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Junie James


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Some Unknown Fact About Junie James

  • Does Junie James Drink Alcohol?; Unknown
  • Does Junie James Smoke?; Not known

About Junie James

A 5’2” hunting assassin and self-sufficient mother of two growing boys, Junie James welcomes the challenge of producing her own outdoor television series that focuses on honesty and family instead of the outdoor industry’s traditional obsession with appearance.  Junie’s Oklahoma roots run deep, entrenched in the field beginning back when she was just a little girl.  “My mom had to work hard to take care of me and my 2 younger sisters and my dad wasn’t really in the picture much.  Being the oldest sister, I always took it upon myself to do whatever it took to make sure that they were taken care of – that included my mom teaching us how to hunt at a very young age to provide for ourselves. We didn’t have much and had to hunt and use what Mother Nature was willing to provide to put food on the table.”  Junie grew up on a steady diet of venison and hard work.  Whether it’s skinning, gutting, dragging, and quartering her own whitetail or learning to do her own handy work around the house, this is one book that certainly refuses to be judged by its cover.  “When I look at the entertainment angle taken by several female hunters in the outdoor industry, there simply isn’t anything there that I feel I can relate to. I want folks to know that there’s a heck of a lot more to women hunters then just pretty faces.”

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