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The BBC Sound of competition has forecast the success of musicians like Adele, Years & Years, and Sam Smith, so the announcement of the winner each year will undoubtedly set the stage for a busy year for the talented up-and-comer.

PinkPantheress won the BBC Sound of 2022 award this year, but who is this budding musician with a mystery stage name?

Hstikkytokky age

Hstikkytokky was born on April 18, 2001, in Bath, Somerset, and will be 20 in 2022.

Her father is English and her mother is from Kenya. When she was a little girl, the family moved to Kent in the South East.

While Hstikkytokky’s father reportedly works as an academic in the United States, her mother is a caregiver.

What makes Hstikkytokky renowned, and who is she?

You’ve undoubtedly heard Hstikkytokky’s songs if you use TikTok, like the bulk of Gen-Z, Millennials, or Boomers.

Even if TikTok isn’t your preferred app, you may be aware with her songs Just For Me and Pain, which gained popularity on the platform and eventually charted at positions 27 and 35 on the UK Top 40. Both tracks use samples from Sweet Female Attitude’s Flowers (Sunship Edit) and Central Cee’s Obsessed With You, respectively.

The TikTok singer began uploading 12-second samples of her music to the site in January of last year. She used the platform as a “focus group” to decide which songs to extend to her distinctive full two-minute pop pieces.

She got signed to Parlophone recordings after her song Break It Off gained popularity on TikTok. She released her first mixtape, To Hell With It, in October, fusing studio work with early bedroom-pop creations.

What is the true name of Hstikkytokky?

The singer uses her TikTok username as a pseudonym and doesn’t reveal her real identity. In order to maintain her “privacy,” she prefers to conceal her true identity, and up until lately, she refrained from posting photos of herself online.

She said in a recent interview with the BBC: “It is simpler for me not to place all of my cards face down on the table. I value my privacy and thought that if I played music loudly and showed my face everywhere, it would become intrusive to others.”

PinkPantheress’s earnings are reflected in her net worth.

In 2022, PinkPantheress’s net worth is projected to be $1.7K (£1.26K).

Despite the fact that she has begun to appear on social media, she has yet to be approached for brand sponsorships or production possibilities, but this is sure to change in the next years.

PinkPantheress sells her 10-track CD for £4.99 on her website, and she also makes money from her music’s internet streaming.

Three Interesting Hstikkytokky Facts

The ascent of PinkPantheress on TikTok and the mystery surrounding her identity have revealed some intriguing facts about the artist. PinkPantheress is much more than simply a TikTok celebrity, drawing inspiration from a UK quiz show and receiving an homage from a well-known rock band.

1) Her TikTok name was inspired by The Chase

The UK game show The Chase served as the inspiration for PinkPantheress’ stage moniker. She said that while watching the program, the question “What is a female panther called?” was asked. As Pink Panther is one of her favorite movies, it is believed that she chose to add “Pink” to the beginning of the moniker because “Pantheress” had already been taken on Instagram.

2) A song of hers was recorded by Coldplay.

Coldplay, a legendary British rock band, performed a version of her song Just For Me on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in October. The cover “felt strange since I truly enjoy Coldplay,” PinkPantheress told the BBC.

They made it very dramatic, very somber, very Coldplay, she continued. It was significantly different.

3) The image on her mixtape cover was inspired by American Horror Story

With the cover art for her first mixtape, To Hell With It, which she modeled on the Netflix series American Horror Story, the creative was going for a “dark murder house” mood.

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