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Eco-friendly interior designer, television producer, and presenter Jacqui Joseph. Owner of Jacqui Joseph Designs, she is. She has several years of experience as a producer and presenter on TV. ITV’s GMTV, Daybreak & Lorraine, This Morning, E4’s Wife Swap the Aftermath, Hollywood Gossip, the Bet Honours Awards, the Alan Titchmarsh show, the Michael Ball show, and Nightlife for LWT are just a few of the Entertainment & Lifestyle programs that Jacqui has worked on, according to her official website.

Presenting Homes Under the Hammer on BBC alongside Dion Dublin, Martin Roberts, and Martel Maxwell is Jacqui. Additionally, she has anchored BIG Strong Boys on BBC. Jacqui works as a fashion designer in addition to hosting and producing television shows. She had a degree in fashion design and spent five years working in the field before launching her own “little” label and selling women’s and children’s clothing in neighborhood stores and at markets in London, such as Portobello and Camden. She has also had modeling experience.

Jacqui Joseph Age & Birth

Jacqui Joseph, who was born in the early 1960s, will be 57 in 2020.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius since she was born on January 26 in a certain year.

Professional Career of Jacqui Joseph

home in London Jacqui Joseph listed her credentials as an interior stylist and television producer on her Twitter page. She said that she had always been interested to crafts and home design.

She has in fact previously contributed as a producer and presenter to a number of well-known daytime programs. Her role in the BBC One programme Money For Nothing may be recalled by some.

And now, she and fellow newcomer Tommy Walsh, best known for hosting the gardening program Ground Force, will share their special inventive experiences with the current crew as part of their new collaboration on another BBC One initiative.

She has worked with QVC UK since the beginning of 2018. It is a free-to-air television network and flagship retail channel that focuses on televised home shopping and is owned by Qurate Retail Group. Jacqui often promotes leather handbags, cross body bags, purses, and other items on social media, including the must-have MEN’s hold-all, iPad covers, and wallets, from QVC.

Jacqui Joseph: Marriage and Relationships

Jacqui previously disclosed on Twitter that her husband Andrew passed away on January 1st, 2018, after an eight-month fight with cancer.

It took her a few weeks to come to terms with the loss of her spouse before she opened out to her online community, saying, “It’s tough to keep what I’m going to say succinct, but I’ll try.”

Andrew was given the news that he had esophageal cancer in April 2017 after enduring a plethora of exams, biopsies, scans, and X-Rays as well as being unable to eat normally. After getting a feeding tube, he went through three sessions of chemotherapy.

The extensive nine-hour surgery to remove the tumor was arranged for September of the following year since Jacqui underlined that Andrew was in excellent health and the chemotherapy was working. The deadly disease had, however, spread to his liver and was in a poor state when the patient had surgery.

He thus passed away at home in his sleep at the age of 54. Jacqui and her family performed a rite in the Kensington church where they were married more than 14 years ago to commemorate “Andrew’s Day.” They also asked for contributions to Macmillan Cancer Support, Pembridge Hospice Home Services, and the Brent District Nurses in lieu of flowers.

Bianca Jade Joseph, his only child, and his wife Jacqui are left behind by Andrew. Jacqui has made several allusions to her daughter’s “exceptionality.”

Parents of Jacqui Joseph

Who are the parents of Jacqui Joseph? The names of her parents remain unknown. Her mother worked as a seamstress, while her father was a decorator and plasterer. She claims that all of their “unique” clothing was really handmade by her mother. In addition to teaching her father how to do everything from wallpapering to tiling to painting, her mother also taught her how to sew.

Jacqui attributes her motivation and influence to her upbringing and parents. With a background in fashion and a passion for color, fabrics, trimmings, and trends, she explains, “I was naturally pulled to interior design and interior craft, both of which I like.”

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter’s reach

Jacqui had approximately 3,000 followers on each of her Facebook and Instagram profiles, and she had an additional 13.6K Twitter followers. These ratings were undoubtedly expected to soar given that she is a frequent Homes Under the Hammer broadcaster.

Height and Weight

Jacqui Joseph is 5′ 7″ tall and has recently been listed as weighing less than 57 kg (126 lbs).

Naturally, her hair had the appearance of a contemporary perm. She often wore a stunning grin, everyday makeup, and jewelry that included earrings and a necklace.

BBC, QVC, and Jacqui Joseph’s net worth

London residence On her Twitter page, Jacqui Joseph identified herself as an interior stylist and TV producer/presenter. She said that she has always been fascinated to interior design and craft.

She had, in fact, previously serve as a producer and presenter on numerous well-known daytime programs. Some people may even recall her from the Money For Nothing series on BBC One.

Additionally, she and another newcomer, Tommy Walsh, who is renowned for hosting the gardening program Ground Force, will be sharing their unique inventive experiences with the current crew as part of their work on another BBC One project.

She has collaborated with QVC UK since sometime in 2018. The Qurate Retail Group owns the free-to-air television network and flagship shopping channel, which is abbreviated as “Quality Value Convenience” and focuses on televised home shopping. Jacqui often posts pictures of leather handbags, cross body bags, purses, and other accessories on social media, including the essential MENS hold-all, iPad covers, and QVC wallets.

Jacqui Joseph had amassed a net worth of almost $700,000 in this manner.

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