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You may already be familiar with Kaia Wright if you watch National Geographic’s popular television program Outback Wrangler. The popular TV personality Matt Wright, also known as “The Outback Wrangler,” is married to Kaia. Kaia goes crocodile hunting with her spouse in the wetlands.

Kaia Wright regularly appears with her husband as he traverses the difficult and perilous terrain in search of animals and people to preserve. It’s a different story when you’re doing it with your wife and little kid, even if Matt Wright is used to being in risky circumstances and having to battle with enormous crocodiles.

Everything you need to know about Matt Wright’s wife, including her age, birthdate, occupation, marital status, and more, is provided here.

Kaia Wright Age & Birth Date

Kaia was born in 1990 in Western Australia. The 17th of May is the day of her birthday. Taurus is her zodiac sign. She is 32 years old right now. She was raised in Western Australia’s breathtaking Kimberley region in the towns of Derby and Broome.

She traveled to Sydney to attend the University of Notre Dame to pursue her Bachelor of Media Communications in Journalism after finishing her high school career at All Saints College in Perth.

After receiving her degree, Kaia was hired as a business coordinator by 303Lowe, a full-service company. Later, in July 2011, she received a promotion to media coordinator, where she remained till December of that same year.

She served as an Industry Education Officer at the Department of Commerce from December 2011 until May 2012. She subsequently spent the next three years and four months working as a Grants Marketing and Communications Officer at Lotterywest.

Kaia Wright Height and Weight

With a height of 172 cm, or 5 feet 6 inches, Kaia Wright is a towering figure. Her attractive appearance is complemented by her blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a dress size 8 and a bra size 10C. Her shoe size is 9.5. Her skin tone is olive.

The parents and siblings of Kaia Wright

The parents of Kaia are Lynn Hazelton and Steve Hammond. Her mother is an accomplished performer and multi-award-winning singer-songwriter from Australia.

Kaia highlighted in a Golden8 Skincare interview with Female.com.au that her mother instilled in her the value of taking care of her skin from a very early age.
Finn Hammond is the name of Kaia’s brother.

Kids & Husband of Kaia Wright

Kaia and Matt Wright have a loving marriage. After a brief romance, the couple — who had met in Western Australia — were married. They have a kid called Banjo who is 2 years old.

The married couple, together with their young kid, three pigs (Pepsi, Truffle, and Cola), an 18-foot pet crocodile (Tripod), two dingoes (Ernie and Albie), seven snakes, and a variety of green tree frogs, reside in the Northern Territory.

The remarkable daily lives of Kaia, Matt, and Banjo are presently being shown in the new Channel 9 and 9Now series Matt Weight’s Wild Territory. The television show takes viewers on a voyage through their exploits and the unusual method in which they are bringing up their kid in the wilderness and off the grid.

Kaia Wright’s Profession and Net Worth

Kaia is a successful entrepreneur, influencer, and model. She and her husband own and operate Top End Safari Camp, Tiwi Island Retreat, and Top End Safari Camp, three prosperous adventure tourism enterprises in the Northern Territory. She has authored books for Penguin and other publishing firms, in addition to being an author.

Kaia represents the Crocodile Oil cosmetics company Golden 8 as a worldwide brand ambassador. Additionally, from September 2016, she has held the position of Business Director at KWP! Advertising Pty Ltd.

According to Kaia’s LinkedIn page, she is employed at Menzies School of Health Research as a communications consultant, where she is in charge of collaborating with important internal and external stakeholders to support Menzies in establishing its new Foundation.

Kaia Wright has made a good living as an entrepreneur, author, model, and ambassador. Her three tourism-related enterprises are the main source of her income. However, Kaia and her husband have a combined net worth of at least $3 million, even if the precise amount of Kaia’s wealth is still unclear.


Kaia Hammond: Who is she?

The same individual, Kaia Wright or Kaia Hammond. Her married name is Wright, and her maiden name is Hammond.

What is Kaia Wright’s age?

Kaia Wright is 32 years old right now.

When is the birthday of Kaia Wright?

On May 17, Kaia Wright celebrates her birthday.

What country is Kaia Wright from?

Kaia is an Australian citizen.

What is Kaia Wright’s height?

Kaia has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Where can I find Kaia Wright’s Instagram?

“kaiawright1” is Kaia Wright’s Instagram username. On Instagram, she has more than 30.7k followers.

Is there a daughter of Kaia Wright?

It is untrue that Kaia Wright has a daughter. But in November, she will give birth to a girl, her second child.

Kaia Wright is she expecting?

Yes, Kaia Wright is expecting a girl as her second child. Banjo is her two-year-old son.

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