platform has also provided them with a breakthrough to achieve YouTube fame.

Grayson Dolan was born in Long Valley, New Jersey, on December 16, 1999. He will be 22 years old in 2022. Sagittarius is his natal sign. When it comes to his education, he graduated from West Morris Central High School. He did not, however, continue his schooling in order to advance his online profession.

Ethan, his identical twin, is 20 minutes older than he is.

Grayson Logan Age & Birth

The brother of Ethan Logan was born in New Jersey on December 16, 1999. (USA). The current age of Grayson Dolan is 18. He is Sean Dolan’s accomplished son (father). Lisa Dolan is the name of his mother.

Just 20 minutes separate him from his older brother, Ethan. They are not identical twins; they are fraternal twins. Dolan also has a lovely sister named Cameron Dolan. Along with his siblings, he completed high school in the New Jersey region.

Grayson, on the other hand, dated Chloe Alison. Chole is actually a rising social media celebrity. He belongs to the North American ethnicity.

Childhood and career

The social media sector had not given Grayson Dolan any exposure. Grayson and his twin brother Ethan learn about Vine from his sister one day, though. The brothers decided to try the platform because they thought it appeared to be generally good.

From there, the twins’ journey on social media began. When the App was shut down, they had amassed more than 3 million followers on the vine. They continued to be passionate, though, and started a Youtube channel.

When it comes to their YouTube channel, it has already surpassed 10 million subscribers. There is no denying that Grayson Dolan’s initial Youtube success was aided by Vine. Meanwhile, his brother and he were given the opportunity to join MTV’s TRL because to their fame on social media.

In the year 2021, they have quit the Youtube sector. The plans are therefore something new and unusual for the future.

Height and Appearance

The height of Grayson Dolan is 5 feet 8 inches. Speaking of his weight, it is approximately 60 kg. Grayson Dolan has a 42-37-38-inch body measurement, including 8.5 (US) shoe size. His diet is important to him since he has a muscular build and wants to keep it that way. His eyes and hair are both black.

Net Worth

Grayson Dolan’s net worth is predicted to be around $3 million as of 2022. This enormous sum of money is mostly the result of his YouTube career. His twin brother and he previously collaborated on a YouTube channel that had more than 10 million subscribers.

On the other hand, in addition to his brother, Grayson Dolan joined MTV’s TRL. They consequently profit handsomely from that source as well.

Family and parents

Sean Dolan, the father of Grayson Dolan, served as the superintendent of schools in New Jersey. Tragically, in 2019, he passed away from cancer. Lisa Dolan is his mother; she works as a homemaker and a hairdresser in her day job.

As we have already mentioned, Grayson Dolan has a twin brother named Ethan Dolan. Cameron Dolan, who is two years older than Grayson, is his older sister. She is a well-known Instagram star with a sizable number of followers by profession.


Chloe Alison is a well-known Instagram celebrity, and Grayson Dolan once dated her. On her account, she has more than 10,000 followers. However, the vine, where Chloe had her initial debut, was the main factor in her fame. Has also loves to sing, and she previously posted cover songs to her Soundcloud channel. Unfortunately, there is no longer a relationship between the two.

Other than that, Grayson Dolan never had a romantic involvement with a member of the industry during his career. Additionally, there is no reliable information on his past relationships with people outside of his immediate family.

About Grayson Dolan information:

  • James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and many other people consider Grayson Dolan to be a close friend.
  • He and Ethan were awarded the 2016 Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Web Star for Male and the Choice YouTuber awards.
  • He loves animals a lot.
  • White is his preferred shade.

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