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At Wessex Auction Rooms, Izzie Balmer works as both an auctioneer and a valuer. She is also an authority on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip. She joined fellow experts Charles Hanson, Philip Surrell, and James Braxton on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip in 2019 for its ninth season. She has also starred on the Bargain Hunt antiques competition series.

2018 saw her appear on BBC One’s Street Auction series, which is hosted by Paul Martin and features people donating unwanted items that are later auctioned off to raise money for a local charity. Along with the show’s principal presenters Charlie Ross, Eric Knowles, Natasha Raskin Sharp, and Anita Manning, she has been on Bargain Hunt.

Izzie began her career in auctions in 2018 when she started working as the Head Valuer at Wessex Auction Rooms. She holds two certificates from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and specializes in jewelry.

Izzie discussed how she originally became an auctioneer in a 2019 interview with Stylist, saying: “After I completed my degree I had no money, no work, and nowhere to live. I therefore completed some work-related training at a nearby auction house before continuing. She admitted to BristolLive in 2019 that she “kind of slipped into this position, but I really adore it.”

Izzie has not had an easy time navigating the male-dominated field. She admitted to Stylist: “I do occasionally run into older men who assume I don’t know anything. Simply getting past their preconceived notions, winning them over, and gaining their confidence will do.

With a Grade 8 in viola, Izzie joined the elite orchestra at the age of 16 and was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. She stated: “I hoped to be a professional musician but didn’t love music college in an interview with Great British Life in 2017.” I couldn’t use it.

Izzie Balmer Age

She was born on January 8th, 1989 in Qaardon, Derby, Great Britain. She will be 33 years old in 2022. She currently works for Wessex Auction Rooms in Wiltshire as the head valuer. She holds two Gemmological Association diplomas as part of her educational background. Additionally, she collaborates with several influencers and supports a number of companies.

Ms. Izzie Balmer Height and Weight

Izzie Balmer is how tall? She is 1.65 m, or 5 feet 5 inches, tall, which is 165 cm. She is around 55 kg (121 lbs) in weight. She has blonde hair and stunning dark brown eyes. What are Izzie Balmer’s physical measurements? Her body is 34-28-40 inches in size. She is a 34 C bra size wearer.

Ethnicity and Family of Izzie Balmer

Izzie hails from a stable family background and is of White ancestry. Her mother Sheila Balmer is a homemaker, while her father Toby Balmer is a businessman. Bella’s mother urged her to establish a profession in antiques, according to the study. Ms. Bella greeted her mother a “Happy Mother’s Day” on her Instagram profile while posting a photo of her with her parents.

Hugh Balmer, her younger brother, is her name. Hugh enjoys playing games and is a skilled athlete. She and her siblings received adequate early care from her parents. Ms. Balmer has fond recollections of her early years spent with her relatives, siblings, friends, and family.

The Marriage, Husband, and Children of Izzie Balmer

Bella keeps a low profile and hasn’t made any online disclosures about her partner, spouse, or children. I spent a lot of time looking through her social media and discovered that she wed Will Hawley on November 16, 2016. In front of their family members, she and Will exchanged vows in St. Alkmund’s Church in Duffield. As of September 2022, Izzie’s spouse operated the Instagram account @foxcompaq, which had 135 followers. No information is known concerning her partner’s occupation, however. Aside from this, media attention is not paid to Balmer’s children’s information.

TV Shows, Work, and Career

Izzie began working a part-time job at a nearby auction house to gather experience. She resumed her auctioning career in 2018 when she joined Wessex Auction Rooms as Head Valuer. Izzie made an appearance in the 2021 season of the television show “Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.”

Since 2019, she has been a frequent artist on the reality television program Antiques Road Trip. In a total of 30 episodes, Tim Wonnacott and Balmer were both featured. Bella appeared on the game program “Bargain Hunt” the same year. In this program, two teams compete to sell their most recent purchases at an auction for a profit.

Izzie Balmer Net Worth

Balmer makes a respectable living as an auctioneer. She further earns money from her social media accounts and TV appearances. Izzie has an estimated net worth of one million British pounds. Bella lives a life of luxury in a pricey home in Bristol, England. She owns a sizable collection of jewelry, which includes bracelets and rings.

Info about Izzie Balmer

  • Izzie acknowledged that the sector has drawbacks despite its benefits, especially given that it is “man dominated.”
  • She said to Stylist: “I do sometimes run with older males who assume I don’t know anything.
  • Simply getting over their preconceived notions, winning them over, and earning their confidence will do.
  • Izzie paired up with Robert, while Craig teamed up with Tim Medhurst as they competed in the auction room to see who could earn the most money.
  • But there appeared to be no hope for Craig when Izzie and Robert scored a number of love tokens for a steal of $35.

Q&A Regarding Izzie Balmer

What is Izzie Balmer’s name?

Izzie Balmer, a BBC Expert Road Trip Expert, is the answer.

Izzie Balmer’s parents?

Izzie Balmer was conceived by her parents. Sheila (Mother) and Toby (Father) are her parents ( Mother).

Who is the husband of Izzie Balmer?

The name of Izzie Balmer’s husband is unknown.

What is Izzie Balmer’s age?

The age of Izzie Balmer is 33.

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