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American actress Katerina Rawlings, sometimes known as Katerina Deason or Caterina Panos, is best known as Richard Rawlings’ wife and the ex-wife of American millionaire Darwin Deason.

Her marriage to Deason and her connection with Rawlings account for the majority of what is known about her, but as you will quickly discover, she has always led a life that goes beyond her personal relationships. She seems to be a busy lady based on her social media profiles. She is in her 50s, but due to her athletic temperament, she seems much younger.

Katerina enjoys spending time with her present hubby. Her occupation is mostly unknown, although her husband Richard Rawlings is a well-known media personality and businessman who first garnered notoriety as a car restorer before becoming famous for his Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud.

The Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage, where he runs a vehicle restoration shop, serves as the center of the reality show. Many people are curious about his new wife’s background because of his celebrity; she was unknown before she started dating and later wed the Fast N’ Loud Star.

Katerina Rawlings Age

On December 5, 1967, Katerina Deason was born in Texas, the United States. Her star sign is Sagittarius, and she is 54 years old. She was raised by Caucasian parents. Furthermore, Katerina Panos Deason is her true birth name.

However, the American actress hasn’t yet given the public the names of her mother and father. She has kept her identity and family history hidden from the press. After a brief inspection, we’ll let you know about her family history.

When it comes to her educational history, Katerina has graduated from a nearby private school after completing her school-level coursework. Other than this, little information is available that reveals her academic background.

Status of Relationships

Katerina, Darwin’s sixth wife, is 27 years her senior. 2008 saw the marriage of the couple. Darwin and Katerina were married for 11 years before having a family.

Additionally, the two divorced in 2019 and she received a sizeable payoff in the millions of dollars even after her split from Darwin.

The Fast and the Furious star Richard Rawlings recently proposed to Katerina Deason in Mexico. Rawlings got down on one knee in front of Katerina on a bed of sand rose petals at the Be Tulum resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

On his social media account on Saturday afternoon, Rawlings shared a few engagement pictures along with the news of their engagement. In one of the images Rawlings published, Katerina is seen giving her finger an engagement ring with the message “BOOM” on August 17, 2019.

The couple wants to take a family trip to Mexico with Ken Kaminski, Richard’s brother-in-law, and sister Daphne. Furthermore, Rawlings described Katerina as his closest friend and soul mate, but Katerina said their connection was love at first sight.

Before meeting Katerina Deason, Richard Rawlings was married to Suzanne Rawlings. In 1999, they were hitched, then they got divorced in 2009.

After making amends in 2015, they divorced once again in 2019. Rawlings wed Karen K. Grames, his first wife, in 1993; however, their marriage did not last, and they divorced in 1994.

Occupational Life

in terms of the workplace. A television actress, Katerina. Other than this, there is little information available about her occupation or sources of money.

Her ex-husband Darwin, on the other hand, is a multibillionaire and the head of Affiliated Computer Service. In addition, he earned more than $66 billion through the sale of ACS to Xerox.

Richard Rawlings, her current fiancé, is also a well-known actor. His role in Fast N Loud is what made him most famous.

Regarding social media accessibility, Katerina is very engaged there. She solely actively uses her Instagram account. She doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, and her only social media activity is on Instagram.

Additionally, she now has more than 77k followers on Instagram.

Katerina Rawlings height, weight, Figure

The 53-year-old Katerina Deason is a lovely lady with a well kept hourglass-shaped physique. She often partakes in a range of sports and regimens to maintain her body in peak condition and health.

She is a tall lady, measuring 5 feet 9 inches (1.76m). She carries 120 pounds on her body. Her height, width, and height are 35-26-36 inches. She is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Katerina has also made a substantial chunk of money through her work. The TV celebrity hasn’t, however, yet made her yearly earnings or salary public.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Darwin, on the other hand, has disclosed a purported net worth of almost $1.4 billion. Richard, her current fiancé, is said to be worth approximately $5 million.

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